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KMG is a global software development company providing high-quality IT solutions to the Healthcare & Insurance verticals worldwide using a very diverse range of technologies. In a wide-open sea of countless software development companies, it distinguishes itself as a company driven by excellence.With a proven track-record of over 20 years servicing the Insurance industry in the US, KMG is one of go-to companies when it comes to IT solutions for this vertical. In fact, KMG has the largest pool of resources working on legacy technologies (COBOL/RPG) in the Insurance sector among the companies of its size.KMG also focuses on sectors other than Insurance – namely Heathcare, Mobile Apps & Portals. Very few companies can boast of having built EMR products for two diverse requirements.Leveraging a resource base that covers almost the entire spectrum of technology – right from the legacy (iSeries & Mainframe) to the very latest on Microsoft.NET & Java, KMG provides a wide range of services including, software development, application support & maintenance, legacy migration/web-enabling solutions, testing, business analysis support & even BPO/KPO. It specializes in building applications using the SOA architecture.In order to enhance its reach in the market KMG has also entered into several strategic partnerships with third parties for sales & implementation of their products targeted at the Insurance & Healthcare markets. It is engaged in building a PMS/EMR solution for the Doctors working in an Ambulatory setting. KMG also represents two other Healthcare products – A Hospital Management System & a product targeted at Woundcare centers.KMG's onsite-offshore model and industry expertise enables the company to enter into long-term, mutually beneficial strategic partnerships with large companies.

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Key Management Group : An NY-based Technology Agnostic Software Services Firm with over 300 employees providing end-to-end Solutions for the Insurance & Healthcare Verticals globally

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An Overview

Founded in 1990

Head Office in New York

Development Centers in New York & India

Provides Development & Support Services

Expertise in P&C Insurance and Healthcare

Technology Agnostic team of over 300

Flexible Client Engagement Models

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Services Offered• Application Development

– SOA based Applications– Portals / Intranets / SharePoint Solutions

• Mobile Apps• Legacy Support

– Production Support– Enhancement & Maintenance

• Legacy Modernization– Web-enabling– Migration to Web– Reverse Engineering

• Product Solutions– Product Development– Product Implementation & Support– Product Maintenance

• QA & Testing / BPO• Staff Augmentation




















Staff Augmentati



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Target Market

• Application Development• Legacy Support / Modernization

• Portals (B2B / B2C)• Mobile Apps

• CMS Based Web Sites

• Application Development• Mobile Apps• Interfaces to External Systems• Legacy Support• Portals• CMS Based Web Sites

• Policy / Claim Systems• Legacy Support & Modernization

• Web-based Extensions (Submissions / Policy Admin)

• Testing & QA• BPO

• BI Solutions• Interfaces to External Systems• Portals – Internal / External Users• Mobile Apps• Enhancements to EMR/HIS• CMS Based Web Sites

Hospitals / Large Practices

Insurance Carriers / Brokers

Others – Large Enterprises /

SMBs / Individuals

Healthcare Providers,

Labs, Transcription &

Billing Cos, Other EMRs

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Supported Technology Platforms

Microsoft • .NET, C#/VB, WPF, WCF, Silverlight, VB/ASP, SharePoint, InfoPath, MVC3

Java• Java, J2EE, EJB, Spring, JSP, JSF, Swing, Struts, Hibernate, GWT, SmartGWT,

iBatis, Weblogic, Websphere, Tomcat, JBoss

Mobile Development • iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Blackberry

iSeries / Mainframe • ILE RPG, RPG/400, ILE Cobol, Cobol/400, CL, SQL, JCL, CICS, Focus

BI • Informatica, BOXi, Pentaho, SharePoint BI

Cloud Computing / Other Tools

• SharePoint, BizTalk Amazon ec2, Sales force platform, Microsoft Azure

Web services • JSON, SOAP, XML, WSDL, REST

Open Source • PHP, ColdFusion, Ruby-on-Rails

Content Management • Joomla, Drupal, Liferay, WordPress

Testing • QTP, WinRunner, Manual Testing, Selenium

Databases • SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2

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Our Collaboration Models

• Delivery Models–Onsite/Offsite–Offshore–Hybrid

• Engagement Models– Staff Augmentation (FTE)– Time and Material– Fixed Bid

•Agile Processes

• Initiate• Tailor Processes• Finalize Scope


• Analyze• Transfer Knowledge• Detailed Design


• Coding• TestingDevelop

• Deploy• Train• Support



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Health IT Expertise (Products & Data Providers)

• Proven track record of Integration with leading providers of medical data and services,– Clearing House,

• Emdeon

– Drug Reference & Care Pathways• Zynx Health• First Data bank• LexiComp• 3M

– Portal• Intuit

– eRx Provider• SureScripts• DoseSpot

– APIs• Aetna – CarePass• CHIE – UT State HIE• SHIN-NY – NYeC• AllScripts• Others like PillBox & MediLine

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Health IT Expertise (Standards)

• Building HL7 compliant Interfaces between multiple applications – Example : Data transfer between

Hospitals & Mobile Apps– Can build interfaces to / from EMRs,

Hospital Systems, Labs & Clearing houses

• Extensive Experience in,– ONC requirements & Healthcare

processes– Building Applications conforming to

HIPAA standards– CCD / CCR / HealthStory standards– Connect & Project Direct– esMD Project– Implementing ICD9 / ICD10, SNOMED,


• Also Providing MU Compliance Consulting

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EMR # 1

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MedScribe (Client : Advanced Medical Software Systems, NY)

Overview• For Ambulatory Care Practices• Certified by CCHIT for ONC – ATCB 2011 -12

Stage 1 criteria• Certified by SureScripts for eRx• Built in Scheduler, Front Office, Patient

Charts, Billing & claims, ePrescription and Lab Orders

• Own Patient Portal• Add-on Mobile App on iPhone• Rx data using First Data Bank• Architecture allows the services & DB servers

to be on the web. Client access over HTTPS• Completed in less than 18 months• Demo URL :• Detailed Presentation : http://

Technology• Main System

– Server• HTTPS Based Architecture• WCF Services

– Client• WPF / WCF

– SQL Server

• Portal– ASP.NET

• External Interfaces– HL7 implementation using Mirth– SFTP interface for NLP based coding

service– SFTP interface for mobile extender

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EMR # 2

Page 14: KMG : Capability Overview

MedPrime (Client : MedUSA, UT)

Overview• For Ambulatory Care Practices• Browser Based• Certified for ONC – ATCB 2011 -12

Stage 1 criteria• Built in Patient Charts,

ePrescription and Lab Orders• Integrated to an Existing PMS (Also

by KMG)• Uses eRx from DrFirst• Uses Patient Portal by Intuit• Drug Data from LexiComp• Completed in less than 10 months

Technology• Main System

– Framework - MVC (Model View Controller) framework using Struts 1.1

– Language - Java JDK 1.4– UI – JSP– Scripting – Ajax, Jquery, Javascript– Business controls – Servlets– Web services - .NET framework and C#– Database - DB2 on AS400– Server - Websphere 6.0

• Portal– Patient Portal from Intuit

• External Interfaces– Interfaces to UHIN (HIE for UT State)– HL7 implementation using Mirth– SFTP interface for NLP based coding service

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Some Clients from the Healthcare IndustryHospitals, Ambulatory Practices, Software Companies, Health IT Service Providers, Mobile Apps, and even eCommerce Solutions….

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P & C Insurance CompetencyoPersonal Lines

Auto, Home, Fire

oCommercial LinesAuto, Property, LiabilityWorkers CompBusiness OwnersCrime, UmbrellaAviation, Inland Marine

oSpecialty LinesExcessE&O, D&OEquineProfessional Liability

oReinsuranceTreaty, FacCeded, Assumed

o Policy Quote, Binding & Issuance Rating Interfaces eSubmissions Agent Portal

o Claims Loss Runs Interfaces Claims Analysis

o Business Analysis Manuscript build out New LoBs Management Reporting Release Updates

o ISO &Bureau Updates ISO Rules and Rate Updates ISO Circular Analysis NCCI and Bureau Reporting Data Calls

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P & C Insurance BPO Expertiseo Data Messaging & Reporting

Service ISO / Stat Reporting / WCPOLS

Reporting Indexing / Cataloging Files & Emails Document Scanning First Notice of Loss Loss Runs Accounts Receivables and Payables

reporting ISO Circular Analysis and Rate Updates

o Data Entry & Policy Assistants Policy, Claims, Reinsurance FAC and

Treaty entry Endorsements and Renewals entry UW Assistant Rating Assistant Premium Audit Accounts Receivables and Payables


o Technical Help Desk & Network Monitoring First / Second Level support Support for Client’s Network & Servers New Software Installation

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o Legacy Maintenance

20+ years, 20+ clients Rating Reporting Interfaces

o Legacy to Web WINS modernization Business Rules isolation 10+ years, 10+ clients

o Web based Agency Portal Web Quote Icert for Marine Commercial Property Policy Issuance Lawyers Liability Policy Issuance eSubmission Industrial Aid

Typical Projects

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Some Clients from the P&C IndustryCarriers, MGAs, Brokers , Software Companies & Consultants…

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Expertise• Expertise on iOS (iPhone / iPad), Android

and Windows Phones• Building both Native and HTML5 Apps• Capability to replicate App User Interface

on Web Browsers for Seamless “Access Anywhere“ User Experience

• Domain Knowledge Enables Team to Build Linkages to Backend Systems

• Specialize in Building Insurance & Health IT Apps– Health IT

• Physician & Patient Centric Applications• Expertise available for interfacing the apps

with underlying EMRs• Apps can be exposed using HL7 interfaces

– Insurance IT• Policy & Claim Related Apps targeted at

Carriers & Brokers

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Showcase Projects

Enables Patients to Capture Health Events & Send to

the Doctors

Used for Secure Messaging between Doctors & Nursing


For Doctors to Access Patient Records on Phones.

Also Sends Alert for Lab Results. Connects to HIEs

Suite of Apps for Viewing Policies & Requesting Additional Coverage

Patient Facing App Allows to Set & Receive Reminders for

Meds. Also Provides Drug Info & Prices in a Zip/Postal Code

App for Managing Documents Related to Meetings

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• Enterprise Scale Web Applications

• B2C Portals• SharePoint based Employee

Intranets• SharePoint based BI Solutions• Linking portals & web sites to

Social Media Sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

• CMS Based Sites (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla)

• Corporate Presence Web Sites

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Success Stories

• Inmate Management System for Department of Corrections

• Federated Person Querying System for Department of Justice

• Suspicious Activity Tracking for Department of Justice

• Submission, Policy Issuance & Admin Application for Multiple Clients

••• Websites for over 20

countries for Eli Lilly – In Multiple Languages including Korean & Hebrew

• SharePoint Intranets for Multiple Clients

• Operations Management System for a Cruise Concessionaire

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Contact Information

Key Management Group, Inc.US Office,125 Baylis Road, Suite # 260Melville, NY - 11747

India Office,262 Phase IV, Udyog ViharGurgaon, Haryana, India

Rohit NarangPresidentPh : 631-245-4624 (US) / 98-100-18255 (IN)Fax : 631-777-2626Email : [email protected]@rohitnarang

Find us on the




Follow us on Twitter at @KeyMgmntGrp

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• Thanks for your time. We look forward to assisting you in your IT endeavors

“We have used KMG for many projects and have been impressed with their

professionalism and ability to meet any deadline. They have a firm grasp of

internet technologies and programming. They are a reliable IT solutions partner”

- CIO, Large Insurance Company

“KMG has displayed great professionalism in adhering to stringent deadlines

without compromising on quality. Their work is commendable and we look

forward to having a long and fruitful relationship with them”

– CTO, Fortune 500 Company