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Language Lab Language Lab Learning Made Easy! Learning Made Easy! HCL Infosystems Ltd, R Sunil Kumar, 9871176205, [email protected]

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Language LabLearning Made Easy!

HCL Infosystems Ltd, R Sunil Kumar, 9871176205, [email protected]

Language LabA Brief Overview

Common ProblemsFaced by Teachers

Students from different backgrounds Impossible to constantly monitor individuals in class Difficult to Provide a validated platform for comparison Create Individual Lesson plans for students Motivate the students for improvement

What Needs to be done?

To train students for improving oral(Spoken) /aural( Listening) abilities Introduce them to Phonetics , Speech Sounds, Intonation, Stress, Rhythm To Provide student facility to practice and assess his own performance. a multimedia infrastructure can aid in learning finer Nuances of language and monitor student individually

Teacher Console

Home Remote Control Lessons broadcasting Supporting Tools with Recorders Help and Support

Teacher Console Allows

Lessons planning and Broadcasting Custom Lessons Creation ( Audio, Video) Communicate with Students through Audio and Text Chat individually or in Groups Teach All students using interactive teaching tool Student Monitoring Reviewing student performance

Interactive Teaching

Group Discussion

Lesson Sharing

Students Monitoring

Remote Control

Online Dictionary

Voice Comparing

Student console allows

Access Audio ,video ,flash , ppt Lessons Practice with interactive exercise in word accent , pace , speech stress , intonation, grammar Improve Speech and reduce Mother Tongue Influence through use of phonetics lessons Record his/her pronunciation and compare with prerecorded Trainer pronunciations. Chat with Teacher

File Submission to Teacher

Digital Headphones

Online Examination Module

Helps to create questions and broadcast to all students. 30 students can enter for exam at a time. Automatically receiving the question sheet from the teacher module. Teacher can assign the time for the examination Using database for store all data's, so it will give secure. Teacher can create 6-8 types of questions in a single exam sheet. Teacher can create the answer key, it will do the automatic evaluation. Manually also evaluate the students performance.

Study MaterialCovers Quality Content in Phonetics Situational Conversation Listening Skills Communication Skills Pronunciation English Grammar Business Communication BBC , CIEFL , Eminent University Professors

Unique Features of WLL

Robust , Secure & Reliable ,User friendly design Client Server architecture Fastest connection and response time. Auto connection restore Supports Audio, Video, Flash ,Adobe PDF, PowerPoint, Word , Text files etc. Individual student handling Peer to Peer Text Chat (With Buzzer) Individual file transfer Student activity log access Full duplex voice chat with 44Khz sound Supports multiple sound card and devices (Bluetooth Headset) Web Camera used for Recording Lessons Interactive Teaching Module Public chat room Dictionary (With Text to Speech, Compare etc.) Advanced Recorder (MP3, WAV, OGG etc) supports Line in.

Language Lab Pack Includes:The WLL featured pack includes, c) One Teacher Console b) 30 Student Consoles c) Complete help and support files. d) End user license agreement e) Detailed Trouble Shooting guide f) Study Materials i) Online Examination Module j) 31 Digital Headphones

Client Server ArchitectureTeacher Exchange Server Logon Server Voice Chat Server

File Exchange Server

Text Chat Server Local Area Connection

How System WorksTeacher computer or system is the Core part of the Language Lab subsystem. All features are available in Teacher Console. Connection manager ensures stable and reliable connection with the students. The system automatically notifies if any problems happened between a student and teacher system. The system connection manager continuously checks for new incoming connections, If any request occurs it process the request automatically and reads out client information and displayed as nodes. Student console needs to login before starting a session. Students are able to listen to files from their own library , learn pronunciation etc. will work. But notifies the connection status in status bar. Whenever Teacher console will gets up or started, the connection manager in Student console will find the teacher automatically and establishes a connection between the server.

How System WorksWhen a student PC gets connected with the teacher PC, it automatically reads out the lessons list from the Teacher Shared Lesson database. When ever teacher adds a new file to the shared library, the system sends the new lesson details to student. Student can either play lessons directly from student console or they are able to download the lessons to their own local folder. Sharing lessons is the crucial part of LAN based learning systems. Teacher is able to take care of individual student ie. Disconnect a student from Teacher console, Peer to Peer chat, Individual file transfer etc.

Web Camera Control

Teacher can use web cam to record video lesson for showing the demonstration of lip movement. Direct access to student web is available with Ultra Edition version. All video files are recorded in AVI format. Sound and video resolution settings are available. Capture images from web cam Multiple camera drivers are supported

Multimedia SupportUse of Multimedia In TeachingMultimedia files are most useful for teaching any languages. With audio files we can study the pronunciation styles , accent etc. Video files can be shown to teach the lip moments. For situational English we can show some flash files . WLL supports wide variety of multimedia formats available today.

Supported File Types:AVI, MPG, DAT ,MP3, Wave, PDF, Doc, PPT ,Txt, Flash Files etc.

Remote Desktop ViewerLanguage lab is a networked application, Teacher act as server and needs to be monitored all students. For this , we are introduced an advanced technology . Remote Desktop Viewer. By using this , teacher is able to capture one students screen and viewed on his/her console. For future reference we can save the file as bitmap image. Later viewed on any photo editor or even from Language Lab Remote Desktop Control. This is a most outstanding feature we are providing in Language Lab, or in other words it acts like a Remote Surveillance Camera.

Interactive LearningThe most exclusive feature of Language Lab Ultra Edition, It works like a teacher teaching individual students at a time. When teacher opens the Interactive Control, automatically clients WM_Execution module opens interactive teaching console. All other open windows will be disabled. The student will not be able to control or even move the window. When teacher adds a multimedia lesson and starts playing, automatically all client interactive console will start playing the same lesson. They are not allowed to move forward or backward the lessons. When teacher moves the lesson forward or backward, automatically the student lessons will move.. Students are not able to close the window. If teacher closes the window from Teacher Console, same time all students interactive window will be unloaded at the same moment. By using this feature teacher will be able to teach the pronunciation, lip movement etc. real time. This is one the most modern feature which are not available in today's language lab market.

Lesson ComparingWhat is Lesson Comparing?Lesson comparing means to hear ones own voice with experts voice. To compare a lesson , student must open an audio file to start. This audio file will be used as reference file. When user clicks on record button, the audio will start playing the reference track as well as records the new voice from user. Simultaneous process will take place. After stopping the comparison, the audio file saves automatically . Compare button will be active if a successful recording is done. To play the recorded lesson just click on the compare button. The system plays both sounds automatically. Thus students/ teacher is able to compare there pronunciation skills.

Yet another powerful extension to the Language Lab System

Digital Recorder Advanced Recorder

Supports multiple sound card and devices. Conversion of Audio Tape to digital format. Multiple sample rate (8 KHz 96 KHz) Multiple sound format (MP3, WAV, OGG etc) Gain control. Wide variety of advanced features.

Group DiscussionGroup discussion is the essential part of Career Development. Language Lab ultra edition has the most modern group discussion facility. Teacher is the authorized person to start or end a GD at anytime. At the time of GD , students are not allowed to do anything more than GD. Control over student is maintained . This helps to keep discipline while talking.

GD Features

Add multiple students Control the group real time Disconnect unwanted student Helps to improve the speaking skills of a student among a group. Teacher can pause / resume a student at any time.

DictonaryDictonary is the core component of our Language Lab system, which contains more than 25,000 words with meaning, pronunciation and examples etc. Additional tools are provided for listening pronunciation , recording and comparing etc. U.K & U.S English pronunciations are available.

Recommended System RequirementsTeacher Computer :Intel P4 3 GHz / AMD 3000 MHz 512 MB DDR Ram 80 GB SATA Hard Disk Onboard LAN with Audio Headphone with Mic

Student Computer :Intel P4 3 GHz / AMD 3000 MHz 256 MB DDR Ram 40 GB SATA Hard Disk Onboard LAN with Audio Headphone with Mic

Operating System :Microsoft Windows XP professional, Windows 2000 & Windows 2003

Networking :The Lab should be networked.

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