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    Kumon Publishing North America Fall 2016 Catalog2


    Frontlist 3Kindergarten Thinking Skills Workbooks 3

    Words for School Workbooks: Levels 3 and 4 3

    Featured Backlist 4Basic Skills Workbooks 4

    Math Skills Workbooks 5

    Verbal Skills Workbooks 6

    Writing Workbooks 6

    Calculation Workbooks 7

    Word Problems Workbooks 7

    Step-by-Step Stickers 8

    Are You Ready for Kindergarten? Workbooks 8

    First Steps Workbooks 8

    Grow to Know Workbooks 9

    Write & Wipe Flashcards 9

    Displays 9Complete Title List 10

    We are an innovative publisher of workbooks and other educational products designed to teach children math, verbal, and early learning skills. Our goal is to foster a love of learning in children around the world.

    Our books and learning aids:

    teach basic skills and concepts facilitate learning without frustration nurture good study habits and concentration motivate children to learn on their own

    We have more than two decades of experience in creating high-quality products that are fun and educational.

    Why Choose Kumon Workbooks?The Kumon Method is what makes our workbooks so unique and effective. Our proven learning system was developed to help each child reach his or her full potential. Concepts are introduced in an intuitive and step-by-step manner that allows children to master each skill in turn without getting frustrated. Before long, children gain confidence in their abilities, which motivates them to learn independently. We believe in creating the best possible products for children. Our workbooks never compromise on content or quality.

    What Is Kumon?Kumon [koo-mon] began over sixty years ago with a father and son in Japan. High-school teacher Toru Kumon created the Kumon Method to help his son, Takeshi, improve in

    math. Today, Toru Kumons step-by-step, individualized approach to


    r. To

    ru K


    , Fou

    nder of Kumon

    math and reading has grown to become the worlds largest supplemental education program, with learning centers in 49 countries and a student population of over 4 million.

    Who Is Kumon Publishing?


    3www.kumonbooks.com books@kumon.com

    Our Thinking Skills series also includes workbooks for Pre-K.See page 10 for details.

    Words for School: Level 4978-1-941082-56-0

    Words for School Workbooks: Levels 3 & 4VITAL VOCABuLARy FOR ALL SChOOL SuBjECTS Give your early elementary schooler a boost in all school subjects with Levels 3 and 4 of Words for School, the newest series in our Verbal Skills line. Each Words for School Workbook teaches your child to read and write essential vocabulary for math, science, social studies, and language arts, enhancing your childs reading and writing fluency and building confidence.

    8 1 4 11 2 3 inches paperback 80 pages full color uS $7.95 / C $8.95 Available October 2016

    Words for School: Level 3 978-1-941082-55-3

    Spatial Reasoning 978-1-941082-51-5


    Same and Different 978-1-941082-53-9


    Levels 1 and 2 are also available.

    See page 10

    for details.

    Kindergarten Thinking Skills WorkbooksCRITICAL ThINKINg SKILLS FOR SChOOL AND BEyONDOur innovative Thinking Skills series now includes four titles for kindergarteners! Each workbook in this series strengthens thinking skills that are crucial for your childs success in school and in life. With our effective step-by-step method and colorful, engaging activities, your child will enjoy each page as he or she builds essential skills.

    8 1 4 11 2 3 inches paperback 80 pages full color uS $7.95 / C $8.95 Available August 2016



  • My Book of Easy Crafts 978-1-933241-03-6

    My Book of Mazes: Animals 978-1-933241-25-8

    My Book of Mazes: Things that Go! 978-1-933241-31-9

    My Book of Mazes: Around the World 978-1-933241-40-1

    Kumon Publishing North America Fall 2016 Catalog4

    Amazing Mazes 978-4-7743-0710-7

    My First Book of Cutting 978-4-7743-0708-4

    My First Book of Mazes 978-4-7743-0709-1

    My First Book of Drawing 978-1-934968-02-4

    My Book of Pasting 978-1-933241-02-9

    My Book of Amazing Tracing978-1-935800-43-9

    My Book of Easy Mazes 978-1-933241-24-1

    My Book of Coloring 978-1-933241-28-9

    My Book of Coloring: At the Zoo 978-1-933241-39-5

    My First Book of Tracing 978-4-7743-0707-7


    Basic Skills WorkbooksLEARNINg ThAT gOES BEyOND ThE BASICSKumon Basic Skills Workbooks ensure that children master pencil-control skills with ease so that they love learning independently. Everything in our Basic Skills Workbooksfrom the sturdy paper to the engaging contentis designed with the best interests of your child in mind.

    8 1 4 11 2 3 inches paperback 80 pages full color uS $7.95 / C $8.95

  • 5www.kumonbooks.com books@kumon.com

    My First Book of Money: Counting Coins


    Easy Telling Time: Hours & Half-Hours 978-1-933241-26-5

    Telling Time: Learning About Minutes


    My Book of Subtraction


    My Book of Simple Multiplication978-1-933241-41-8

    My Book of Multiplication978-1-934968-10-9

    Measurement: Length 978-1-935800-68-2

    Measurement: Weight978-1-935800-67-5

    Measurement: Volume978-1-935800-69-9

    Math Skills WorkbooksDISCOVER A LOVE OF MAThKumon Math Skills Workbooks are unique because they focus on teaching one specific skill from start to finish. With just the right amount of practice, children master each topic and gain confidence without becoming bored or frustrated.

    8 1 4 11 2 3 inches paperback 80 pages full color uS $7.95 / C $8.95

    Number Games 1150978-4-7743-0760-2

    My Book of Simple Addition 978-1-933241-00-5

    My Book of Addition 978-1-933241-01-2

    Number Games 170 978-4-7743-0759-6

    My Book of Simple Subtraction 978-1-933241-06-7

    My Book of Money: Dollars & Cents


    My Book of Numbers 1120978-4-7743-0704-6

    My Book of Numbers 130 978-4-7743-0703-9


  • Kumon Publishing North America Fall 2016 Catalog6


    Uppercase Letters 978-4-7743-0705-3

    Lowercase Letters978-4-7743-0706-0

    Alphabet Games 978-1-933241-36-4

    Rhyming Words978-4-7743-0761-9

    Verbal Skills WorkbooksFALL IN LOVE WITh LANguAgE, ONE SKILL AT A TIMEIntroduce your child to reading and writing with our Verbal Skills Workbooks. Through fun activities such as tracing and color-by-letter, our workbooks gradually introduce new concepts. The eye-catching illustrations and captivating content reinforce lessons and help children stay motivated, encouraging them to be lifelong readers and writers.

    8 1 4 11 2 3 inches paperback 80 pages full color uS $7.95 / C $8.95

    Rhyming Words & Phrases


    Rhyming Words: Long Vowels


    My Book of Writing Words


    Simple Sentences978-1-933241-05-0

    My Book of Sentences978-1-933241-38-8

    Cursive Writing: Letters978-1-935800-18-7

    Cursive Writing: Words978-1-935800-19-4

    Writing WorkbooksWRITINg ThEIR WAy TO A BRIghTER FuTuREFrom fairy tales to five-paragraph essays, Kumon Writing Workbooks offer a complete program to improve the development and organization of ideas and expand vocabulary. Our fun and innovative exercises inspire creativity and the desire to write.

    8 1 2 11 inches paperback 80 pages full color uS $7.95 / C $8.95

    See for details on our Reading Workbook series for

    grades 1 through 6.


    Grade 6 Writing978-1-935800-62-0

    Grade 5 Writing978-1-935800-61-3

    Grade 4 Writing978-1-935800-60-6

    Grade 3 Writing978-1-935800-59-0

    Grade 2 Writing978-1-935800-58-3

    Grade 1 Writing978-1-935800-57-6

  • 7www.kumonbooks.com books@kumon.com


    Calculation Math WorkbooksWATCh MATh SKILLS MuLTIPLyOur Calculation Workbooks follow the Kumon Method, a proven learning system that helps children succeed and excel in math. Kumon Workbooks gradually introduce new topics in a logical progression and always include plenty of practice. As a result, children master one skill at a time and move forward without anxiety or frustration. Our Calculation Workbooks overlap with the Common Core State Standards. 8 1 2 11 inches paperback 96 pages full color uS $7.95 / C $8.95

    Grade 6 Word Problems 978-1-934968-63-5

    Grade 5 Word Problems 978-1-934968-38-3

    Grade 4 Word Problems 978-1-934968-39-0

    Grade 3 Word Problems 978-1-934968-62-8

    Grade 2 Word Problems 978-1-934968-40-6

    Word ProblemsMATh SKILLS FOR SChOOL AND BEyONDKumons Word Problems Workbooks develop the skills necessary for childrens success using math inside and outside the classroom. Our unique step-by-step progression introduces children to a wide variety of word problems that inspire critical thinking.

    8 1 2 11 inches paperback 80 pages full color uS $7.95 / C $8.95

    Grade 1 Word Problems 978-1-934968-41-3

    Grade 6 Fractions 978-1-933241-60-9

    Gr. 5 Decimals & Fractions 978-1-933241-59-3

    Gr. 4 D