Ladakh banner

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By Mariyah Hoosenally

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  • 1. By Mariyah Hoosenally

2. I changed the pixels to 200px-500px, as this size is suitable for websitesand banners. 3. I made a rectangle shape around the banner. I then went to the color tab onthe right hand panel- there, I selected three colors and dragged them into thegradient bar on the right hand panel. 4. I then added a stroke- a border- on the edge of the banner. I selected thestroke button on the end, and added the dark purple color to it. I made theuniform thickness of the stroke thicker 5. I then inserted text using the typing tool: I changed the font to Myriad Web Pro,as I thought this was suitable for the banner. I then changed the color in the color panelto a gold yellow color. 6. I then inserted the image my client wanted. In order to blend it in, I feathered the edges. To do this, I went to effect- Stylize- Feather- And adjusted theradius to 9 pixels.