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VOS Motorsports (http://vosmotorsports.com/index.php), an automobile performance parts company in the United States, offering Kline-Innovation exhaust systems. Kline-Innovation Exhaust Systems for: Porsche, Aston Martin V8V, Bentley Continental GT, Nissan GTR, Ferrari F430 and Audi RS5.

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  • vosmotorsports.comKline-Innovation Exhaust SystemsImage credits: http://www.kline-innovation.com

  • vosmotorsports.comVOS Motorsports, an automobile performance parts company in the United States, strive to partner with brands that have the reputation of being the best. Kline-Innovation Exhaust Systems has made our impressive lineup of exhaust system manufacturers more superior.

  • vosmotorsports.comKline-InnovationAt Kline we take exhaust design very seriously, you as the costumer a no compromise product, and we therefore take a no compromise approach to design and manufacture. Our mission statement is to outperform everything, to out-sound everything. To develop exhausts that not only outperform every other company, but also sound better, and look at home in an art gallery. To achieve this we have developed a unique approach to exhaust design. The design team consists of an engineer, fluid dynamcist, a physicist, and an artist. At Kline we don't believe in gimmickry, or over complex design solutions, we take things back to basics and offer the best solution in as simple format as is possible, we don't believe in unnecessary valves, or over complex matrix of pipes, these things are only used to covering up poorly conceived design, simple effective design is everything.

  • vosmotorsports.comKline-InnovationHere at Kline, all our systems are simply designed to perfection, the result is a system that is quiet under regular driving, but howls when you want it under hard load and high revs. All our system from street level up to competitive race level have a unique sound , even our sponsored race team is constantly being asked why their car sounds so much better than their rivals, the answer is because its a Kline! In fact we are so confident of your satisfaction, that we guarantee it. Your Kline, your personal perfection!

  • vosmotorsports.comMaterials Used:Here at Kline we believe that you are entitled to the same focus on quality, and take inspiration directly from motorsport design and manufacture process, blending it with our own concepts to produce the absolute best exhaust for your supercar!With a combination of computer aided design, CNC processes, and the very best craftsmanship, we can sculpt you an exhaust form any material, including f1 grade inconel625. Some of our own innovative concepts on gas blending, and radical silencing techniques along with acoustic modelling allow us to design the perfect sound for your car. While our jig building process, taken straight from the aerospace industry allow us the ability to produce the perfect fitment as well as the flexibility to alter designs based on the system you want for your car.

  • vosmotorsports.comMaterials Used:Material selection is an important part of exhaust design to consider, as not all materials were born equal. The more common materials being 304, 316 and similar grades of stainless. Grade 2 titanium is also common, with it having roughly the same tensile strength as steel, but being 45% less dense and therefor lighter. Grade 5 titanium is also used with its superior tensile strength. For very high temperature applications inconel can be used. Inconel has roughly the same density as stainless steel, but very high tensile strength even at high operating temperatures. This means that very thin sidewall tube can be used making for very lightweight manifolds at temperatures superceeding that which titanium can withstand.

  • vosmotorsports.comKline-Innovation Exhaust Systems for: Porsche 996 Carrera Porsche 996 Turbo Porsche 997 Carrera Exhaust Porsche 997 Turbo1. Porsche

  • vosmotorsports.comThe Kline experience for the Porsche is one of beautiful engineering elegance and power. During the extensive design and testing process we stripped things back to basics resulting in the most simply stunning system on the market. The innovation comes in the form of simply tuning every aspect of the exhaust into perfect harmony with the car, resulting in the best listed power and torque gains on the market by double that our nearest competitor.The system is also harmony tuned, this piece performs like a race system, however is actually very quiet at cruising speeds, no drone, and very quiet and smooth under regular driving. Now the experience can be as vocal, as the exhilarating handling is unique. Unique approach in the design process, has resulted in possibly the most innovative and beautiful systems on the market today. 1. Porsche

  • vosmotorsports.com1. Porsche

  • vosmotorsports.comThe lightest and nimblest of the Aston martin range, and with the 4.7 litre producing 420hp, this is a serious grand tourer. At Kline we decided to work with the cars natural virtues, and produce a system that is lighter, adds a little more power, and further accents the uniquely beautiful Aston martin v8 symphony.2. Aston Martin V8VSo here it is, the Kline rear section and high flow cat replacements available in 100 and 200 cpsi, and also a decat version for use with an ecu remap to remove the post catalyst lambda sensor sensitivity. The high flow light weight rear section is simply stunning, and produces an accentuated tone without becoming ostentatious. Predicted power gains are 25 hp, 20lb/ft for the system with 100cpsi cat, increasing up to 50hp with a performance ecu remap.

  • 2. Aston Martin V8Vvosmotorsports.com

  • vosmotorsports.comThe Bentley Continental GT, the ultimate in high performance luxury cars, powerfully beautiful, the striking lines reflect the cars refined status. We at Kline felt that the weary rear sections could do with a renovation. The heavily chambered rear silencers constrict the sound and power from the v12, and the tailpipe styling is somewhat lacklustre.3. Bentley Continental GTHere we have a light weight slip on rear section which allows a smoother gas transit, and consequently a beautiful yet refined sound, improved throttle response and peak power. The tailpipes are twin 63mm outrolled tips to complement the cars classically elegant styling, and staggered to fit the contour of the bumper. The only exhaust brand worthy of your Bentley must be a KLINE.

  • vosmotorsports.com3. Bentley Continental GT

  • vosmotorsports.comTurbo back, 89mm or 102mm system, available in titanium, stainless, and f1 grade inconel. The system comprises 76mm downpipes, 89mm or 102mm center pipe. It is available in full decat or sport cat versions. A variety of sound volumes are available also, ranging from almost oem noise level, up to full race sport.4. Nissan GTRThe 89mm turbo back system,system, comprising full de-cat pipes produces a gain of 48hp. when used in conjunction with Kline ECU software, this produces a gain of 118hp. The 102 mm system, will produce larger gains, but is not recommended unless your gtr is pushing over 800hp.

  • vosmotorsports.com4. Nissan GTR

  • vosmotorsports.comThe Ferrari F430, with its striking looks, and single plane crank V8 engine is a formidable supercar. Here at kline we decided to build the ultimate exhaust system and ecu software. the criteria was to create an exhaust that achieved the best possible performance, sound and weight savings available.5. Ferrari F430The most innovative F430 exhaust available. The valvetronic system is actuated by the cars standard vacuum system. At low revs, gas flow is diverted through a harmonically tuned silencer, producing a double blended smooth exhaust note, that is unobtrusive at cruising speeds, and from outside the car sounds very subtle and refined. at higher revs, the silencer is completely bypassed and the exhaust gasses are allowed to flow freely through a tight radius x pipe, and tuned cross sections to produce the most incredible high pitched exhaust note, something more akin to that of a formula one car.

  • vosmotorsports.com5. Ferrari F430

  • vosmotorsports.comThe RS5 valvetronic exhaust system by kline. Manifolds, and manifold back system, developed and built in house to our usual uncompromising standards. The valvetronic rear silencers are actuated by the cars OEM vacuum system, and operated by the control buttons on the dash. in comfort mode the system is stock quiet. 6. Audi RS5In dynamic mode however, the silencers are completely bypassed, producing a GT style race car sound. The manifolds/headers are of a motorsport quality and design, with formula 1 grade true merge collectors, tuned cross sections and equal primary lengths. The system is available as a full decat, or race cat version, and in a variety of pipe sizes and materials.

  • vosmotorsports.com6. Audi RS5

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