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  • 7/27/2019 Lawrence 0402

    1/20 APRIL 28, 2014 FREE

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    INSIDE THIS ISSUESustainability grant

    Money will help fund townshipcomposting program. PAGE 2


    The Sun

    The Lawrence Township Councilamended the land use ordinance at itsMarch 18 meeting to address sub-

    stance abuse treatment centers, but

    not before residents expressed concernabout the potential new use.

    The ordinance was first introducedat the Feb. 18 council meeting. It au-thorizes an amendment to the land use

    ordinance to provide for definitions for

    behavioral health-care facilities,health-care facilities, medical clinics,office-medical, office-research and de-


    Bakers Basin Road is included in the area affected by the recently passed land use ordinance amendment.The ordinance has changed the former Limited Industrial 1 District to a Mixed Use 2 District to address

    behavioral health centers and detoxification centers as a conditional use.

    Land use ordinance draws ire

    please see RESIDENTS, page 17

  • 7/27/2019 Lawrence 0402



    Lawrence Township is one ofjust four municipalities that havebeen awarded a Sustainable Jer-sey Small Grant at the $20,000level.

    The Sustainable Jersey SmallGrants Program is funded by thePSEG Foundation and is respon-sible for providing $200,000 tolocal governments in the name ofsustainability projects. Sustain-able Jersey has allocated approxi-mately $1,375,000 in grants to mu-nicipalities to assist towns in

    making their communities moreenvironmentally conscious andlivable.

    Lawrence Township has spear-headed a new recycling programthat gives residents the option ofcomposting organic waste for amonthly fee and on an optionalbasis. Removing organic materi-als from the waste stream will re-duce the amount of trash that istransported to the landfill. The

    Environmental ProtectionAgency has reported that foodscraps and yard waste account for20-30 percent of the waste stream.Composting prevents these mate-rials from entering landfills andconsequently taking up space andreleasing greenhouse gasses suchas methane, which is 21 timesmore potent than carbon dioxideemissions in the atmosphere.

    The contractor in charge of theprogram requires 300 householdsto sign up for the composting op-tion before collection can begin.The fee for joining the program is$17 per month, which will be

    billed quarterly from Central Jer-sey Waste, and includes the deliv-ery of a 32-gallon recycle cart.The grant proceeds will help off-set costs for the participatinghouseholds. The composted mate-rials will be transported to Wilm-ington, Del.

    The items permitted to be dis-posed of in the composting cartinclude raw food, scraps, cookedfood, meat, bones, paper towels,pizza boxes, fruit and vegetablepeels, litter box material, coffeegrounds, tea bags, fish, egg shells,non-Styrofoam egg cartons,waxed cardboard, oils, fats, but-ters, brown paper bags, papertake-out containers, newspapers,office paper, fruit and nuts,

    breads, pasta, grains, liquids andsauces, houseplants and flowerbouquets, and dairy products.

    This is an encouraging signfor our new program and shouldhelp us get to our first goal of 300households. I am thankful andproud of our volunteers who putin this effort, not only applyingfor the grant, but getting this ini-tiative off the ground, MayorCathleen Lewis said in a press re-lease.

    Sustainable Jersey directs itsfunding and resources to munici-palities to aid them in makingprogress. The percentage of the

    states participating municipali-ties registered to become certifiedis at 72.

    The impact that these projectswill make in New Jersey is in-credible, Pam Mount, chair ofthe Sustainable Jersey Board ofTrustees, said in a press release.Aiding towns and Green Teamsto achieve their sustainabilitygoals by funding green initiativeswill have a ripple effect that willbenefit us all.

    Currently, 67 households out ofthe required 300 have signed upfor the composting program. In-terested residents should contactthe Public Works Department at(609) 587-1894 or by email at

    [email protected].



    609 447 4999ROOFING & SIDING

    Fast Emergency Service Free Estimates





    Licensed & Insured

    NJLIC. #13VH07407200

    Residential & Commercial Serving NJ

    Senior Citizen Discounts & Multi Unit Discounts






    Call for quote

    We Also Do Sinks and TileEASTERN REFINISHING, INC.




    Email us at [email protected]

    Grant to fund composting program

    * Getting married?* Engaged?* Expecting?* Need to thank someone?

    Send news and photos toThe Lawrence Sun via email

    to [email protected].

    Tell us your news.

    Well tell everyone else.

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  • 7/27/2019 Lawrence 0402


    If your child will be 5 years old

    on or before Oct. 1 and you are aLawrence Township resident,your child is eligible to attendkindergarten in the LawrenceTownship Public Schools begin-ning in September.

    Registration is easy! Begin on-line at, then clickthe Parents tab and then clickon Student Registration.

    After you complete the onlineregistration form, you will be in-

    structed to make an appointment

    with the district registrar. Yourappointment will be at the Boardof Education administrationbuilding, 2565 Princeton Pike.Bring the following documents:students original birth certifi-cate; parent/guardian photo ID;three acceptable proofs of resi-dency; childs current immuniza-tion record; and proof of recentphysical.

    Your child is not registered

    until all documents have been

    submitted. Please share this in-formation with friends and neigh-bors. Contact Teresa Amendolawith questions at [email protected] or (609) 671-5453.


    1365 Lawrence Road,Lawrenceville, NJ 08648





    Mon-Fri 9am to 6pm; Sat 10am to 4pm; Sun 10am to 2pm

    Howell Farms honeybees willtake a break from their busyschedules on Saturday, April 5when Bob Hughes stops by for hisannual spring visit.

    Hughes, who is a professionalbeekeeper, will open the hives togive the bees a complete healthcheck, medicate the colony andmake sure that the queens,drones and worker bees are prop-erly equipped for the task of man-ufacturing honey.

    Visitors to the farm can watchthe inspection from 1:30 to 2 the hives, and at 2:30 p.m. joinHughes for an hour-long presen-tation, "Life of a Bee Colony. Achildren's craft program, "GardenStepping Stone, will be heldfrom 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. Cost is $4per craft; groups (eight or more)must pre-register.

    Children are invited to helpbeekeepers assemble beehivesfrom 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

    Howell Farm is located on Val-ley Road, just off Route 29, twomiles south of Lambertville, NJ.GPS address: 70 Woodens Lane,Lambertville, NJ 08530. Parkingand admission are free.

    Howell Farm is operated andmaintained by the Mercer CountyPark Commission.

    For more information aboutthe farm, call (609) 737-3299, orvisit

    Beekeeper to visit Howell Farm April 5

    Township kindergarten registration underway


    The Sun will print obituaries, free of charge.

  • 7/27/2019 Lawrence 0402



    1330 Route 206, Suite 211

    Skillman, NJ 08558


    The Sun is published weekly by ElauwitMedia LLC, 1330 Route 206, Suite 211,Skillman, NJ 08558. It is mailed weekly to

    select addresses in the 08648 ZIP code.

    If you are not on the mailing list, six-monthsubscriptions are available for $39.99. PDFsof the publication are online, free of charge.For information, please call 609-751-0245.

    To submit a news release, please [email protected]. For advertisinginformation, call 609-751-0245 or [email protected]. The Sunwelcomes suggestions and comments fromreaders including any information about

    errors that may call for a correction to beprinted.

    SPEAK UPThe Sun welcomes letters from readers.Brief and to the point is best, so we look forletters that are 300 words or fewer. Includeyour name, address and phone number. Wedo not print anonymous letters. Send lettersto [email protected], via fax at 609-751-0245, or via the mail. Of course, you candrop them off at our office, too.

    The Lawrence Sun reserves the right toreprint your letter in any medium includ-ing electronically.


    MANAGING EDITOR Mary L. Serkalow

    CONTENT EDITOR Kristen Dowd

    LAWRENCE EDITOR Nora Carnevale

    ART DIRECTOR Stephanie Lippincott



    VICE CHAIRMAN Michael LaCount, Ph.D.






    The following are on file with theLawrence Township Police Department.

    On March 19 at 1:37 p.m., officers investi-gated the theft of a stop sign on LanniganRoad and Princeton Pike. The pole was notdamaged, so the officers were aware itwas a theft. Public works will replace thesign.

    On March 19, a trespassing was reportedat Halo Farm in Lawrence. A 56-year-oldman from Trenton who had formerly beenbanned from the property from panhan-dling was on the premises. The man wascharged with trespassing.

    On March 19, a 15-year-old male wasfound to be in possession of 1.5 grams ofmarijuana at Lawrence High School. Otherstudents believed that the suspect mayhave been in possession of drugs and in-formed the assistant principal. He wasprocessed and released to a guardian, andthe case will be heard in family court.

    On March 20, at DSW a theft was report-

    ed from a vehicle with all four doors un-locked. A cellphone was missing and val-ued at $400. The investigation is ongoing.

    On March 20, an 18-year-old male fromTrenton was charged with receiving stolen

    property and hindering apprehension.Quakerbridge Mall security recovered abackpack which was filled with $150 ofstolen merchandise from H&M. Sears lossprevention officers saw the 18-year-oldmale exit Sears in the package pickup areaUpon realizing he had been spotted by lossprevention, he attempted to hide the back-pack and flee. The backpack was recov-ered. Then he returned and asked for his

    backpack. He then gave officers a falsename and claimed he had no identifica-tion. Upon searching the backpack, offi-cers found his true identity. H&M employ-

    police report

    please see POLICE, page 14

    The states of Colorado and

    Washington legalized marijua-

    na for recreational purposes in

    2012. Could New Jersey be next?

    State Sen. Nicholas Scutari is hop-

    ing that it will. This week, he is sched-

    uled to formally present a bill that

    would legalize marijuana in the stateand tax it heavily. His bill would be

    modeled after those in Washington

    and Colorado, which earned $2 million

    in the first month of sales last year.

    Scutaris bill plans to tax and regu-

    late marijuana much like alcohol, and

    he estimates that New Jersey could

    earn $100 million per year in revenue

    from weed tax.

    Anybody that looks at the facts

    knows that the war on marijuana has

    been a miserable failure, Scutari said

    in a press release. Were not delusion-

    al about how simple the effort would

    be, but I think from a standpoint of

    moving this state and this country for-

    ward on its archaic drug laws, I think

    its a step in the right direction.From a purely financial perspective,

    legalizing marijuana makes sense.

    While $100 million may seem like an

    inflated number, its probably not out

    of the realm of possibility. New Jersey

    had 2 million more residents than

    Washington as of the 2010 Census and

    3.7 million more than Colorado.

    Much like alcohol consumption andgambling, if people are going to par-

    take in the practice of smoking mari-

    juana, why not reap the benefits of

    taxing the substance while at the

    same time avoiding the cost of polic-

    ing against it?

    From an operational standpoint,

    New Jersey has two other states to

    model its plan after, plus many other

    states in the U.S. that have decriminal-

    ized the possession of marijuana for

    recreational use. The Garden State has

    also already legalized its use for med-

    ical purposes.

    People are also behind its legaliza-

    tion. Lake Research Partners releaseda poll last year that said 59 percent of

    Jersey voters would support a bill

    such as this, and an October Gallup

    poll said 58 percent of Americans are

    in favor of marijuana legalization.

    But then, of course, comes the

    curveball emotion, morality and ex-


    Just because people do it doesnt

    make it right. And just because states

    can legalize and tax marijuana doesnt

    mean they should.

    What example does legalizing mari-

    juana set for our children? How far

    will we go just to make, or save, a

    buck? Or are we just being too prudish

    about this weed thing?

    in our opinion

    Puff, puff, pass ... on lower taxes?Should New Jersey give green light to legal marijuana? Its an interesting case

    Your thoughts

    Should New Jersey legalize and taxmarijuana for recreational purposes? Orwould it be doing too much for theallmighty dollar? Share your thoughtsthrough a letter to the editor.

  • 7/27/2019 Lawrence 0402



    Some restrictions apply. Offer available while supplies last. Valid Only at Mercer Mall Location.

    Some restrictions apply. Offer available while supplies last. Valid Only at Mercer Mall Location

    Must present coupon. One coupon per person, per visit. Cannot becombined with any other offer or sale. See Lets Yo for details.

    Expires 4/30/14. Valid at Mercer Mall location only.

    Must present coupon. One coupon per person, per visit. C annot becombined with any other offer or sale. See Lets Yo for details.

    Expires 4/30/14. Valid at Mercer Mall location only.

    $3 OFFAny purchase of $12 or more

    $1 OFFAny purchase of $5 or more



  • 7/27/2019 Lawrence 0402


    WE NES YAPRIL 2Knitting circle: 7 p.m. at the

    Lawrence Branch Library. Knit-ters who already know the basics

    are invited to drop in to socializewith other knitters and work on aproject of their choice. Experi-enced knitter Ann Garwig will beavailable to assist individuals.Registration is suggested. Con-tact: Lawrence Programs at 609-989-6920 or [email protected].

    Lawrence Township Open SpaceAdvisory Committee meeting:7:30 p.m. on the first Wednesdayof the month. for moreinformation.

    THURS YAPRIL 3Crochet corner: Needle crafters

    who already know the basic cro-chet stitches are invited to dropin to socialize and work on a proj-ect of their choice. Experiencedneedle crafter Margaret Woo willbe available to assist individuals.Registration is suggested. Con-tact: Lawrence Programs at 609-

    989-6920 or [email protected].

    Hutchins Gallery Opening Recep-tion: 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at theLawrenceville Schools GrussCenter of Visual Arts HutchinsGallery, 2500 Main Street. Sur-face and Space exhibit openingreception. "Surface and Space,"an exhibition of works by artist

    Shellie Jacobson, will be on dis-play in the Lawrenceville School'sGruss Center of Visual Arts. Theopening reception is free andopen to the public.

    Lawrence Township RecreationAdvisory Committee meeting:7:30 p.m. on the first Thursday ofthe month. Visit for more information.

    FRI YAPRIL 4Story time: Ages 2 to 5 years. 11

    a.m. at the Lawrence BranchLibrary. Story-time and craft forages 2-5 with a caregiver. No reg-istration required.

    Mediation circle: Slow down andjoin Reference Librarian Ann Kerrand reduce stress, using medita-tion. Registration is suggested.Contact: Lawrence Programs at609-989-6920 [email protected].

    S TUR YAPRIL 5Lawrenceville Elementary School

    PTO Casino Night: 7 p.m. at ETScampus, 660 Rosedale Road inPrinceton. Casino Night and Auc-tion will be an exciting evening of

    food and fun complete with liveand silent auctions. The event isopen to the public and membersof the community are encour-aged to attend. For more infor-mation, and to buy tickets

    SUN YAPRIL 6Roast Beef Dinner and Bake Sale: 1

    p.m. to 6 p.m. for the Ladies Aux-iliary of American Legion Post414 at the American Legion Post414. 100 Berwyn Place,Lawrenceville. Tickets are $11 foradults, $8 for dinner and $5 forchildren 10 and younger. Deliveryis available to seniors at 3 p.m.for orders in by 2 p.m. Call 609-771-4143 for more information.

    Presbyterian Church ofLawrenceville: Traditional wor-

    ship service at 10 a.m. PreschoolSunday school at 9:45 a.m. Sun-day school (kindergarten throughfifth) at 11 a.m. Worship in a NewKey at 5 p.m. 2688 Main St.,Lawrenceville.

    Lawrence Road PresbyterianChurch: Sunday worship 8:30and 11 a.m. Air conditioned andwheelchair accessible. 1039Lawrence Road, Lawrenceville.

    The Church of Saint Ann: RomanCatholic mass at 7:30, 9:30 and 11a.m. and at 12:30 p.m. 1253Lawrenceville Road,Lawrenceville.

    Hope Presbyterian Church (PCA):Traditional worship service at


    WANT TO BE LISTED?To have your meeting or affair listed in the Calendar or Meetings,information must be received, in writing, two weeks prior to thedate of the event.

    Send information by mail to: Calendar, The Sun, 1330 Route 206,Suite 211, Skillman, NJ 08558. Or by email:[email protected] . Or you can submit a calendar listingthrough our website (

    We will run photos if space is available and the quality of the photois sufficient. Every attempt is made to provide coverage to allorganizations.




    please see CALENDAR, page 13

  • 7/27/2019 Lawrence 0402


  • 7/27/2019 Lawrence 0402


    10 THE LAWRENCE SUN APRIL 28, 2014

    11 Millbrook Lane


    Sold: $225,100Real estate tax: $6,861 / 2013

    Approximate Square Footage: 1,890This split-level home on a quarter-acre lothas four bedrooms and one full and onehalf bathrooms. Features include hard-wood flooring, spacious kitchen, wall-to-wall carpeting, one-car garage, publicwater and public sewer.

    109 Review Ave.Sold: $257,000

    Real estate tax: $6,716 / 2013Approximate Square Footage: 2,016

    This two-story colonial has three bed-rooms and one full and one half bath-rooms. Features include hardwood floor-ing, gas fireplace, updated eat-in kitchen,new wall-to-wall carpeting, full basementand one-car garage.

    ADULTS $39.95 ++CHILDREN (5-12 years old) $19.95 ++

    CHILDREN (4 years old and under) ComplimentarySeating time 11:30am, 12:00pm, 2:00pm, 2:30pm

    One Chauncey Road, Princeton, NJ

  • 7/27/2019 Lawrence 0402


    APRIL 28, 2014 THE LAWRENCE SUN 11

    Free tree seedlings will be

    available to area residents as partof the New Jersey Tree RecoveryCampaign. This program helpscommunities replace trees dam-aged or destroyed by SuperstormSandy.

    From 1 to 3 p.m. on Saturday,April 12, residents will be able topick up tree seedlings at ColonialLake Park at the Lake Court park-ing lot in Lawrence Township.Seedlings, available on a first-come, first-served basis, also

    come with instructions on how tostore, care for and plant them.The guides help residents choosethe right place on a property toplant a tree while keeping inmind the trees full-grown size inthe future. Residents shouldplant the seedlings within twodays after pick-up to prevent theroots from drying out.

    The goal of the Tree RecoveryCampaign is to distribute more

    than 500,000 tree seedlings to New

    Jersey residents over the courseof the next five years. It is a jointeffort between the Township ofLawrence, the New Jersey StateForestry Services CommunityForestry Program, the State For-est Nursery, New Jersey Soil Con-servation Districts, SustainableJersey and the Arbor Day Foun-dation. Arbor Day Foundation,FedEx and BJs Wholesale Clubprovide financial support for theprogram.

    When properly planted andmaintained, trees are assets to acommunity. They improve the vi-sual appeal of a neighborhood orbusiness district, increase prop-erty values, reduce home coolingcosts, remove air pollutants andprovide wildlife habitat, amongmany other benefits.

    Please contact Andrew Linkwith any questions at (609) 844-7087 or [email protected].

    Free tree seedlingsto be offered on April 12

  • 7/27/2019 Lawrence 0402



    Additions Kitchens Basements Decks Hardwood Siding Doors Windows

    Over 40Years of Experience

    NJ Lic # 13VH00235600

    CALL 609-820-6672 TODAY

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    APRIL 28, 2014 THE LAWRENCE SUN 13





    PROFESSIONALS- Professional Mortgage Brokers

    - Building Contractors

    -Home Stagers

    -Professional Photographers

    -Home Inspectors


    Phone: 609-987-8889Each Keller Williams office is independently owned and operated

    10 FLAVORS


    With this coupon. Expires 5-31-14.

    (Sundaes, Mix-Ins, Milk Shakes & Floats)

    With this coupon. Expires 5-31-14.

    With this coupon. Expires 5-31-14.

    With this coupon. Expires 5-31-14.




    10:30 a.m. Sunday. Preschoolthrough adult Sunday School at9:15 a.m., with childcare available.Wheelchair accessible. 140Denow Road, Lawrenceville.

    Harvest Chapel of Lawrenceville:Coffee and hospitality at 9:15 a.m.Adult Sunday school at 9:45 a.m.Worship service at 10:30 a.m.Kids ministry for ages 5 through12 during service. 64 Phillips Ave.,

    Lawrenceville.MON YAPRIL 7Lawrence Township Planning

    Board meeting: 7:30 p.m. on thefirst and third Monday of themonth. Visit for more information.

    TUES YAPRIL 8Lawrence Township Public Safety

    Committee meeting: 7:30 p.m.on the second Tuesday of themonth. Visit for more information.

    Lawrence Township Growth andRedevelopment Committeemeeting: 7:30 p.m. on the secondTuesday of the month. for moreinformation.


    CALENDARContinued from page 8


    Did you or someone youknow recently welcome a babyinto the family? Send us yourbirth announcement and wewill print it, free of charge.


    The Sun will print obituaries,free of charge.

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    14 THE LAWRENCE SUN APRIL 28, 2014

    Save money and make money Very simple

    Huge demand Residual revenue

    Save money and make money Very simple

    Huge demand Residual revenue


    Get up to $10 OFF

    store merchandiseWith New ortransferred prescription*

    *Offer valid on in stock merchandise only. No special orders. Couponscannot be applied to prescription copay or price. Medicare, Medicaid,

    state, federal or any publically funded program prescriptions arenot eligible. See Pharmacist for details. Additional restrictions apply.

    Expires 4/30/14.

    Refill your prescriptions online at

    ees identified him and his casewill be heard in municipal court.

    On March 20, an officerstopped a vehicle for failure tomaintain a lane and use a turnsignal on Brunswick Circle. Thedriver had watery, red eyes and astrong odor of alcohol was ema-nating from the vehicle. Afterfailed field sobriety tests, the 33-year-old man from Robbinsvillewas taken into custody for DUI,and charged with having an opencontainer in the vehicle, failure tokeep right, failing to signal before

    turning and reckless driving.

    On March 22, QuakerbridgeMall security called LTPD for a

    man openly carrying a firearm ina holster. The 22-year-old malefrom Wilmington, Del. was in pos-session of a BB gun, which isunauthorized in New Jersey.There were no injuries, and thegun was not loaded. He was takento Mercer County CorrectionalCenter and charged with unlaw-ful possession of a weapon.

    On March 24, a theft was re-ported at Nelson Tree Service onCarter Road and Rosedale Road.Seven tree-trimming trucks wereentered and pried open. Threechainsaws, one still blower, a setof climbing spikes, and a treetrimming saddle with tools werestolen, valued at $2,300. The doorswere also damaged at a cost of$1,400. There are no suspects atthis time but the investigation isongoing.

    POLICEContinued from page 6

    police report


    The Sun will print obituaries,free of charge.

  • 7/27/2019 Lawrence 0402


    Mercer County Park Lake may

    be frozen over, still as sure as thedate changes each day summerwill come and so will Paddle forPink Dragon Boat Festival, NewJerseys largest community Drag-on Boat Festival hosted by theMachestic Dragons, New Jerseysfirst breast cancer survivorsdragon boat team. Paddle forPink celebrates the eighth an-niversary of the race and festivalwith fun on and off the water ofbeautiful Mercer Lake. Saturday,June 21, is the date to remember,the location is the Finish TowerField Area lakeside. Each yearthe event has grown in participa-tion and support. PFP is known toprovide an exciting day for pad-dlers and spectators alike.

    Community participationmakes this festival special. Lastyear, 50 teams competed in the ex-citing races and the MachesticDragons invite you to form ateam to compete in this fundrais-ing event. Twenty paddlers make

    up a dragon boat team and raceagainst other teams in their divi-sion. Teams of educators, neigh-bors and friends, students, busi-ness-sponsored teams, semi-pro-fessionals and teams compiled ofall women make up this potpour-ri of fun lovers that will competefor medals and bragging rightswhile helping to support charita-ble causes. In 2013, eight breastcancer survivor teams paddled

    for pink from the tri-state region

    and raced in their division. Regis-ter a team early to take advantageof the discounted registrationcost.

    Early bird registration fee forPFP is $850 until April 30. After-wards the registration cost is$950. Not enough paddlers for ateam? Register as a group or indi-vidual and we will match youwith a team. See our website fordetails. All registered teams mayschedule one practice on thewater with coaching and equip-ment provided by the Machestics.The festival benefits local fami-lies affected by breast cancer, thisyears beneficiaries are, BCRC,Breast Cancer Resource Center ofPrinceton, where there is never a

    charge for services provided to

    breast cancer patients and sur-vivors, along with The Cancer In-stitute of NJ at Robert WoodJohnson in New Brunswick.

    The Machestic Dragons wel-come volunteer hands-on supportfrom organizations and individu-als as well as donations to makethis festival fruitful. Machesticsinvite you to visit to get a better un-derstanding of what the Maches-tic Dragons represent, or callAnnie @ (609) 291-0779.

    All Registration informationfor Paddle for Pink is at, the site will beavailable on or before March 21,2014 or call (609) 448-2100 (mes-sages only).

    APRIL 28, 2014 THE LAWRENCE SUN 15

    609-851-1382Licensed & Insured #13VH00383700



    Machestic Dragons to host Paddlefor Pink Dragon Boat Festival June 21

    Please recycle this newspaper.

  • 7/27/2019 Lawrence 0402


    16 THE LAWRENCE SUN APRIL 28, 2014

    For those seeking to get offtheir couches and jump intosomething colorful this spring,a class at the YWCA Princeton

    might just be the answer. Regis-tration is now open for more than200 spring classes some educa-tional, some physical, and some

    just plain fun. Most classes beginMarch 24 and run through mid-June.

    For the public school childrenwho have their upcoming springbreak, the YWCA is running aday camp from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.providing peace of mind forworking parents. Children willindulge in swimming, coopera-tive games, arts and crafts, andother activities.

    Recognized as a leader inaquatics and grooming genera-tions of lifeguards, the YWCAhas offered American Red Cross

    Learn-to-Swim, Lifeguarding andWater Safety Instruction classesfor decades. Lifeguard training isgreat for teens considering sum-mer work at camps, public poolsor the beach and the course be-gins March 20.

    Each level of the Learn-to-Swim program includes trainingin basic water safety and helpingothers in an emergency, in addi-tion to stroke development. Withan indoor year-round heated pool,there is an opportunity to developcritical swim skills before thesummer season. Swim classes are

    offered at both its Princeton facil-ity and at West Windsor-Plains-boro High School North.

    It is important for everyone,

    whatever their age, to have waterskills, and before summer is thetime to acquire them, said DianeHasili, YWCA Princetonspokesperson. Our commitmentto providing swim skills in a safe,nurturing environment has em-powered thousands of swimmersover many decades. We have awide range of programming fordifferent ages and skill levels.Children as young as 4 monthscan enroll in the Waterbabiesclasses. Parent/Toddler classesprovide young ones with a trust-ed partner and adults can enrollin adult swim skill classes, waterexercise. Or, consumers canchoose a pay as you go lap swimoption.

    Free GED and Citizen Prepclasses are available to the publicand have proven successful sincetheir launch. The Breast Cancer

    Resource Center, open year-round, has a number of valuablesupport groups and wellnessclasses available for those

    living with and through breastcancer.

    Those seeking to enhance theirwork skills for whom English isnot their first language or are re-cent immigrants might have in-terest in a brand new class American Business Culture. Thecourse examines on-the-job cus-toms and courtesies, advanced re-sume writing, overcoming cultur-al and organizational differences,handling criticism, moving upthe ladder, and how to adapt todifferent business practices. Em-ployees may also arrange for em-ployee group participation.

    Common Sense Parenting isalso open to the public at nocharge. The course will be heldweekly between May 1 and June12, and is designed to provide avariety of techniques and tools toparents of toddlers and young

    children. A complimentary par-enting book and child-care will beprovided. Space is limited andpre-registration is required.

    Dance, crafts, sewing for chil-dren, watercolor, book groupsand adaptive programs are alsooffered. Martial arts for kids andadults include aikido, Brazilian

    jiu jitsu, tae kwon do and judo.The programs are open to all lev-els and all ages.

    For a complete list of classesand upcoming communityevents, visit YWCA Princeton, 59Paul Robeson Place, or To register orspeak with a program director formore information, call (609) 497-2100 ext. 0. General membershipis open to all men, women, chil-dren, families and college stu-dents regardless of their resi-dence. Each year, the YWCA pro-vides more than $500,000 in finan-cial assistance through its PearlBates Scholarship Fund or otherprograms.

    YWCA Princeton to offer more than 200 spring classes

    Send us your Lawrence news

    Have a news tip? Want to send us a press release or photos? Shootan interesting video? Drop us an email at [email protected] us at 856-427-0934. Call the editor at 609-751-0245.

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    APRIL 28, 2014 THE LAWRENCE SUN 17

    Located a short distance from Albany, NY, Stuyvesant Outdoor Adventures offers custom tailoredpackages and accommodations for serious and casual hunters alike. All of our packages include afull hunting excursion, licensed guide, field dressing, as well as all meals and accommodations atour newly remodeled lodge - Stuyvesant Manor; the former estate of Hollywood Icon Sidney Poitier -which is also licensed as a bed and breakfast.

    Whether you're looking for a short getaway, a corporate retreat, a camping weekend or even a seminar

    with guest speakers and instructors, Stuyvesant Outdoor Adventures is a perfect spot.

    The Lawrenceville ElementarySchool, in cooperation with theCommunity Blood Council ofNew Jersey, will hold its bi-annu-al blood drive on Thursday, April

    10 from 2:30 to 7:30 p.m.The CBCNJ Blood Mobile will

    be parked outside the main en-trance of LES located at 40Craven Lane in Lawrenceville.

    One pint saves up to three livesand takes less than 10 minutes togive. For every pint received,

    CBCNJ will donate $10 towardmaintaining the award-winningstudent garden at LES. If you can-not attend on April 10, please con-sider donating at the CBCNJ lo-

    cated at 1410 Parkside Ave. inEwing Township. Be sure to men-tion the LES Blood Drive.

    For more information or tomake an appointment to donate,please contact LES school nurseKaren Sine at (609) 671-5573 [email protected].

    Blood drive planned April 10

    velopment, residential medicaldetoxification centers and urgentcare centers. The amendmentwill rename the Limited Indus-trial 1 District to a Mixed Use 2

    District.The amendment stemmed from

    a recommendation in the zoningboards 2013 annual report. Afterseveral years of review, the boarddecided that further discussionwas necessary regarding medicaluses, such as residential detoxifi-cation.

    Township Manager RichardKrawczun explained that the landuse ordinance is a living docu-ment that needs to be amendeddue to the changing needs of the

    township and society. For exam-ple, Krawczun cited the recentchange to the zoning ordinancethat added the permission of con-venience stores and gas stationsto be located on the same proper-ty.

    The amendment allows thenew uses along Lawrence StationRoad, east of BrunswickPike/Route 1 and south or west ofI-295. Any new uses must includea minimum lot size of three

    acres, and the number of patientsis limited to 50 people.The Mixed-Use-2 zone will not

    eliminate any uses included inthe prior Limited Industrial-1zone, which includes houses of

    worship, garden centers, agricul-ture, wholesale distribution andwarehouses, light manufactur-ing, animal kennels, general con-tractors, landscape contractorsand residential uses.

    At the public hearing, resi-dents expressed discontent withthe possibility of a detoxificationcenter.

    Every time there is new devel-

    opment, it becomes a flood prob-lem for us, Dan OConnell, a resi-dent of Bakers Basin Road, said.

    Olympia Perry, a resident in aneighborhood behind BakersBasin Road, felt her sense of safe-ty was in jeopardy with the possi-bility of a detoxification centerand that it is not a suitable areafor population increase.

    Mayor Cathleen Lewis empha-sized that there is not currently aproposal for a facility, and if onearises, it will need to go before the

    planning board for approval.We do not want that door

    opened, Perry said.After the approval of the

    amendment, CouncilmanStephen Brame said in responseto questions of safety, a detoxifi-cation center is very differentthan a rehabilitation center youall have fathomed concernsfrom.

    The amendment adopted by thecouncil said the new use is suit-

    able due to its proximity to high-ways, distance from residentialneighborhoods in which 24-houroperation would have a substan-tial impact and the availability ofpublic water and sewers.

    RESIDENTSContinued from page 1

    Residents unhappy with

    detoxification center plan

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