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  • 1. Site Supervisor: Elah Hudson, M.Ed. Faculty Supervisor: Aaron Oberman, Ph.D.
  • 2. The mission of Laing Middle School of Science and Technology is to prepare and inspire generations of learners to meet the challenges of our 21st century society by fostering technological literacy, academic achievement, innovation, collaboration, and creative problem-solving. Mission Statement An accent, click to edit the text inside.
  • 3. Counseling Experience: Overview Counseled students in grades 6 through 8; addressed issues like poor self- esteem, changes in academic performance, and more. Counseled numerous students in short-term crisis situations such as bullying victim or classroom behavior issues. Led boys, girls and mixed groups weekly. Topics included behavioral issues, social skills, academic issues, bullying, sexual harassment, assertiveness training, and transition to high school. Participated in weekly teachers meeting on student classroom performance and behavior, as input to target individual, group, and overall student counseling needs. Attended meetings with teaching staff to communicate student 504 goals, obtain signoff, and implementation of 504 plans. Individual Counseling Group Counseling Special Education Classroom Guidance School Teams Developed diversity training curriculum for 6th grade. Over a 4-week period, taught numerous classes on interpersonal communication, recognizing the similarities and differences among people, acknowledging the uniqueness of each individual, and understanding and appreciating diversity.
  • 4. Group Counseling Behavior Management Led two small groups Counseling Goal: to help students learn how to identify ineffective behaviors and appropriately express their emotions. Social Skills Groups Co-led two small groups Counseling Goal: to boost students confidence and reflect on the characteristics of good friends. Girls Groups Co-led two small groups Counseling Goal: to build an understanding of positive school behaviors.
  • 5. Dont be an Angry Bird! Discussed the consequences of anger and the negative choices we sometimes make. Practiced cool down strategies. Big hit! Session Example
  • 6. Results 6th Grade Behavior Management Small Group 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 October December February Student 1 Student 2 Student 3 Student 4
  • 7. Classroom Guidance People Around the World
  • 8. People Around the World Discussed the similarities and differences among people around the world. Acknowledged the uniqueness of each culture. Had fun!
  • 9. School Teams Red Ribbon Week