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Know your Government By: Austin Pierce
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Know your government

Know your GovernmentBy: Austin PierceDwight EisenhowerDwight was a supreme leader in WW II.Known for preserving peace and prosperity.Had a very strong military background .Three personal facts:Served two termsHis first lady was Marie mamie Geneva Doud.Died March 28, 1969

14th amendment This amendment states the any person born in the U.S is a citizen in the U.S.Discuss both sides:The good. Government can deem you an immigrant and a foreigner and kick you out of the US, even if you have lived here for a long time.The badThe Mexican Immigrants use this as a advantage and have children born in the US to receive benefits and so they cant be deported (anchor babies).If this amendment happened to be overturned. If it were not, there would be a possibility of riots throughout the country. Racial profiling would be an issue as asking for prove of citizenship would be first a visual opinion. Ray PilonRay Pilon is a Republican.Committees :Sarasota County Republican Executive Committee.Local and Federal affairs committee.Judiciary committee.

He has been serving sense 2010. One of his major key issues is abortion. He is a very strong Republican Conservative.5 personal facts:Has two Grandchildren (Emerson and Caroline).Education at Northern Michigan University.Loves to fish, hunt, golf, and travel.Has two children (Sean and Chad).Was born January 11, 1975

Mike FasanoMike Fasano is a Republican.Committees he belongs to are:Budget subcommittee on criminal and civil justice Appropriations.Banking and InsuranceBudgetBudget subcommittee of transportation, tourism, and Economic Development Appropriations.Communications, energy, and public utilities.He served on the House of Reps. for 8 years.Wanted to help raise the standard of care and safety of residents in Florida's ALF.5 facts:Father was a meat cutter in Long Island.Joan (mother) was a English war bride.Was the Youngest of 5 children.His father was diagnosed with cancer when he was 12.Was born June 11, 1958.

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio is a Republican.He serves on the following committees:Committee on Commerce, science, and transportation.Committee on Foreign Relations.Committee on Intelligence.He has been serving in the Senate for 3 Years.Two of the key issues he is against is abortion and immigration.5 facts:Born in Miami of Cuban immigrants.First year of college on football scholarship.His wife was a Miami Dolphins cheerleader.His first job was building exotic bird cages.

Janet H. AdkinsJanet is a RepublicanThe committees she belongs to:K-12 Subcommittee.Education Committee.Finance and Tax subcommittee.Rules and calendar Committee.Janet has served two terms.Her key issues are health care and education.Five facts:Has two children.Married to Doug Adkins.Was Valedictorian.Was born 10/09/1964.Her religion is Baptist.

Charles D. HinesCharles is a democrat.The Committees he belongs to are:Sarasota County Sheriff Advisory Committee.Sarasota County Tax Oversight Committee.He is going on his first term.Is from Venice and Sarasota and focuses on local issues.5 facts:Born and raised in Venice.Supports Venice Touchdown Club.Is of district 5.Has three kids.Has been with Northern for 15 years.

Bob DanielsBob is a Republican.Committees:Save the circus committeeCode Enforcement BoardHe has served two terms.Some of his key issues include saving the circus. He believes it is a huge part of history.5 facts:He is from Ohio.Attended WKU, Bowling Green.Married with two children and two grandchildren.He moved to Venice in 2006.He and his wife are active members of Epiphany Church.

2012 Presidential ElectionsBarack ObamaA. Democratic platform was Moving America ForwardB. Political ExperienceAssociated with the Democratic Party, and the GOP Nominee 2008 & 2012 Civil rights attorney from Illinois who organized Voter Drives for President Bill Clinton 1992 campaign while attending Law School.Elected to Senate in 1996.Created State Income Tax for poor.Key note speaker for John Kerry, in his 2004 incumbent race for the White House.Elected as President of the United States in 2008 against Rep. John McCain.Elected as President of the United States for a second and last term in 2012 against Mitt Romney.

5 FactsHe has a wife, two daughters and a dog that live in the White House with him.He did not have a relationship with his father, and was raised by his grandparents in Hawaii.He is a huge civil rights activist.

I did not vote for Mr. Obama for president because I do not support ObamaCare as it is an infringement of my rights to have or not have health insurance. I do not support Gay Marriage as I believe it should be between a man and a woman. I do not support his stance on Abortion, as it infringes on the right to life of an unborn child.

A. Republican platform was We Believe in AmericaB. Political MilestonesAttended Harvard and graduated with a Law degree and Master Degree in Business.Ted Kennedy won race against him.Elected Governor of Massachusetts in 2003.Known as the Massachusetts CEO, created jobs and boosting the economy by cutting spending and raising revenue.Attempted Republican Presidential nomination in 2008, losing to John McCain.Won the Republican nomination in 2012.Lost of the most heated, debated elections of our time - the 2012 Election to Obama.

Five Facts:Son of former Michigan Governor, who lost a presidential battle to Richard Nixon.Founder of Bain Investments, a multi billion dollar organization started by him from the ground up. Currently created thousands of jobs throughout the country.Active Christian and member of the Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormon)Married with 5 children.I did vote for Mitt Romney. He has experience with finance, as he ran Massachusetts well fiscally. I support his stance of state mandated human rights (gay marriage, healthcare)I fully support his stance on Abortion. I support Womens rights, however, I support childrens right to be born as well.

2012 Presidential ElectionsMitt Romney