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Transcript of Lafayette Orinda Presbyterian Church- Connections WEEKLY ... ·...

  • 49  Knox  Drive  •  Lafayette,  CA  94549  •  Phone:  (925)  283-‐8722  •  Fax:  (925)  283-‐0138  •  Email: [email protected] •  Web:

    Gifts  to  the  LOPC  foundation  create  your  legacy  of  love  and  mission  for  the  generations  to  come.Questions?  Kristi  Haigh,  Foundation  Trustee  at  [email protected],  or  call  (925)  254-‐6023.

    Peter  Whitelock,  Pastor  /  Head  of  Staff    l    Gerald  Chinen,  Pastor,  Care    l    Lauren  Gully,  Pastor,  Mission  &  Formation    l    Jaime  Polson,  Pastor,  Families  

    Lafayette Orinda Presbyterian Church-

    Alive! In Christ…In the WorldConnections

    WEEKLY June  25,  2017

    LOPC: All TogetherIn  a  church  as  big  as  ours  it’s  easy  to  lose  sight  of  everything  that  we  accomplish  on  an  annual  basis  – but  we  get  it  done  by  working  All  Together  to  support  the  things  we  care  so  deeply  about.  Our  “All  Together”  emphasis  is  about  one  thing  –raising  up  resources  to  recover  the  financial  strength  that  has  eroded  over  time.  Over  the  past  10  years  our  annual  giving  has  remained  strong  but  it  has  been  largely  flat.  Due  to  the  constant  presence  of  inflation  and  rising  costs,  our  gifts  to  support  this  ministry  have  lost  about  $400,000  in  value.  We’ve  responded  by  cutting  costs,  restricting  growth  in  some  ministries,  and,  most  regrettably,  not  adjusting  staff  salaries  to  keep  them  competitive  and  fair.

    If  you  have  already  turned  in  your  All  Together  commitment  –Thank  You  very  much.  If  you  are  still  considering,  please  know  how  important  your  support  is  to  LOPC.  With  your  support,  our  programs  will  continue  to  grow  and  carry  out  our  commitment  to  serving  God  in  the  world.

    Please  visit to  view  the  All  Together  brochure,  prayer  guide,  ministry  team  videos,  and  more!  If  you  haven’t  yet  received  your  All  Together  packet  in  the  mail,  you  can  pick  one  up  in  the  LOPC  Ministry  Center.

    Stephen Ministry Continuing EducationBalancing  on  the  Slippery  Slope  of  BoundariesTODAY at  10:15  a.m.  in  the  Davies  Room

    Providing  spiritual  care  can  be  a  blessing  to  all  involved.  The  training  received  as  Stephen  Ministers,  Deacons,  Ministers,  and  other  spiritual  care  givers  is  very  clear  that  we  need  to  maintain  boundaries  spiritually,  professionally  and  personally.  Sounds  black  and  white.  However,  sometimes  providing  spiritual  care  can  become  a  bit  of  a  slippery  slope  more  gray  than  black  or  white,  as  spiritual  issues  often  are  also  emotional  and  psychological  issues.  

    How  do  we  maintain  confidentiality  boundaries?  What  is  it  in  our  own  lives  and  experiences  that  gets  triggered  by  our  encounters?  How  do  we  know  when  to  refer  Care  Receivers  to  other  resources/professionals?  How  much  do  we  share  of  ourselves  personally?  Are  there  spiritual  boundaries?  Please  join  us  as  we  explore  this  sometimes  messy  topic  of  boundaries  and  share  with  and  learn  from  one  another  our  struggles  and  our  successes.

    Although  this  program  is  sponsored  by  Stephen  Minister  continuing  education,  it  is  open  to  all.  Please  join  us  TODAY at  10:15  a.m.  in  the  Davies  Room.

    Our  facilitator,  Sharon  Campton,  is  a  member  of  LOPC,  a  Stephen  Minister,  an  ordained  Commissioned  Lay  Pastor  in  the  San  Francisco  Presbytery,  an  ordained  Interfaith  Minister,  and  currently  serves  as  a  Hospice  Chaplain.

  • Mark Your Calendar

    YOUTH 5th-12th grade

    We  offer  handouts  in  the  Narthex,  including  all  the  lyrics  and  texts  that  you  see  on  the  screen  during  Sunday  worship  services,  or  you  can  scroll  to  see  

    the  PDF  version  of  the  Sunday  Bulletin  Supplement,  which  includes  liturgy,  lyrics,  scripture,  online  at‐bulletins.  Please  ask  the  ushers  to  assist  you  if  you  need  to  

    use  a  hearing-‐aid  headset.

    CHILDREN infant-4th grade u TODAY,  6/25,  “The  Garden  on  Sunday  Mornings”  -‐ Kids  from  

    three  months  old  through  4th  grade  enjoy  discovering  God  and  making  friends, 9:00  a.m.  &  11:00  a.m.

    Questions?Ryan  Timpte,  Director  of  Children’s  Ministry,  [email protected] or  x234  Lori  Robinson,  Assoc.  Director  of  Children's  Ministry,  [email protected] or  x251Susan  Wentworth,  Assoc.  Director  of  Preschool  Ministry,  [email protected] or  x237  

    -‐ Page  2  -‐

    u TODAY,6/25,  Middle  School  Sunday  School  -‐ Youth  5th-‐8th grade  gather  for  games  and  a  Bible  lesson,  9:00  or  11:00  a.m.  

    u TODAY,  6/25,  Youth  Pew  – Worship  together  with  an  adult  advisor  on  the  short  pew,  middle,  right  side  at  11:00  a.m.

    Questions?Keris Dahlkamp,  Youth  Director,  [email protected] or  x233  Allison  Kunz,  Assoc.  Youth  Director,  [email protected] or  x241

    u Thursday  Fellowship will  resume  in  the  fall.  u TODAY,  6/25,  Worship times  are  9:00  a.m.  and  11:  00  a.m.u TODAY,  6/25,  Stephen  Ministry  Continuing  Education at  

    10:15  a.m.  in  the  Davies  room.  See  page  1.u 7/1,  August  FOCUS  Deadline.  If  you  have  information    that  

    you  would  like  included  in  the  August  FOCUS,  submit  it  online  at‐for-‐focus.

    u 6/26,  7/10,  7/17,  8/14,  &  8/28,  Lamorinda  Village  Chair  Yoga,  1:30  p.m.  -‐ 3:00  p.m.  in  the  Oak  Room.  Please  bring  a  bath-‐size  towel  to  use  on  the  chair.  RSVP  to  (925)  253-‐2300.

    u 7/23,  7/30,  8/13  &  8/20,  Summer  Choir  Opportunities led  by  Tony  &  Brett.  See  page  4.  

    u 7/30,  Aloha  Sunday with  Pastor  Gerald  Chinen  and  the  Na’Okina Hawaiian  Band  and  Dancers  will  lead  an  inspiring  and  joyful  morning  worship.  See  page  3.    

    u 9/22-‐9/23,  Congo  Mission  Network.  See  more  at 10/6  -‐10/8,  Mount  Hermon  All  Church  Retreat,  Save  the  Date!  

    The  Rev.  Dr.  Charlene  Han  Powell  will  be  the  featured  speaker.  See  page  2.

    Sowers: Applications Open!A  joint  project  of  Children's  Ministry  and  Mission,  Sowers  is  a  service-‐learning  program  designed  to  get  families  with  elementary-‐ and  middle  school-‐aged  children  engaged  in  mission.  Families  serve  together  over  a  series  of  mission  projects  spread  throughout  the  year.  After  each  project,  they  debrief  the  experience  together  during  a  time  of  spiritual  

    formation,  reflecting  critically  on  the  experience  and  seeking  where  God  was  speaking  during  their  time  together.  Applications  to  be  a  part  of  the  2017-‐2018  Sowers  program  are  now  being  accepted.  For  more  information  and  to  fill  out  an  online  application,  please  visit  our  page  at  Email  Ryan  Timpte at  [email protected] with  any  questions.

    Church Directory Update!

    Progress  Report  -‐ the  2017  LOPC  directory  is  in  production  and  we  hope  to  be  distributing  them  no  later  than  the  end  of  July.      Stay  tuned!      




    From  Abraham  and  Esther  to  Peter  and  Mary,  there  is  no  doubt  that  Christians  have  a  rich  and  complicated  narrative.  Some  of  our  stories  are  hard  to  tell  while  others  offer  life  and  hope.  Yet  we  live  in  a  world  that  encourages  us  to  filter  our  stories  and  our  identity  to  the  point  of  perfection.  How  do  we,  as  people  of  faith,  reconcile  our  storied  pasts?  More  importantly,  how  do  we  tell  our  stories  in  a  way  that  honors  what  God  has  done  and  also  speaks  to  what  God  is  doing?  Join  Executive  Pastor  of  Fifth  Avenue  Presbyterian  Church,  the  Rev.  Dr.  Charlene  Han  Powell  as  she  leads  us  in  a  weekend  of  story-‐telling  and  story  finding.

    Questions?  Please  contact  [email protected]

  • -‐ Page  3  -‐LAFAYETTE-‐ORINDA  PRESBYTERIAN  CHURCH                   (925)  283-‐8722                           49  Knox  Drive,  Lafayette  CA  94549  

    Join us Sunday, July 30, 2017Pastor Gerald Chinen and the Na ‘Okina Hawaiian Band and Dancers

    will lead an inspiring and joyful morning of worship.

    Lunch tickets available on the Plaza 7/9, 7/16 & 7/23 Adults $12

    Kids 13+ years, $8; 4-12 years, $4; 0-3 years, FREE

    Tickets also available online at

    Bring Family and Friends, and share the Aloha Spirit!

    Volunteer! Contact [email protected] or call 283-8722 x223

  • -‐ Page  4  -‐

    Weekly CONNECTIONS Deadline:  Monday  by  5:00  p.m.  Submit  information  online  at‐for-‐connections

    Items  must  be  approved  by  your  ministry  leader.  Information  may  be  reduced  to  meet  space  restrictions.  

    Hold in PrayerOur  hearts  go  out  in  loving  sympathy  to  the  friends  and  family  of  –

    …Margaret  Peer,  who  passed  on  6/8/17.…Sarah  Dunlop,  who  passed  on  6/24/17.  Services  were  held  on  6/24.

    Questions?Gerald  Chinen,  Pastor,  Care,  [email protected]  or  x227Harry  Jayasingha,  Chaplain,  [email protected]

    Wear Your LOPC Name TagsDo  you  wear  your  name  tag  on  Sunday  morning?    Or  perhaps  you  need  a  new  one?    At  LOPC,  we  enjoy  being  able  to  greet  one  another  by  name  on  Sunday  mornings.    If  you  don’t  have  a  name  tag,  please  sign  up  in  the  Welcome  Center  to  have  a  new  one  printed.    Recently  printed  name  tags  can  be  found  in  the  Welcome  Center  as  well.    Questions?  Contact  [email protected]  

    Connect with us online!

    Sing with the Noteables

    No  tryouts  are  necessary  to  join  the  Noteables-‐ just  a  love  to  sing.  Rehearsals  are  every  Thursday  from  9:30  a.m.-‐ 11:00  a.m.  in  the  Davies  Room  -‐ directed  by  Barbara  Vail.  

    Sopranos,  altos,  tenors  and  basses  are  needed.  Please  call  Barbara  Vail  at  (925)  254-‐1819  for  more  information.

    Summer Choir Opportunities

    We  are  offering  two  Summer  Choir  sessions  this  July  and  August.

    Session I - Led by Tony Domenick

    Rehearsals:  Wednesday,  July  19,  7:00  p.m.-‐8:30  p.m.  and  

    Sunday,  July  23  between  services.

    Worship:  Sunday,  July  23  at  9:00  a.m.  and  11:00  a.m.Sunday,  July  30  at  9:00  a.m.  and  11:00  a.m.

    Session II - Led by Brett Strader

    Rehearsals:  Thursday,  August  10,  from    7:00  -‐ 8:30  p.m.

    Sunday,  August  13  between  services.

    Worship:  Sunday,  August  13  at  9:00  a.m.  and  11:00  a.m.  Sunday,  August  20  at  9:00  a.m.  and  11:00  a.m.

    Sign  up  at  [email protected] for  one  or  both  sessions.  Attendance  is  required  at  rehearsal  and  both  

    Sundays  for  each  session.

    Support Creek Kids – 7/30

    On  One  Sunday  earlier  this  year  many  LOPC  children  did  paintings  for  Creek  Kids  Care,  a  local  non-‐profit  that  creates  stationery  from  these  masterpieces.    

    On  Aloha  Sunday,  July  30th,  this  beautiful  and  unique  stationery  will  be  available  after  each  service.    All  proceeds  from  these  artistic  creations  will  go  to  help  improve  the  well-‐being  of  children,  adults  and  families  in  need,  both  locally  and  internationally.

    Questions,  please  contact  Penny  Baird  at  [email protected]