KIVA Marketing Overview

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Transcript of KIVA Marketing Overview

  1. 1. KIVA Product Marketing Overview
  2. 2. . Creating a where partners and customers draw value
  3. 3. ...thrives on , And is facilitated by . It begins with ...
  4. 4. You want to living, with and . breathing human beings to
  5. 5. Provide the appropriate for those to take place.
  6. 6. The New Sales Funnel Community Building
  8. 8. Let consumers when and where its and keep the .
  9. 9. The Eco Systems of Conversation
  10. 10. The Tools of Engagement Blogs eNewsletters Case Studies Videos Traditional Radio Satellite Radio Guest Posting In-Person Events White Papers Online Presentations Webinars/Webcasts Meetups Infographics Print Magazines eBook PodcastsBooks AMAs Forums Live Streaming Comments Annual ReportsArticles on Website Mobile Content Research Reports Microsites
  11. 11. Defining and Understanding do they ? are they? do they ? What do ? do they ?
  12. 12. Pot retailers will have to avoid the tobacco industrys mistakes. Tobacco was accused historically of intentionally marketing to kids to create the users of tomorrow. -The Cannabist
  13. 13. In my opinion, the marijuana industry needs to decide if they are going to follow the example of the tobacco industry, or from more responsible industries that understand that is not in their long-term benefit to market to kids. - Eric Anderson, SE2
  14. 14. The people I get high with are lawyers, business owners. -Wanda James, Cannabis Global Initiative
  15. 15. Edible Ideas Auntie Dolores Butter Brothers CBD-OOS EdiPure Day Dreamers Morsel Bakery
  16. 16. Digital sparks that build community around product offering. Tap into emotions and give users something to value, together. Create anticipation, excitement, and deepen brand engagement. Inform and empower users through amazing, personalized experiences (online and offline). Advocate purpose and benefits so users and fans can share, support and help propagate value and importance.
  17. 17. In spite of a down-market image, many consumers think about marijuana in the same way they do fine wine, carefully selecting pot strains for their taste, aroma and other characteristics...
  18. 18. Contact: DaveRubin viaemail: [email protected]