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LAFARGE LUSAKA MARATHON 2016 ph +260 211 250153 PARTICIPANTS MANUAL Zambia Amateur Athletic Association A guide for participants with all relevant information for an enjoyable experience SATURDAY, 30 APRIL 2016 The World’s Friendliest Marathon

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In this race manual you will find all necessary information regarding the Lafarge Lusaka Marathon 2016.

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  • 1Lafarge Lusaka Marathon 2016 ph +260 211 250153

    ParticiPants ManualZambia amateur athletic association

    a guide for participants with all relevant information for an enjoyable experience

    saturday, 30 aPril 2016

    the Worlds Friendliest Marathon

  • 2generaL InforMatIonContaCt detaILsE-mail at [email protected] telephonically on +260 211 250153

    date of raCesaturday, 30 april 2016

    startIng tIMeStart Marathon & Half Marathon is at 06:00 hrs Start 10km is at 06:15 hrs Start FUN-Walk is at 06:45 hrsWhere: Levy Junction Mallall runners to assemble 30min before their race at the designated areas.


    Cut-offCut-off is at 13:00 (7 hours)

    runners who have not reached the following mark in the times specified will

    not be allowed to continue: 21,1km at 09:00 hrs.

    ParkIngParking at parking-area behind the mall and near the start is limited.

    runners are advised to share lifts to the start and to be dropped off within

    walking distance.

    (Map will be uploaded on website

    raCe dIstanCe42.195km Marathon - This is a pre-entry only event.

  • 3routeThe Worlds Friendliest Marathon this years route (the BluE line on the map) is a new route allowing fast times and complete road closure. the Marathon route is relative at and considered as a fast course. the only uphill part of the course is a 2km stretch from km 11-13 (after cross roads on twin Palm road towards airport)

    route ProfILe

    diSTaNCe LoCaTioN

    start at the levy Business shopping Mall sudzu road

    1 km church road

    2 km cairo road

    5 km into independence road through Burma road

    10 km Burma road into Mwapena road

    15 km Bauleni compound 150m before turning right into twin Palm road

    20 km On twin Palm towards airport

    25 km almost at ibex Hill school

    nOtE runners run on left side of the road whilst on twin Palm road, independence road

    30 km kabulonga road shortly before turning left into chindo road

    35 km at state House

    nOtE runners remain on right hand side of the road when entering independence road on

    the return after km 30

    40 km right side on church road towards levy Business shopping Mall

    42.195 km right turn into sudzu road

    it is the responsibility of each runner to know the route of their race. traffi c Police and race marshals will take all reasonable steps to ensure runners safety, however runners are responsible for their well being at all times.

    Lusaka Lafarge Marathon route MaP

  • 4nO sPEctatOrs On runninG cOursE! nO EXcEPtiOn.

    CoMe aNd SUPPorT THe LLM MaraTHoN:so youve agreed to second and support your signifi cant other, friend, brother, sister, mom, dad as they run the llM Marathon. Weve put together a list of things to help you make the most of this experience and to help you be the best supporter out there. lusaka residents and visitors to the city for the weekend are encouraged to come along and support the runners as well. the following spots have been identifi ed as spectator hot spots and are great for watching the race and taking in the What lusaka has to off er:

    Main road independence roadcross road shopping Mall lake roadtwin Palm/lake road and lake road/kabulonga road intersectionlevy Junction start and fi nishchurch road (with entertainment hot spots)High court along independenceibex Hill.

    refreshMentsdrinking stations are providing water every 5km from km 5 onward to km 40 and after the fi nish.

    MedICaL PoIntsthese points listed below are fully equipped to assist you through the llM Marathon. they are equipped to assist you with all minor

    medical problems, and are staff ed by Physiotherapists and students to help with those aching muscles as you proceed along the


    1. twin Palm road, towards airport 15 kms left 1st aid

    2. twin Palm road, towards airport 21.1 km left 1st aid

    3. Opposite cross roads, lake road 30 km left 1st aid

    4. Opposite state House 35 km right Physio

    5. car Park at levy Junction (Finish) 42.195 km Physio

    MedICaLThere is a full support team on hand to deal with any emergency that may occur. Medical crews are patrolling the route to deal with any major problems, supported by response vehicles, pickup vehicles and radio marshals to monitor your progress during the race. For any medical emergency, call this number 097 873 5574.

    it is imperative that runners fi ll in the medical information. should a runner require hospital treatment, he/she will be charged according to the hospital tariff rate.

    information relating to runners who have been admitted to the Medical tent will be available at the information tent next to the fi nish.

    sweeper cars assist those who are unable to complete the race and ensure they are returned to fi nish safely.

    if in any doubt about your health, consult your personal doctor before the race. if you have had in uenza or diarrhea in the week before the race PlEasE visit your doctor or the race doctor before running. dont take a chance with your health!

    Course ProfILe

  • 5safety: MarshaLs & traffIC authorItIes

    From the start runners will occupy the full width of the road. During the race Runners will be moved to the left side of the road. Please obey all marshals and traffic authorities.the first 500 runners will take precedence over motor vehicles during the race; thereafter we will avoid that runners may be stopped by marshals at busy intersections. Marshals and traffic authorities must be obeyed, failing might lead to disqualification and/or disciplnary action taken.

    Tog Bag FaCiLiTy tog bags are stored in the tog Bag Facility at the bag owners risk.a tog Bag Facility will be available with suitably signage on the day of the race in one of the tents at the parking area.

    runners must ensure that their bags are labeled with their names and race numbers on the label provided at these tents. Every care will be taken to ensure that the bags are safeguarded. However, runners are advised not to leave expensive or valuable items in their bags, as the organisers cannot accept responsibility for any losses

    CaTCH aLL THe raCe aCTioN Live oN ZNBC:the worlds most friendly marathon, the llM marathon, will be broadcast live on ZnBc and supersport on race day. the marathon starts at 06:00am with the live broadcast getting underway at 05:30am as well. the event will be televised until 1pm.

    ruLesage CaTegorieSMinimum age for participation - Entrants must be no younger than 18 on the day of the race.

    age CaTegory TagSnumerical age category tags will be printed on the race numbers so please make sure they are clEarly visible.

    SeCoNdiNg For 42.195kMthe nO MOBilE sEcOndinG rule will be strictly enforced. no seconds may drive, cycle or run alongside any athlete on the route.

    WHeeL CHair PoLiCyno wheelchairs are permitted in this event due to the congestion of the route and the nature of the route elevations.

    feedbaCkyour feedback is important to us - after the race please send feedback to [email protected]

  • 6PrIze MoneyPriZe giviNgPrize giving for the top three winners in the individual Open category of the llM Marathon will take place on the stage at the levy Junction car Park finish at: 08h30: Marathon

    in the event of rain, the prize giving will be held in the levy Junction Mall.Prize money and Medals refer to table. the same prize money for men and women.

    Prize money will only be issued once doping results have been received.athletes will only be eligible for the national prizes if they possess a valid ZaM Passport.

    addItIonaL PrIzes:- Only applicable for ZaM nationals.

    TeaMSteams are considered 3 people of the same gender. and if all 3 athletes finish the race, before the cut-off time, they could be considered for team prizes. teams need to be registered before the start of the race and it is incumbent on all clubs to notify the race organisers in writing. team prizes are based on the total combined times of the team members. .

    reCord iNCeNTiveSrecord incentives us$1.500,00 the same prize money for men and women:

    if the best Zambian men breaks the course record (2:14:00) and if the best Zambian woman breaks the womans course record (3:11:00) they will be in line for this prize.

    Performance bonusM < 2:10:00 hrs us$7.500,00.W < 2:28:00 hrs us$7.500,00. reSULTSOnce all results have been verified, official winners will be contacted by the organising team with further instructions to facilitate the payment of any prize monies.

    PoS ZMk


    1. 10.000

    2. 6.500

    3. 4.500

    Half- Marathon

    1. 7.000

    2. 5.000

    3. 3.000


    1. 5.000

    2. 3.500

    3. 2.000

  • 7MedaLsMedals will be awarded to all finishers within the cut-off time.

    MedaL CUT-oFF TiMe Per groUP

    Gold 1st 5 men & woman

    silver sub 4:00 hours

    Bronze sub 5:00 hours

    Finisher sub 6:00 hours

    Blue sub 7:00 hours (cut-off)

    t-shIrtall entrants receive a limited edition running t-shirt that will be received with your race pack. Please ensure you indicate your cOrrEct size on the entry form as nO EXcHanGEs will be allowed afterwards. Mens/Unisex 42.195km T-shirt Womens 42.195km T-shirt

    MeNS T-SHirT SiZiNg WoMeNS T-SHirT SiZiNg

    siZE cHEst circuMFErEncE Back lEnGtH siZE cHEst circuMFEr-EncE Back lEnGtH

    small 104.5 cm 71 cm small 88.5 cm 63.5 cm

    Medium 112.5 cm 74 cm Medium 96.5 cm 65.5 cm

    large 120.5 cm 76 cm large 104.5 cm 68.5 cm

    X-large 128.5 cm 79 cm X-large 114.5 cm 71.5 cm

    XX-large 136.5 cm 82 cm 2X-large 126.5 cm 74.5 cm

    rUNNiNg gearall athletes must wear running gear. no identification of sponsors of individual athletes may appear on advertising inside the competition area. advertising tattoos or any advertising marks on any part of the body is illegal. age category tags must be clearly visible on the front of the running vest. the race can be entered online via the website: or manually at Zaaa Offices, 46 church road, lusaka during office hours. (Mo-Fr 9:00-17:00). runners who have internet access are encouraged to enter online from 1 February 2016 onwards.

  • 8regIstratIonrunners do not need to qualify before entering the race. Even though it is a prerequisite for participation, information can be supplied at a later stage. runners with five or more official timing marathons can use the previous years race for their seeding.

    entry fee:





    Half-marathon and 10km



    group discount - 5 runners and more 200ZMk, Walk 175ZMK for Family

    Your entry fee includes your RaceResult Bib fees The Group discount rate applies at the point of registration. Please ensure you

    choose the correct option online. PLEASE NOTE: Runners enter at their own risk. Entry fees are not refundable

    whatsoever - even if runners do not meet the criteria for participation (qualifying and/or club membership).

    Note that entries will close as soon as 3000 entries have been received, even if this is before the closing date. nO latE EntriEs.

    Registration closes on Tuesday, 26 April 2016.

  • 9raCe nuMber CoLLeCtIonRunners participate at their own risk. The organisers and the sponsors cannot be held responsible for any damage, injuries, illness or losses incurred whatsoever - whether before, during or after the race

    nuMber PICkuP InforMatIonit is compulsory to collect your race numbers and related items before the race. Please bring a confirmation printout, your id and raceresult Bib (if you pre-own one) to collect your race registration pack prior to the event at the Zaaa office, 46 church road during the following hours:

    Mon 25 april 2016 10:00 19:00

    tue 26 april 2016 10:00 19:00

    Wed 27 april 2016 10:00 19:00

    thu 28 april 2016 09:00 12:00

    nuMber CoLLeCtIon on your behaLfin the event of someone else being authorised to collect your race numbers and race registration pack on your behalf, please give that person your entry confirmation printout page plus a letter signed by you in which you give him/her permission to fetch your race pack, etc. on your behalf. the letter must include both individuals id numbers and the person doing the collecting is required to bring his/her physical id book with to pre-race registration for verification purposes.

    No SUiTaBLe ProoF oF id: No raCe PaCk, No eXCePTioNS

    raCe PaCksat collection runners will receive their race packs including race number(s), and t-shirt. runners who ordered a raceresult BiB will also receive these at collections. runners may not claim their registration packs, raceresult bibs, race number and t-shirts after collection has closes on thursday 28 april.

    runners who do not collect their raceresult bibs before cutt-off will not be refunded, nor will the timing bibs be forwarded to them.

    raCe nuMbersrunners will receive OnE race number. these must be worn without alteration on the FrOnt of the upper body garment. no race numbers are to be pinned on running shorts.

    MIsuse of raCe nuMbersrunners May nOt transFEr their race numbers and/or raceresult Bib to other runners. any runner who is found guilty of breaking this rule will be banned from the race for 1 year in addition to them being disqualified from the current year.

    Entry changes, substitutions and upgrades may be allowed. Visit online for full details.

  • 10

    your raCe tIMIngthe llM Marathon, are timed by raceresult - the largest electronic sports timing company in Europe.

    Why do I need a raCeresuLt bIb?It provides you with exact and reliable race times; it also has your personal details available in case of an emergency.all runners are required to wear a raceresult timing bib during the race. the bib must be registered in your name and not belong to someone else. runners must purchase a BiB. your raceresult bib, together with your race number, plays an important part on race day.

    On race day, your raceresult BiB tracks you on the route and records your race time. runners who lose their timing bib after entering or have left them at home on race day, will be able to buy a new timing bib at the race.

    remember: nO tiMinG BiB, nO rEsult. nO EXcEPtiOns. the raceresult bib becomes your property upon purchase and collection and can be used for all raceresult-timed events in ZaM. Please ensure that you keep your timing bib in a safe place after the race in order to avoid having to buy a new bib.

    hoW to Wear your raCeresuLt bIb?runners basically have one option when it comes to wearing their raceresult Bib: pinned to the FrOnt of the shirt. Please do not attempt to wear your bib in any other way, as this will affect your timing.

    fInIsh LInethe finish line must be crossed to officially finish the race. at this point you will be timed by crossing the timing mat.

    seedIngrunners qualifying times since 1 Jan in the year prior to the event, are used to seed them: faster runners in the front and slower runners at the back.

    seedIng grouPsseeding will be according to the table below:

    group 42.2 km 50 km 56 km 80 km 89 km 100 km

    a sub 3:00 sub 3:35 sub 4:15 sub 6:35 sub 8:20 sub 9:30

    B sub 3:30 sub 4:15 sub 4:45 sub 7:10 sub 9:00 sub 10:20

    c sub 4:00 sub 4:30 sub 5:15 sub 7:40 sub 9:30 sub 10:55Blue & yellow numbers

    d sub 4:15 sub 5:00 sub 5:30 sub 8:30 sub 10:50 sub 11:10

    E rest of the field sub 6:00 sub 6:30 sub 7:00 sub 10:30 sub 12:00 sub 13:30

    Marathon tIMIng (raceresult bib)

  • 11

    LLM fun run/WaLk:

    Those not doing the marathon can enter the LLM Fun Walk. This is a 5km easy course. These take place on 30 April 2016 at the Levi Junction commencing from 6:45 in the morning.

    Participants can enter the 8min Kids run (for kids 10 years and younger.)

    There are plenty of lucky draw prizes up for grabs, as well as fun and games for the children on the parking of Levy Junction Mall.

    other thIngs that May Intrest you

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    ph +260 211 250153

    Lafarge Lusaka Marathon 2016

    The Worlds

    FriendliesT MaraThon