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  • Viscount Rotational Mouldings Pty Ltd (VRM) has been providing product solutions to the market for over 25 years. VRM forms part of the Viscount Plastics network with operations over Australasia specialising in rotational and injection moulding processes. VRM itself has manufacturing facilities located in Carrum Downs (Vic).

    We are pleased to present this catalogue highlighting our extensive range of infrastructure products and components. In addition we also service the needs of customers with specific requirements utilising our inhouse design and development department. Should you have a special requirement please contact our customer service department.

    Viscount Rotational Mouldings P/L 81 Frankston Gardens Drive Carrum Downs, Victoria, 3201 Australia

    Tel: (03) 8770 3200 Fax: (03) 8770 3204

    Sales Enquires: 1300 366 685 Email: [email protected] Web: www.viscountroto.com.au ABN: 19067462337


    VRM provides the complete solution with a range of pits, gaskets and lids.

    “VRM - InnoVatIon foR toMoRRow”

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    Road Products

    Rail Products

    Telecommunication Products

    Telecommunication Products

    Electrical Products

    Gas Products

    Water Products

    Custom Moulding Lid Classification Installation Instructions

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  • [01]

    UG2006 - P6 Pit UG2007 - P7 Pit UG2008 - P8 Pit UG2900 - P9 Pit

    UG2005 - P5 PitUG2001 - P1 Pit UG2002 - P2 Pit UG2003 - P3 Pit UG2004 - P4 Pit

    Viscount offer a comprehensive range of polymer pits designed for use in a range of cabling and telecommunications applications. Viscount pits provide a unique side wall design that offers the necessary structural integrity to withstand the loads applied by the compaction of the surrounding soil while still supporting the vertical loads required in general use. The pits come in a range of standard sizes and are made from black UV stabilised polyethylene. The built-in cutting guides on all the pits ensure fast transformations of the pit height when installers require a reduction in the depth of the pit or for general installment. Viscount pits have been designed, developed and approved in conjunction with the major Australian Authorities in Telecommunications and Energy supply.

    Telecommunication Products

    Code Product A A1 B B1 B2 C C1 C2

    UG2001 P1 Pit 520 475 230 190 153 408 364 143

    UG2002 P2 Pit 655 610 287 250 201 565 509 205

    UG2003 P3 Pit 780 735 350 295 234 625 575 250

    UG2004 P4 Pit 710 650 400 350 283 830 752 340

    UG2005 P5 Pit 710 650 455 400 330 635 581 230

    UG2006 P6 Pit 1375 1310 615 502 440 685 630 280

    UG2007 P7 Pit 1020 960 550 500 420 1110 1051 500

    UG2008 P8 Pit 1375 1310 631 502 440 900 839 425

    UG2900 P9 Pit 2100 1980 610 500 450 920 850 415

    All measurements in millimetres

  • Code Product A A1 B B1 B2 C C1 C2

    VP0151 P1 Injection Pit 505 475 225 198 155 404 364 164

    VP0152 P2 Injection Pit 657 607 286 249 180 574 528 254

    VP0153 P3 Injection Pit 771 734 351 302 243 634 584 314

    VP0154 P4 Injection Pit 712 652 387 346 281 824 774 374

    VP0155 P5 Injection Split Pit 713 653 453 400 332 630 585 230

    VP0158 P5 Injection Pit 710 650 455 400 323 635 570 220


    UG2005 - P5 Pit


    C C1


    B B1A1


    Telecommunication Products Viscount also have a range of injection moulded polymer pits. From the P1 pit to the new P5 pit, Viscount continue to develop products to suit the changing needs of the infrastructure market. This range of products offers strength, low weight, rigidity with transport and storage efficiencies that is hard to beat. The innovative P5 – 3 piece pit has the option to be disassembled for fast reinstatement applications. Made in 3 sections the pit can be broken down into its basic elements by simply unclipping the tabs. The new single piece P5 pit offers the highest standard in pit design encompassing strength, low weight, nestability and efficient production techniques resulting in a superior, cost effective product. All Viscount products are manufactured in accordance with AS/NZ ISO 9001 Australian Standards.

    Split ViewVP0153 - P3 Pit (Injection) VP0154 - P4 Pit (Injection)

    VP0158 - P5 Pit (Injection)

    VP0155 - P5 Split Pit (Injection)

    VP0151 - P1 Pit (Injection) VP0152 - P2 Pit (Injection)

    All measurements in millimetres

    All measurements in millimetres

  • [03]

    Code Product A A1 B B1 B2 C C1

    UG2016 P4 Collar 710 650 410 350 285 234 150

    UG2010 P5 Collar 715 650 455 400 330 230 150

    UG2011 P6 Collar 1380 1314 545 502 435 280 210

    UG2017 LP7 Collar 1015 960 560 500 418 280 200

    Code Product A B C C1

    UG2200 P4 Lockable Lid 655 355 90 50

    UG2300 P5 Lockable Lid 650 397 90 50

    UG2350 P6 Lockable Lid 650 495 115 50

    UG2016 - P4 Collar UG2011 - P6 & P8 CollarUG2010 - P5 Collar UG2017 - P7 Collar

    UG2300 - P5 Lockable LidUG2200 - P4 Lockable Lid





    UG2350 P6 Lockable Lid to suit P6, P8 & P9 Pit (P6 Lockable Lid x 2 Req)

    Telecommunication Products

    All measurements in millimetres

    All measurements in millimetres



    C C1


    B1 B

    Have your lids branded to display your company logo or end application. Please contact our sales office for more information.

    Viscount Rotational Moulding’s Pty Ltd range of extension collars provide for installations that require an increase in the depth of the pit connections. These collars are quick and easy to install by attaching the collar to the appropriate pit by means of stainless steel screws. A maximum of two collars per pit can be used. Viscount has a range of moulded lockable lids. These have an anti slip surface and have been independently tested by Nata Approved Laboratories to AS/NZS 3661.1. Our locking mechanism (as shown below) offers cost effective security. All locking lids are supplied with plastic keys and protection plugs. The rotomoulded lockable lids are certified to Class A; footways and areas accessible only to pedestrians and pedal cyclists. Viscount’s collars and lids are moulded in black, UV stabilized, high density polyethylene to handle the toughest Australian conditions.

  • [04]

    Gasket: UG3002 to suit P2 Pit UG3003 to suit P3 Pit UG3004 to suit P4 Pit UG3005 to suit P5 Pit UG3006 to suit P6, P8 & P9 Pit

    21MC25CI - Crossarm Bar For P6, P8 & P9 Pits

    21BU0012 Plug 20FA0013 - Key to suit: P4 to P6 Lids

    21MC26CI P7 Pit Crossarm Bar

    UG2014 - Reinstatement kit Locking mechanism for P4-P6 Lid range

    UG2350 P6 Lockable Lid to suit P6, P8 & P9 Pit (P6 Lockable Lid x 2 Req)

    Telecommunication Products To further enhance Viscount’s range of Infrastructure Products we now have included gaskets and cross bars. The new range of Viscount gaskets ensures security of the pit from foreign objects entering the pit cavity. The gaskets fit neatly below the lid and are available in 5 common sizes. The Viscount gaskets are made from black fluted polypropylene sheet. The VRM cross bars are designed to fit the larger pits that require more than one lid. The crossbars come in two types of cast iron for the P6, P8 and P9 pit and the fabricated steel bar for the smaller P7 pit.

    Viscount - the one stop shop for all your Infrastructure needs!

    All measurements in millimetres

    All measurements in millimetres

    Please Note: Two gaskets are required for P6 and P8 Pits. Three gaskets are required for P9 Pits.

    Crossarm Bar and Gaskets

  • Viscount Rotational Mouldings Pty Ltd have been supplying the electrical services industry with mouldings for above and below ground applications for over 18 years. The extensive range includes the smaller P1 to P4 pits, round service pits including lids, above ground flame retardant pillars and bases, cable entry ducts and cable guards. The security, corrosion resistance and strength of these robust mouldings ensure the service life expected from the power industry.

    Electrical Products


    UG2022 - Service Pit - 3 Holes UG2023 - Service Pit

    Code Product A A1 B B1

    UG2022 Service Pit - 3 Holes 435 392 620 90

    UG2023 Service Pit 435 392 620 90 All measurements in millimetres

    B A A1

    Code Product A C C1

    UG2036 Snap Lock Lid 390 85 62

    UG2026 Lid 390 85 62

    UG2036 - Snap Lock Lid





    All measurements in millimetres


    UG2026 - Lid

  • [06]

    Code Product A A1 B B1 C C1

    UG2029 UGDIC65 Pillar 380 340 365 270 660 630

    UG2028 URDIB65 Base 530 - 410 - 365 -

    UG2020 LV Service Pillar 384 330 360 260 460 436

    UG2028 - URDIB65 BaseUG2029 - URDIC65 Pillar

    Electrical Products

    UG2020 - LV Service Pillar