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Call 5: Checklist Modification 101 Continued, Small Scale Testing, and the Checklist as a Documentation Tool. Last Week’s Call. The importance of modifying the checklist for your hospital. Modification 101. Lynn Wythe from Palmetto Baptist shared her experiences implementing the checklist. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Last Week’s Call

Poll 4: The Checklist as a Documentation Tool

Call 5: Checklist Modification 101 Continued, Small Scale Testing, and the Checklist as a Documentation Tool

1Last Weeks CallThe importance of modifying the checklist for your hospital.Modification 101.Lynn Wythe from Palmetto Baptist shared her experiences implementing the checklist.

How Did the Homework Go?

Homework to DateBuild an implementation team.Schedule a time and venue for a meeting to take place after January. Send us an email at: letting us know how you would like to administer the survey at your hospital. Please also include your mailing address in this email.Download the OR Personnel Spreadsheet from our website and begin completing the information with the names, roles, and email addresses if relevant.Review the checklist modification guide and South Carolina Checklist Template.Start to modify the checklist your implementation team.

4Poll 1: Did You Review the Checklist Modification Guide?YesNoPoll 2: Have You Started to Modify the Checklist For Your Hospital?YesNoMeeting the TeamJim SachettaStaff AssistantTodays TopicsModification 101 Continued.Small-Scale Testing: Table-Top Simulation.The Checklist as a Documentation Tool.

Checklist Modification 101 Continued

The Next Step in Your Journey:Make Me Your OwnAlternative Arrangements of the ChecklistAlternative Wording for Particular Items

Are blood products required and available?What is the EBL?Blood (or cross-match) available if needed.Is there a need for blood products?Blood availability confirmed.EBL/Blood PlanModifying Blood LossModifying Team Introductions

We will start by introducing ourselves by name and role.Team introductions to patient, including name and role.Are there any unfamiliar staff in the room? Please introduce yourself by name and role. What If We Already Know Each Other?

Modifying the Safety Statement

Surgeon says: If anyone on the team sees something that the team should know about, please speak upSurgeon declares: If anyone on the team sees something that the team should know about, please speak up anytime during the procedure.Surgeon states, If you see, suspect, or feel that patient care is compromised, will you speak up?Surgeon states, Remember that all are free to voice any concerns at any time throughout the procedureSurgeon states, Does anyone have concerns? If you think there is a problem, please speak upWhen You Modify the Checklist with Your Implementation Team: Discuss each item on the checklist using the guidelines that we previously discussed.Ensure that the checklist follows your current flow in the OR.Add your hospital logo to the checklist.Say the words on the checklist aloud. Many times it looks good on paper and does not reflect what you would actually say during a case.

Examples of Modified ChecklistsSmall Scale Testing:Table-Top SimulationTable-Top SimulationIt is easy to test the checklist outside of the OR.It doesnt take a lot of time.You can learn a ton.Testing the checklist on a small scale can prevent you from making BIG mistakes.

Table-Top SimulationAnes.MachineACNSNSConference Room or an Empty OR

25Table-Top Simulation

Our PatientAge - 68 yr old maleCondition Healthy patient with a right inguinal hernia Procedure Right inguinal hernia repair

The Checklist as a Document ToolPoll 3: The Checklist as a Documentation ToolHow many of you want to use the checklist as an auditing tool?When you discussed the checklist with your colleagues, did they have concerns about including the checklist in the medical record?If you are already using the checklist, do you keep it as part of the medical record?

Using the Checklist As a Documentation ToolSCIP MeasuresElectronic Medical RecordPatient ChartSignaturesMalpractice issuesSCIP MeasuresIt can be used to document SCIP Measures.Be careful to make certain that your documentation is consistent.Electronic Medical RecordThe checklist is compatible with the EMR.You want to avoid the checklist becoming a tick the box exercise.

Signatures at the BottomDepends on the culture of your hospital.Can be looked at as punitive.It is best to have the entire team to sign it if you are going to use signatures so that responsibility is shared.Patient ChartMany hospitals do not include it in the patient record.If you are going to put it in the chart to document make sure that the nurse isnt the only one using the checklist.Malpractice ConcernsWe will never know which patient the checklist helps because of information that was shared and problems that were prevented.

This Weeks HomeworkContinue to modify your hospitals checklist.Test your checklist using table-top simulation.Email our team and let us know if you will be administering the culture survey. Email: ?QuestionsAsk Us a Question By Using the Raise Hand Button

Next Call:Testing the Checklist in the OROffice Hours: Cancelled TomorrowResourcesWebsite:


This checklist is not intended to be comprehensive. Additions and modifications to fit local practice are encouraged. 'Based on the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist, URL, World Health Organization 2008 All rights reserved.'

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Version 7-8-11