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Mick FeatherStone the ultimate bike racer you can know about the biography of MickFeatherStone. He always use the modify bikes from England company AJS.Bike racing are the passion of MickFeatherStone Source:

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  • Mick Featherstone- Best Bike Racer at AJS
  • The brothers founded a new company called A. J. Stevens & Company Limited on 14th November 1909. The Directors were George, Harry, Jack, and Joe junior. They started with a private share capital of 1,000. All of the shares were held by the 4 directors. They decided to produce motorcycles under the A.J.S. name, which came from Jack Stevens' initials. Jack's initials were chosen as he was the only one of the brothers to have two Christian names; Albert and John. AJS History
  • AJS was the name used for cars and motorcycles made by the Wolverhampton, England; company A. J. Stevens & Co. Ltd, from 1909 to 1931, by then holding 117 motorcycle world records. After the firm was sold, the name continued to be used by Matchless, Associated Motorcycles and Norton- Villiers on four-stroke motorcycles till 1969, and since the names resale in 1974, on lightweight, two- stroke scramblers and today on small-capacity roadsters and cruisers Ultimate Bike racer Mick FeatherStone
  • MickFeatherStone inspires me for my dream motorbike racing The METTER 1951 Mick Featherstone was a huge influence to me when I was growing up. I begged and begged my parents to buy me one, and as soon as they did it never left my bedroom wall. As I grew up the poster always continued to inspire me to follow my dreams to enter motorbike racing.
  • View the picture of Mick Featherstone during the Bike racing
  • To know more about the bike racer click at Mick Featherstone
  • To know more about the bike racer click at Mick Featherstone