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Web development with KnockoutJS is sweet: data-binding, MVVM, automatic UI refresh, dependency tracking, and data templates make web development easier. Stop manipulating the DOM. Start writing clean, object oriented JavaScript.

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  • 1. Its data-binding for your HTML!It gives structure to your JS code!And its easy!

2. DOM manipulationEvent handler soup 3. Knockout is awesome! Blah blah derp Dependency tracking 4. knockout.GetToWork() 5. Derp! Yeah, so easy; its just the data-bind attribute 6. Oh, yeah, blah blah its just the ko.observable thingy! 7. You see, my dear, ko.dependentObservable lets you setupcomplex UI relationships and dependencies with ease. 8. The template binding lets you torender UI for model data! 9. 2. Auto UI Refresh4. Data templates 10. Try KnockoutJS for yourself, right inyour web