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Push your boundaries...

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A 24 page colour brochure promoting the benefits of using Konica Minolta for all of your state of the art printing needs. We can meet all of your hardware, service and parts requirements with our legendary on and off site extraordinary customer support.

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Push your boundaries...

At Konica Minolta we know that running your business takes more than choosing class-leading hardware. You need support from people who can respond to your needs, and establish relationships that last.Thats why we aim to give you more than innovative technology. We look for value innovation and technical excellence so we can deliver tangible value-add benefits to your business. Our focus is listening to your needs, so we can provide you with the advice and tailored solutions that will best help you achieve your objectives. Working with you to grow your business.

...for a new business generation.

Look at the way you do business...

...with advanced technology that suits your every business requirement.Innovative technology is the basis of every Konica Minolta solution.Our bizhub PRO range is robust, reliable, and high capacity. Powered by patented technology, it allows you to position your digital press in the centre of your digital operation or as a fully capable support press in a larger offset environment. Focusing on consistently high image quality, our bizhub PRO technologies deliver benefits derived from our long history of innovation, including airassist paper handling, Image Tag bit technology, and Simitri High Definition polymerised toner; all designed to enhance the depth, detail and consistency of images, colours and text characters. At the heart of our latest digital presses is cutting edge SEAD (Screen Enhancing Active Digital) image processing. This state of the art technology manages the optics, developing unit and other processes to optimise every image characteristic and element for stunning digital reproductions every time; so you can get on with running your business, not your digital press. Streamline with our innovation.

Explore all the possibilities...

...to revolutionise your approach and a better working future together.We believe the perfect complement to innovative technology is good old-fashioned customer service.Our partnerships start with our people. Their expertise is based on insights, knowledge and experience, so you will have an adviser who can assist you in identifying your opportunities. The result will be a digital press that meets your current needs and future expectations, so as your business grows we can continue to provide you with the support that will keep you ahead of your competitors. To ensure you are getting the most out of your new investment well also provide you with the ongoing education and training services you need for your continued success. We want to succeed with you.

Direct excellence into your business...

...with customised solutions that will drive your business.By tailoring our digital presses to your needs, we endeavor to create long-term solutions for your business.We know that every business and every print job is unique. Our commitment to your needs in the long-term ensures that we provide you with the right solution now, so you can lay the groundwork for your future. All bizhub PRO digital engines integrate with numerous inline finishing functions including post insertion, automated stapling, saddle stitching, punching, various folding solutions, and high-end options such as perfect binding. With so many possibilities, in no time your digital press will be performing more tasks than you could ever have imagined. Konica Minolta software solutions such as Printgroove web submission and workflow, MicroPress workflows, CREO & Fiery controllers are built specifically to compliment our bizhub PRO hardware, so we can provide you with a complete end-to-end solution to fit with your needs. Knowing exactly when extra ability presents new opportunities can be your best asset. Konica Minolta has the resources to help you analyse your workflow and help you maximise your potential. Solutions that promote excellence in your business.

Invest for the future...

...and watch your business develop into what you dreamed it would become.Business success comes through sustained and sustainable growth.Konica Minolta believes that the backbone of true success is the result of superior products and genuine service. Our commitment to innovative technology has given us a long history of global leadership in digital imaging. However, it is our commitment to being a knowledgeable business partner that adds real value to your business. Our approach is to openly share our knowledge and insights and to ensure you have access to the best technology, as soon as it is available.

Service & SupportPart of our commitment to a genuine business partnership is being there when you need us. Konica Minolta has offices in every major capital city, and a network of more than 90 authorised dealers throughout regional Australia.With service that is second to none, Konica Minolta has a Production Print dedicated service team of engineers that only support our production print clients. This ensures they understand your business priorities. The entire bizhub PRO range comes with standard 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday service and guaranteed response times to ensure you have maximum uptime. The Australian based Service Call Centre offers convenient single-point telephone access to some of our best technical minds in the business. Support technicians that are in the field carry all major parts, so in most cases they wont need to come back to finish a service and youll be back up and running faster. CS remote care is our proprietary alert system that monitors your asset remotely. This precautionary system knows when your digital press needs critical maintenance so we can prevent most issues before they interrupt your workflow. We aim to provide you with the support your customers expect from you.

Production Print ProgramWhen you purchase any bizhub PRO colour digital press you will automatically be enrolled into Konica Minoltas Production Print Program. This unique program entitles you to a credit of 0.5 cents for every colour page you print.Impressions 50,000 100,000 150,000 200,000 250,000 300,000 Reward per month $250 $500 $750 $1,000 $1,250 $1,500 Reward 36 months $9,000 $18,000 $27,000 $36,000 $45,000 $54,000 Reward 48 months $12,000 $24,000 $36,000 $48,000 $60,000 $72,000

This credit can be used as a cash discount on your next purchase from Konica Minolta, irrespective of whether its an upgrade to existing equipment or a new piece of hardware or software.

EducationKonica Minolta knows that the best way to help you get more from our technology is to tell you all we can about it first.Each bizhub PRO solution includes a fully customised product-training program, conducted by qualified customer education specialists, prior to installation. This training will be conducted in one of Konica Minoltas dedicated production print facilities in either Sydney or Melbourne. The training is tailored to suit your product configuration, business and customer needs, ensuring you receive the maximum benefit from your new production solution from day one. Any follow up training will be conducted on site to minimise time spent away from your business.

EnvironmentOur environment strategy is an integral part of our business strategy.We are committed to zero waste targets in manufacturing, extensive use of recycled and recyclable materials, reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, energy and water usage, and reduced use of hazardous chemicals. We hold the ISO14001 International Standard for the Environment accreditation, proudly support the Cartridges For Planet Ark program, and have won numerous international awards for sustainability. We have pursued our environmental goals through our long term application of innovative technology since we established our Environmental Control Department in 1972. We were the first company to develop synthetic toner and the ability to re-use toner. Even more, our bizhub and bizhub PRO range now uses less energy and toner than ever. We are committed to the development of environmentally responsible products.

We understand that running your business takes more than just class-leading hardware

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