L6 Mock Exams Information for Students May 2021

L6 Mock Exams Information for Students May 2021

Transcript of L6 Mock Exams Information for Students May 2021

L6 Mock Exams Information for

StudentsMay 2021

Mock Exams

Mock Exams should be seen as good practice and are an important part of your preparation towards final Exams in Summer2022

They will be conducted under the same conditionsas external ‘A’ level exams so you know what to expect in 2022

Exam InformationTIMETABLES

Can be viewed on My Aquinas

Exam Information

Where two or more exams are scheduled at the same time

Clashes have been resolved and arrangements will have been made for you to sit one at a differenttime, the new time will be shown on your timetable. Special instructions such as supervised sessions are also shown on your timetable

If you have an appointment which clashes with an exam eg driving test, university interview you should contact the Exam Office for this to be re-arranged


You will be refused entry to an Exam roomif you do not have your Student IDCard, this should be taken out of the holderand placed on your exam desk face up

Candidate No

Exam Days


To ensure your safety it is extremely important that you adhere to the following instructions, you should;

• aim to be outside the Sports Hall for 8.30am in the morning or 1.00pm in the afternoon (8.45am and 1.15pm for smaller rooms)

• form an orderly queue outside the room, respecting social distancing and follow instructions given by staff and invigilators

• wear a face mask at all times, you will be told when you can remove it inside the exam room, you will be able to keep it on if you wish to

• leave belongings and equipment not required for the exam in the designated area as instructed by staff or invigilators

• make sure you take all the equipment you need into the exam room

• sanitise your hands when entering and leaving the room

• when finding your seat avoid touching desks or chairs in the room

• only leave the exam room when instructed by the invigilator

Exam DaysWhen you arrive you need to go to the rear of the sports hall. Go around the right hand side of the sports hall to the overspill car park through the gates below.

You will then be called in to the sports hall through the

rear doors.

You should leave your belongings in the secure store

room before entering the hall

Exam Days

Exam Days


Late – Don’t Panic!

Report to the Invigilator in your exam room, they willhelp

ILL or have suffered an injury!

inform College IMMEDIATELY, special arrangements may need to be made to help you sit the exam eg Scribe


It is your responsibility to arrive with the correct equipment

due to covid restrictions it may not be possible to loan out equipment in the exam room

without it you may be disadvantaged!


2 Black Pens

Any Mathematical or Specialist Equipment


Exam Days


Not allowed in the exam room…….


“MOBILE PHONES, Smart Watches, iPods, MP3/4 players orpotential technological /web enabled sources of information”

Gel Pens

Tippex fluid, pens or tape

Notes (books or papers)

calculator lids & instructions

glasses cases


Drink bottles with labels


Courteous behaviour and SILENCE is expected at all times

DON’T enter an exam room without permission from a member of staff or an invigilator

DON’T communicate with any other student – ask an invigilator for


DON’T leave the room until dismissed by an invigilator

Leave the room quietly – there may be students still working

Exam DaysWhat else to remember….?

Follow all instructions given by staff and invigilators

Use your time wisely during the exam

If you finish early check your work

Stop writing when you are told to do so

Don’t disturb others


Remember that careful preparation and revision are the

key to success