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To succeed in real estate, youve got to stay on the cutting edge. And in todays market, that means using the Internet and other technologies to maximize your productivity. This is an overview of the technology resources available to all Keller Williams Realty associates.



2. Ta b l e o f C o n t e ntsKW.com1 AgentWebsites2 KellerWilliamsListingSystem(KWLS) 3 OnlineGreensheet 4 KWTopProducer8i 5 ReferralDirectory(WhitePages)7 TechnologyTraining 8 3. I N N OVATION WITH PURPOSE. T E C H N OLOGY WITH AN EDGE. To s u c c e ed in real estate , youve got to s t ay o n t he cutting edge . And in todays m a r ke t , t hat means using the Inter net a n d o t h e r technologies to maximize yo u r p r o ductivity.e A g e n t C , Keller Williams Realtys ow n t e c hnology group, empower s you w i t h p r o fit-boosting technology tools. M Y L I S TINGS, MY LEADS Yo u w o r k hard to get your l i s t i n g s , s o in our book, y o u d e s e r ve ever y lead that c o m e s f r om them. Weve built o u r t e c h n ology solutions around t h i s p h i l o sophy. Ever ytime you s e e t h i s i con you will know that t h i s t o o l i s built to send any l e a d g e n e rated from your listings r ight back w h e r e i t belongs to you. 4. eAgentC |KW.comG e nerate more leads than ever before is the international lead generation network for Keller Williams Realty associates.What does mean to you? With more than 80,000 hits per day, generates a wealth of buyer and seller leads for you. The goal of is to get a potential client in touch with a Keller Williams agent as soon as possible.And as always, any lead generated from a Keller Williams Realty listing including those that come from will be routed back to the listing agent.Heres how it works: 1. A visitor goes to and searches for properties orrequests a market analysis of their home. routes thevisitor to a local market centers eAgentC Website. 2. The visitor searches all area MLS properties, and when thevisitor inquires on your listing, the lead is emailed directly to you!If the visitor inquires on a non-KW listing, he or she will be routed to a KW associate based on your market centers lead routing policies.* Subject to availability in your area. 1 5. eAgentC |AgentWebsitesPo s i t i o n your self as the premier exper tfo r f i n d i ng real estate in your community.eAgentCs best-in-class Websites allow you to create your own personalized Internet presence. Simple to set-up and easy to customize, our agent Websites are built with IDX capabilities to help you capture strong Internet leads.What does IDX mean to you? International Data Exchange, or IDX, allows you to display all area listings on your personal Website, making you the information resource for potential clients looking to buy or sell a home. This allows you to give your clients your personal Website address to search all available listings in your area, with only your contact information listed.Features: eAgentC IDX Solutions powered by WolfNet Technologies. Dont be the last one to get all your area listings up on your Website property search. Add it today!* eAgentC Blogs powered by Top Producer. You can now create and update your own personal real estate blog, further positioning you as your local real estate expert, and optimizing your search ability online. Add local market information directly on your personal Website with TruliaStats, another great way to increase your visibility online! Send leads directly from from your Website to Top Producer.* Subject to availability in your area. 2 6. eAgentC |KWLSO p timize your listings online .The Keller Williams Listing System, or KWLS, allows you to market your listings online when you want, where you want.What does the KWLS mean to you? By entering your listings into the KWLS, your properties receive free international exposure on the Web through, market center Websites, your eAgentC agent Website, and all our listing partners. Your listings will always appear with a link back to your eAgentC Website, meaning only you will get the leads from your listings. The KWLS also feeds, the member Website for Luxury Homes by Keller Williams.Tip: The more details you provide, the more your listings stand out online to consumers.Features: New Partner Sites Be sure to add the marketing benefits of the KWLS to your listing presentation. Potential seller clients should know about the extra exposure their listing will get by working with you, including placement on national real estate search engines Google, Trulia, AOL, Cyberhomes and more. Single Point of EntryThrough a relationship with, listings you enter into theMLS can now be fed into the KWLS and out to our listing partnerWebsites, automatically!* * Subject to availability in your area. 3 7. eAgentC |Greensheet C l o s e y our transactions faster.The Online Greensheet is the Web-based financial documentation for all of your transactions.What does the Greensheet mean to you? Because the Greensheet is online, it can be easily accessed, updated, and then immediately viewed and approved by your Market Center Administrator (MCA). The online Greensheet streamlines the process for disbursement authorizations (DAs), saving time, ensuring accuracy and getting your money to you FASTER!Features: When you enter a listing into the KWLS, the listing information will auto populate parts of the online Greensheet, saving you time. You can view the status of your Greensheet online, letting you know when it is approved. Two agents in the same market center can share one Greensheet, keeping all transaction data in one place. If there are questions on your Greensheet, your MCA can send it back to you with notes on changes that need to be made. 4 8. eAgentC | KW Top Producer 8iP ut an end to your mar keting madness .Designed to help you execute the lead generation principles outlined in The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, the Keller Williams edition of Top Producer contact management integrated with Keller Williams technology includes a marketing library of more than 400 pieces and Keller Williams University training to help you put it all together.What does the Keller Williams edition of Top Producer mean to you? Dont let anothe rlead go cold! The Keller Williams edition of Top Producer gives you the tools to cultivate and convert leads through powerful contact management system and automated 12 Direct, 8x8 and 33 Touch marketing campaigns. Turn your MREA intentions into actions today. 5 9. Features: Your First Home action plans. A full year of Internet lead follow-up action plans for buyers and sellers. LivePost turn-key professional printing and mailing fulfillment. Top Producer 8i Market Center Edition, customized for team leaders with recruiting action plans and marketing materials. Top Producer data integrated with the KWLS and online Greensheet to save you time by eliminating duplicate listing data and photo entry. SHIFT marketing materials for move-up buyers, mets, renters, investors, FSBOs and potential sellers.6 10. eAgentC | White PagesG et your name in front of 70,000+a gents for free! You can create your own profile in the exclusive KW White Pages Referral Directory. By adding your professional designations, service areas and specialties, your fellow KW agents can find you when they need to make a referral.What do the White Pages do for you? Increase your agent-to-agent referrals by getting your name, bio and contact information in front of the entire Keller Williams Realty network for free. 7 11. eAgentC | Training Yo u r o nline technology training center. KWConnect brings you training on eAgentCs tools to help you get the most out of your technology.Start watching and learning today include: My Listings, My Leads Your Business Is Your Database ProManage Market Center Edition of Top Producer 7i The Forecast Model Agent Websites KWLS and online Greensheet eAgentC Upload Learning to Leverage eAgentC Tools And many more!8 12. Go to to get started using your Keller Williams technology tools.ASK US ANYTIME. You can visit us online at email us at 2009 Keller Williams Realty, Inc. All rights reserved.