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Lakeview DemographicsArea: 3.143 Square Miles

Population: 78,051

Population Density: 24,833 people per square mile

Median household income (in 2013): $82,599

Median Age:

Males: 33 yearsFemales: 31.7 years

Average household size: 1.9 people

Percentage of Married couple families: 25.5%

Percent of people born in the state:44.4%

Percent of people that speak English not very well or not at all: 2.6%

Percent of people born in another US state: 42.1%

Percent of native residents born outside the US: 1.4%

Percent of foreign born residents: 11%

Percent of population below poverty level: 12.3%

A Brief History...It used to be camp and trail path for the Miami, Winnebago and Ottawa Native American

Indian tribes

The first of Chicago's North Shore suburban developments

It started as a loose accumulation of large parcels of land occupied by farms and estates and eventually transformed into distinct neighborhoods that houses many single young adults, childless married couples, and gay men.


1837-Conrad Sulzer of Winterthur, Zürich, Switzerland, became the first white settler to live in the area.

1853-James Rees and Elisha Hundley built the famous Hotel Lake View, one of the first permanent structures in Lake View. It is named for the hotel's view of the shore of Lake Michigan.

1857-Fullerton, Western, Devon, and Lake Michigan was organized into Lake View Township.

1872-Residents built a town hall at Halsted and Addison.

1887-Lake View was incorporated as a city.

1889-The city was annexed to Chicago.

How to get to Lakeview from Loyola Head to the Loyola red line stop, and head south toward 95th, and get off at the Belmont stop. The total travel time is about 30 minutes if you take the ‘L’.

If you wish to take the bus you would catch bus 151 (towards union station) at Sheridan & Kenmore, and then ride all the way down to Sheridan & Briar, and get on bus 77 (towards Harlem) and get off the bus at Belmont & Lakewood. The total travel time on the bus is close to an hour.

Fun Facts about Lakeview What is there to do in Lakeview? What can I expect to see? There are plenty of fun things to explore and do in Lakeview. Here are some attractions:

Wrigley Field: Baseball

Belmont Harbor: Marina

Vic Theater: Second Run Movie Theatre

Stage 773: Multi-Purpose stage

Annoyance Theater: Performing Arts Theatre

Blue Man Group: 625 Seat Theatre where

Laugh Factory: Comedy Club


Known for their PrideLakeview is known for their gay pride along

with hosting the parade for gay pride

Thirsty? Stop by nan nan for some bubble tea!

Gelato Anyone??

LAkeview is also home to the chicago cubs

reflection From the project we all gained knowledge that Chicago is bigger

than the “loop” and the magnificent mile. Chicago is filled with many different people who all have their own culture, lifestyle, religion, and jobs. It was an authentic Chicago experience because we took a look into a day of the life of someone from Lakeview. We took public transportation, walked, stopped into the local stores and food places that a person would encounter in their daily life in Lakeview. One surprise Lakeview offered to us is that even though considered Chicago, Lakeview does not have the same fast paced style as “the Loop” has.

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