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Non tutte le lauree hanno lo stesso valore LAUREE INUTILI #UselessDegrees Clay Casati 5 agosto 2014 1

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Lauree inutili. La ricerca del Georgetown University's Center on Education and the Workforce (CEW) “Hard Times 2013” (May 29, 2013) ha scatenato sul Web una discussione sulle lauree “inutili” ovvero quelle che offrono: meno sbocchi professionali. in particolare nei periodi di crisi economiche; meno opportunità di carriera, stipendi modesti all’inizio e nel tempo.

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  • Nontuttelelaureehannolostessovalore LAUREEINUTILI #UselessDegreesg ClayCasatiy 5agosto2014 1
  • Sommario HardTimes 2013eLaureeInutili The10WorstCollegeMajors(USA)The10WorstCollegeMajors(USA) 12AlmostUselessCollegeDegrees(USA) l ll d 20mostuselesscollegedegrees(USA) 2014sTop20Degreesmostlikelytoleaveyouon jobseekers(UK) The13mostuselessuniversitydegrees(USA) UniversitItalianaeLaureeInutili @[email protected] 2
  • Hard Times 2013 e LaureeHardTimes 2013 eLauree Inutili 3
  • HardTimes 2013 LaricercadelGeorgetownUniversity'sCenteronEducation andtheWorkforce(CEW) HardTimes2013(May29,2013)andtheWorkforce(CEW) HardTimes2013 (May29,2013) hascatenato sulWebuna discussione sulle lauree inutili ovvero quelle che offrono f meno sbocchi professionali.inparticolare nei periodi di crisi economiche, meno opportunit di carrierameno opportunit di carriera stipendi modesti allinizio enel tempo. Itwastrueinthe1970sthatthepurposeofgoingtocollege wastogetadegreebecauseyoucouldmovethroughalot ofoccupations,saidAnthonyP.Carnevale,directorofthe Georgetowncenter Butsincethen thedifferenceamongGeorgetowncenter.Butsincethen,thedifferenceamong degreeshasgrownsubstantially. 4
  • Importanza del piano personaleImportanzadelpianopersonale disviluppoprofessionale LaureainLingue(oScienzePolitiche,oSociologia,etc) senzastagee/osenzaunqualsiasipianochedefinisca checosaavrebbepotutofarecontalelaureaperchecosaavrebbepotutofarecontalelaureaper guadagnarsidavivere?Nojob. LaureainIngegneriaAmbientale(oGestionale,odeiLaureainIngegneriaAmbientale(oGestionale,odei Materiali,etc)senzastagechepotrebberoportareauna specificaopportunitdilavoro?NoJob. LaureainIngegneriaMeccanicacontrestageimportanti epertinentinelsettoreindustriale?Perfetto,abbiamoun vincente:Jobvincente:Job. 5
  • Importanza dellalternanzaImportanzadell alternanza ScuolaeLavoro L istruzione universitaria non un investimento per il futuro, se si sta finanziando solo l'esperienza del campus universit, l i i d i i i l se l istruzione accademica non viene accoppiata con la formazione professionale acquisita lavorando, se non si alla ricerca di settori e/o campi disciplinari che se non si alla ricerca di settori e/o campi disciplinari che stanno creando posti di lavoro ben retribuiti da oggi ai prossimi 5/10 anni. 6
  • Newmodel for Learning, Earning RetirementEarning,Retirement 7
  • Majorfindingsofthestudyj g y Somedegreeshavehighunemploymentratesbothfor recentgraduatesandexperiencedones.g p DegreesinSTEM(science,technology,engineering,and mathematics)givethebestopportunitiesfor employmentandearnings. Unemploymentratesarelowerforthepeoplewhomake technology computerscience8 7% thanpeoplewhotechnology computerscience8.7%,thanpeoplewho usetechnology informationsystems14.7%. Unemploymentratesarereasop y nably lowinstableorgrowing industrysectorslikeeducation 5 0% healthandthesciences5.0%,healthandthesciences 4.8%andengineering 7.0%. 8
  • Svilupparelecompetenze i hi t d l trichiestedalmercato A series of reports released by the Georgetown centerA series of reports released by the Georgetown center has focused on matching jobs with majors. In 2010, the center warned about the growing disconnect between the types of jobs that employers need to fill and the number of people who have the education and training to fill them education and training to fill them. The report, Help Wanted: Projections of Jobs and Education Requirements Through 2018, argues thatq g , g students should align their postsecondary educational choices with available careers. IntegrareConoscenze/CompetenzeconMOOCestage 9
  • Teoria e PraticaTeoriaePratica La Teoria quando si sa tutto maLa Teoria quando si sa tutto ma non funziona niente. La Pratica quando funziona tutto ma non si sa perch.p Con le Lauree Inutili si raggiungonoCon le Lauree Inutili si raggiungono entrambi gli obiettivi: non funziona niente e non si sa perch. 10 niente e non si sa perch.
  • RisultatidaLaureeInutili Useless DegreesUseless Degrees Skill GSkill Gaps High U fill d J b 11 High Unemployment Unfilled Jobs
  • Antitodo controLaureaInutile ConsiderarelaLaureaInutilecomesolo uncontributoal patrimonioculturalepersonale prendendoattodeilimitipatrimonioculturalepersonale,prendendoattodeilimiti perlaccessoaunacarrieraprofessionale. Definire un piano di sviluppo professionale personale cheDefinire un piano di sviluppo professionale personale che definisca obiettivi e azioni nel medio termine verificandone la fattibilit (Con Obiettivi definiti crescono le Conoscenze)le Conoscenze). Identificare i gap di conoscenze/ competenze e agire di conseguenza implementando:conseguenza implementando: Stage/Tirociniformativie MOOC MOOC 12
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  • Female 301.jpg MOOCs are challenging traditional notions of higher oads/2013/01/ rotny263295 traditional notions of higher education, allowing students to work at pcontent/uplo mitriZakovo any time, any place, and any pace. topoutsideD MOOCs are free www.evolll orkingonlapt and are open to anyone. wo MOOC 2013: 200+MOOC 2013: 200+ universitiesuniversities. 1200+. 1200+ coursescourses. 1300+. 1300+ instructorsinstructors. 10. 10 millionmillion studentsstudents (Fonte: Stanford).(Fonte: Stanford). 14
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  • The10WorstCollegeMajors 16
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  • 12 Almost Useless College12AlmostUselessCollege Degrees
  • 12AlmostUselessCollegeDegreesg g PoliticalScienceandGovernment Ifyouwanttobecomeapolitician,thisdegreeisnotashortcut,y p , g , becausetherearemanyotherwaysofgettingthere.Ifyouthinkthe paymentishigh,youmightwanttoreconsiderasexperienced graduatesearnabout$65,000.Theunemploymentrateisbetween6 percentand9.1percent.p 9 p Music Ifyourmusicdegreeisnotmakeyouateacherbutyou'relookingto becomeafamoussinger,youbetteruploadyoursingingvideoson l t i b it lik Y T b G tti thi d ill tpopularstreamingwebsiteslikeYouTube.Gettingthisdegreewillnot earnyoumorethan$45,000peryearandtheunemploymentrateis 9.2percentasof2014. HospitalityManagementp y g Thismeansyougetadegreetobecomeahotelmanager.However, mostmanagersstartedwiththelowestpositioninthehoteland workedtheirwayup.Ofcoursetheyreallylikedtheirjob,andthey mayhaveadiplomainmanagement butnotinhospitality mayhaveadiplomainmanagement,butnotinhospitality. Experiencedgraduatesearnsome$53,000whilenewgradshavean unemploymentrateof9.1percent.
  • 12AlmostUselessCollegeDegrees AnthropologyandArcheology Unlessyoureally,reallywanttostudythepastthroughexcavations, youhavenoreasontowantthisdegree.Althoughthefieldis expectedtogrowto21percentinthenext10years,currentlythe unemploymentreaches10.5percentofthenewgraduates. d d l hExperiencedgraduatesrarelyearnmorethan$47,000peryear. Journalism Thankstotheinternet,almostanyoneanywherecanbeajournalist., y y j Thisiswaythedemandforadegreeinthefieldwilldecrease6 percentinthenext10years.Justabout7percentwithajournalism diplomacan'tgetajob. EnglishLiterature Thisusedtobeanimportantdegreeforwritersandauthors.Today's cultureandtechnologyallowseveryonetobecomeoneandthejobcultureandtechnologyallowseveryonetobecomeoneandthejob marketforenglish literatureisnowherenearwhatitwasevena decadeago.
  • 12AlmostUselessCollegeDegrees A hi Architecture Mostfamousarchitectssurelyearnalot,buttheysacrificealotof theirfreetimeaswell.Althoughthisfieldisexpectedtogrowbya smallermargininthenextdecade,currentlytheunemploymentrate isratherhighatalmost14percent. FilmandRelatedVisualArts compositionthankstovariousphotoalteringsoftware.Jobscanbe veryscarcewithinthisfield. DramaandTheaterDramaandTheater ActinginHollywoodisn'tsomethingyouownadiplomafor.Ifthisis ultimatelyyourgoal,youmightwanttoreconsiderthisdegreeand findsometalentscouters Mostwithadramaortheaterdegreefindsometalentscouters.Mostwithadramaortheaterdegree oftengointothedesignorteachingaspectofthefield.Sincemany goforthedegreeand"showbusiness"issuchahardbusiness,it'sa difficultdegreetofindworkfor.g
  • 12AlmostUselessCollegeDegrees Fi A FineArts Thisisthereasontheterm"starvingartist"wascreated.Jobswithin fineartsdegreesareminusculewithsomemediansalariestopping offat$37,000 Agriculture Thisdegreemightallowyoutoworkasafarm'smanager,butnog g y g , farmowneriswillingtohiresomeonewhoneverworkedonafarm. Accordingtoa2008study,farmmanageropportunitiesareexpected todropby5%andcontinuetodosountil2018,acutofroughly 64,000outofonemillionpositions. HumanResources Inthepast ifacompanywantedtohirenewpersonnelwouldInthepast,ifacompanywantedtohirenewpersonnelwould announceittothehumanresourceswhowouldinterviewhundreds ofapplicants.Therearestillmanycompaniesthatdothis,however huntingforajobisdonethroughconnections,astrongsocialmediag j g , g presence,orotherachievements.
  • La fabbrica dei disoccupatiLafabbricadeidisoccupati 23
  • 20mostuselesscollegedegrees Source:!bufCXp 24
  • 20 most useless college degrees20mostuselesscollegedegrees 1. Journalism 11.Human Resources 2. Horticulture 3. Agriculture 4 Advertising 12.Theater 13.ArtHistory 14 Photography4. Advertising 5. FashionDesign 6. Child AndFamilyStudies 14.Photography 15.Literature 16.Arty 7. Music 8. Medical Engineering T h l 17.FineArts 18.Psychology Technology 9. Chemistry 10. Nutrition 19.English 20.Animal Science 10. Nutrition!bufCXp 25
  • 2014s Top 20 Degrees most likely2014 sTop20Degreesmostlikely toleaveyouonjobseekers A fifth of graduates are unemployed or in unsalaried or lowpaid posts six months after leaving university according to officialafter leaving university according to official figures revealed by UK Higher Education Statistics Agency. Source: likelyleavejobseekers3313/ 26
  • 2014sTop20Degreesmostlikely 20 Psychology 10 Accountancy toleaveyouonjobseekers 20.Psychology. 19.Religiousstudiesand theology 8 M i 10.Accountancy 9.FilmStudies 8.AncientHistory 18.Music 17.Sport&Business Management 7.MediaStudies 6.PrimaryEducation 5.French 16.EnglishLiterature 15.Advertisement 14.BusinessManagement 5.French 4.History 3.Criminology S S i 14.BusinessManagement 13.EnglishLanguage 12.Sociology E t M t 2.SportScience 1.Geography 11.EventsManagement 27
  • Risultati Istruzione attualeRisultatiIstruzioneattuale 28
  • The 13 most useless universityThe13mostuselessuniversity degrees As the economy has hit some lows and is still dragging its feet, employers are beginning to assess their needs and thebeginning to assess their needs and the qualities they are looking for in a candidate. Of course, most of the college bound get a hi h d ti i d t l d j b th thigher education in order to land a job that pays, but as The Daily Beast revealled, new research from Georgetown University and h i h i i b h e their own research, it is best to assess what degree, or major, you will end up with. 29
  • Themost useless majorsj 13.PoliticalScienceand G 6.Philosophyand R li i S diGovernment 12.History 11 Music ReligiousStudies 5. Architecture 4 CommercialArtand11.Music 10.Hospitality Management A l d 4.CommercialArtand GraphicDesign 3.Film,Video,and PhotographicArts9.Antropology and Archeology 8.Journalism PhotographicArts 2.DramaandTheatreArts ....andthemostuseless 7.EnglishLiteratureand Language majoris 1.FINEARTS 30
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  • Universit Italiana e LaureeUniversitItalianaeLauree Inutili WorldUniversity Rankings 2013:Italia L f lt ii tili d l XVI LefacoltpiinutilisecondolaXVI IndagineAlmaLaurea (2014) LaureaTriennalevs.LaureaMagistrale OpinioniOpinioni 32
  • UniversitItaliana:Rank The performance of Italy's universities is striking. Home to perhaps the oldest university in the Western world, h f l l bl f hthe University of Bologna, Italy is notable for the absence of any of its institutions from the top 200. "A decade ago Italian universities began the long A decade ago, Italian universities began the long process of reform to try to address their deepseated problems," says Paul Benneworth, senior researcher at th C t f Hi h Ed ti P li St di t ththe Center for Higher Education Policy Studies at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. "But there was no political will to properly fund these reforms, and this has generated new problems. PhilPhilBatyBaty editor,TimesHigherEducationWorldUniversityeditor,TimesHigherEducationWorldUniversity Rankings.Rankings.66OctoberOctober 20112011 33
  • LItaliarimanelunicopaesedelG8anonaverenemmenouna universittraleTop100secondoitrepiaccredidati sistemidi i i i i ld i ki universittraleTop100secondoitrepiaccredidati sistemidi valutazioneARWU,QS,Times Higher Education. No.Universities inTop100WorldUni.Rankings 2013 ARWUARWU QSQS TimesTimes CanadaCanadaCanadaCanada 44 55 44 FranceFrance 44 22 33 GermanyGermany 44 33 66 ght(G8) GermanyGermany 44 33 66 ItalyItaly 00 00 00 JapanJapan 33 66 22 roupofEig JapanJapan 33 66 22 RussiaRussia 11 00 00 UKUK 99 1818 1111 Gr 99 USAUSA 5252 3030 4646 34
  • UniversitItaliana:riforma "Italy is starting to make serious inroads into problems of university governance, participation rates and internationalisation. But there remain issues with aninternationalisation. But there remain issues with an ageing professoriate, archaic recruitment and tenure practices and crumbling physical infrastructure. "Until these problems are addressed, it does not makep , sense to speak of worldclass Italian universities." Perversely, the current global financial crisis may actually help the country's academy. "Austerity will hit hi h d i b h i i i h fhigher education, but at the same time it might focus the government's mind on what really matters," Benneworth says. "Make no mistake, fully reforming Italian universities is vital to Italy ensuring its place atItalian universities is vital to Italy ensuring its place at the top table of the world economy in the coming decades." PhilPhilBatyBaty editor,TimesHigherEducationWorldUniversityeditor,TimesHigherEducationWorldUniversity Rankings.Rankings.66OctoberOctober 20112011 35
  • Le facolt pi inutili secondo laLefacoltpiinutilisecondola XVIIndagineAlmaLaurea (2014) Elaborazionenonautorizzatadidati dallaXVIIndagineAlmaLaurea (2014) C di i i l d iL iCondizioneoccupazionaledeiLaureati 36
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  • Laureeesbocchiprofessionalip AlmaLaurea, il consorzio universitario formato da 64 atenei, ha provveduto a stilare una classifica che tiene, p conto del rapporto tra titolo di Laurea conseguito e percentuale di disoccupazione entro 1/3/5 anni dalla data di conseguimento.d co segu e to Secondo lo studio sono i laureati in Giurisprudenza quelli a registrare il pi alto tasso di disoccupazione, essendo il % di i l S l h h24% di essi senza lavoro. Seguono coloro che hanno frequentato Psicologia (18%) e Lettere (15%). Chi invece vuole avere pi probabilit di trovareChi invece vuole avere pi probabilit di trovare lavoro entro un anno dal termine degli studi, dovrebbe studiare Medicina, Ingegneria, Scienze Biotecnologiche e FarmaciaFarmacia. Fonte: facoltainutili/ 38
  • Video AlmaLaurea di sintesiVideoAlmaLaurea disintesi 39
  • Valore aggiunto della LaureaValoreaggiuntodellaLaurea Magistralevs.Triennale Dal Rapporto (2014) Condizione occupazionale dei Laureati di AlmaLaurea che monitora l'inserimento lavorativo dei laureati, fino ai primil inserimento lavorativo dei laureati, fino ai primi cinque anni successivi al conseguimento del titolo. Fonte: 40
  • Laurea Laurea Parametri Laurea Triennale Laurea Magistrale Occupazionea5annidaltitoloOccupazionea5annidaltitolo 88,6%88,6% 87,1%87,1%p 5p 5 ,, 7,7, Stabilitlavorativaa1annodalStabilitlavorativaa1annodal titolotitolo 41,2%41,2% 35%35% Stabilitlavorativaa5annidalStabilitlavorativaa5annidal titolotitolo 78,4%78,4% 72,6%72,6% d ld lGuadagnomensilenettoa1Guadagnomensilenettoa1 annodaltitoloannodaltitolo 1.0031.003 1.0381.038 Guadagnomensilenettoa5Guadagnomensilenettoa5 1 3581 358 1 3831 383Guadagnomensilenettoa5Guadagnomensilenettoa5 annidaltitoloannidaltitolo 1.3581.358 1.3831.383 Fontedeidati: 41
  • Fuoriusodellascensore sociale La istruzione superiore ancora frequentemente associata con la mobilit sociale verso l'alto per ip giovani provenienti da famiglie meno abbienti. LUniversit Italiana non garantisce pi la mobilit sociale ascendente, ma nemmeno loascendente, ma nemmeno lo sviluppo di competenze per la occupabilit. 42
  • Pezzidicartachenon servonoaniente Inmolticasimaggioregaranziadilavorolesserein possessodiunbuontitolotecnicocheavereunalaurea, magaridindirizzoumanistico.g Cisonodeipezzidicartachenonservonoaniente.Un buonperitoeunbuondisegnatoremeccanico,che magariparlinobeneinglese,possonoavereoggidavanti asunpercorsoprofessionalepiroseo. f bb i F d i G idi id t d iGi idifebbraio2011,FedericaGuidi,presidentedeiGiovanidi Confindustria[dalfebbraio2014ministroalloSviluppo Economico delgovernoRenzi] 43
  • Laureeche,almassimo, bili id iabilitanoaguidareuntaxi Sergio Marchionne amministratore delegato di FiatSergio Marchionne, amministratore delegato di Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, si laurea in legge alla Osgoode Hall Law School ofYork, Canada. Marchionne ricorda che dopo la prima laurea in legge mio padre aveva gi scelto il colore del taxi che voleva farmi guidare perch diceva che non sarebbe servita a nulla. Successivamente completa la formazione universitaria con un MBA pressouniversitaria con un MBA presso lUniversit di Windsor e una laurea in Filosofia allUniversit diToronto. 44
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