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Latlong Store Locator is a unique store locator service available on SMS, online, mobile application, facebook application, which helps your customer locate your nearest store conveniently.

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  • 2. Digital Sherpasfor your Customers!The Easiest way forcustomers to findyour outlet! 2
  • 3. Latitude-LongitudecoordinatesLocal tribalknowledge 3
  • 4. Consumer Seeks outlet LocationSMS Query to Any of Your 90088 90088 Locations SMS Directions Using Latlong More Footfalls! 4
  • 5. CALL CENTER WEB SEARCHPHONE APP SOCIAL MEDIA PRINT ADS WEBSITE We Help Consumers find your outlets through every medium! 5
  • 6. PRINT ADS Confusing clouds of text, that only provide consumers with phone numbers of your outlets. From this 6
  • 7. PRINT ADS Customers send their location to one number and are directed to the closest outlet to this! SMS YAMAHA near to 90088 90088 7
  • 8. PRINT ADS Resolves even if City isnt mentioned, misspelling, or wrong syntax. Closest outlet options and its route is displayed. Outlet is alerted. Call-for-Action lives beyond the immediate nature of the Ad to this! SMS YAMAHA near to 90088 90088 8
  • 9. CALL CENTER Consumer calls Get Call Center Directions! Uses Route Guide Route guide sends SMS to consumer. 9
  • 10. WEBSITE : Online outlet Locator Free-text Search Sends directions on SMS Automatically Detects Locations POWER YOUR WEBSITE WITH OUR ONLINE OUTLET LOCATOR 10
  • 11. WEB SEARCH Online Searches served up by Latlong outlet LocatorCONTROL THE CONSUMERS EXPERIENCEIN LOCATING YOU ONLINE 11
  • 12. PHONE APPS Allow Customers to Locate your outlet through Apps Branded Outlet Locator Apps for Smart Phones 12
  • 13. SOCIAL MEDIA Inbuilt Online outlet Locator on your Facebook Page LET CUSTOMERS LOCATE YOU WHILE THEY SOCIALLY INTERACT WITH YOU! 13
  • 14. DEEPER ENGAGEMENT Customers benefit in many ways Big Sale! Consumer Contact Distribute Leads Mobile Coupons Location BasedManager OffersBuild, manage & Instantaneous Generate, send and Serve up based onengage - with a location-based lead authenticate offers consumer locationoutlet-level consumer distribution system and query contextdatabase using outlet catchment area 14
  • 15. Ads by Media Understand patterns and get insights to improve Advertising ROIIncisive Data Analayticsand Insights 15
  • 16. I should open a store here...Incisive Data Analayticsand Insights 16
  • 17. We are Different Location Awareness We figure out anything keyed in Alternatives: Require hardcoded PINs or Area names Cost to Consumers 10-Digit Number, Regular SMS Charges Alternatives: Premium charges due to SMS Shortcode Interaction Two way Communication Alternatives: One way Broadcast 17
  • 18. We are DifferentOutput InformationHuman-like DirectionsAlternatives: Static Postal AddressReportingImmeadiate lead distribution & aggregationAlternatives: Traditional ReportingMultiple ChannelsAvailable on multiple channels forconsumer convenienceAlternatives : different vendors for different channels 18
  • 19. Pricing Per Enquiry One-timeProduct Usage Setup MaintenenceFee Fee Fee Fee Per Outlet, Per Month 19
  • 20. More than 40 Satisfied Clients 20
  • 21. Thank You! Sudarshan HS | +91 98806 35494Latlong is a product of | 21