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  • 1. U.S. Senator Mark KirkU.S. Chamber of Commerce November 8, 2011

2. Reauthorization But How? President $550+ billion, but nonew revenues proposed U.S. HouseKeep funding at TrustApproach: Fund levels (or maybenot) for 6 years U.S. Senate Maintain currentApproach: SAFETEA-LU levels withinflation for 2 years 3. Railroad FinancingRailroads Granted Timber, Stone and Mineral Rights 30-Year Bonds at 6% Backed by Land 4. Lincoln Legacy Infrastructure Development Act of 2011 (S.1300)Summary: The Lincoln Legacy InfrastructureDevelopment Act of 2011 could unlock $100 billionto build highways, rail, transit, airports and ports.The legislation: Removes federal restrictions on private-publicpartnerships; Provides states greater flexibility to generatetransportation revenues; and Enhances access to private capital investment inour road, rail, aviation, highway and portinfrastructure. 5. List of Major PPPs Transcontinental Railway Act (1862) 2,000 mile railroad 7,000 American towns created Puerto Rico PR-22 and PR-5 Toll Roads - $1 billion+ concession Illinois Chicago Skyway - $1.8 billion concession Indiana Indiana Toll Road - $3.8 billion concession Virginia Dulles Greenway - $350 million cost Colorado FasTracks Eagle P3 Project - $1.6 billion Florida Port of Miami Tunnel - $607 million cost to construct Other Countries British Columbia 20 percent of all new infrastructure is designed, built and operated by the private sector Australia PPPs account for 10 15% of all government infrastructure procurement - $38 billion in 2008 UK Nearly 100 P3 projects initiated or completed each year 6. The Lincoln Legacy Infrastructure Development Act of 2011TransportationInfrastructure Financeand Innovation Act 7. Lincoln Legacy InfrastructureDevelopment Act of 2011 Highways 8. No Cost Recovery Allowed.Except. 23 U.S.C. 301 all highways constructed shall be free from tollsof all kinds. EXCEPT: 23 U.S.C. 129 Allows tolling, but not on Interstates EXCEPT: 23 USC 166 Allows Interstate tolling for HOV/HOT Lanes EXCEPT: ISTEA/TEA-21/SAFETEA-LU You can toll on Interstates, but only with 4 pilotprograms for new construction, rehabilitation orcongestion/air quality mitigation 9. Lincoln Legacy InfrastructureDevelopment Act of 2011 Value Pricing Pilot Program Express Lanes Demonstration Program Interstate System Construction Toll PilotProgram Interstate System Reconstruction &Rehabilitation Pilot Program 10. Protecting the Taxpayer Require that the proceeds of any lease, sale orconcession be used only for highways andtransit. 11. Lincoln Legacy InfrastructureDevelopment Act of 2011 Rail 12. Railroad Rehabilitation and Improvement Financing ProgramRoom for ImprovementDate DraftApplication Aplicant Name Received Date Loan ClosedAmount Process TimeDenver Union Station April 2009 July 2010$155 million 15 monthsGreat Lakes Central Railroad June 2009June 2010 $17 million 12 monthsGeorgia & Florida Railways April 2008 March 2009$8.1 million11 monthsPermian Basin Railways, IncDecember 2008September 2009 $64.4 million9 monthsIowa Interstate Railroad April 2008December 2008 $31.0 million9 monthsNashville and Eastern RailroadJuly 2006January 2008 $4.0 million18 monthsNashville and Eastern RailroadJuly 2006January 2008 $0.6 million18 monthsColumbia Basin RailroadSeptember 2006December 2007$3.0 million15 monthsGreat Western Railway March 2006 November 2007$4.0 million20 monthsVirginia Railway ExpressFebruary 2006October 2007$72.5 million8 monthsR.J. Corman Railway June 2005 March 2007$11.77 million20 monthsR.J. Corman Railway June 2005 March 2007$47.13 million20 monthsDakota, Minnesota & EasternRailroadMarch 2006March 2007$48 million 12 monthsIowa Northern Railroad October 2005November 2006 $25.5 million13 monthsWheeling & Lake Erie Railway December 2005 November 2006$14 million 11 monthsIowa Interstate Railroad September 2005 February 2006$9.35 million6 months 13. Lincoln Legacy Infrastructure Development Act of 2011Public Transportation 14. Public Transportation 15. Lincoln Legacy InfrastructureDevelopment Act of 2011Airports 16. Resources Made AvailableFull TIFIA Utilization: $42 billion in assistanceFull RRIF Utilization: $35 billion in loansWidespread Congestion Pricing: $42 billion/yearAirport Privatization: $1-2 billion/airportSafety Rest Areas:$100 million/year Total Potential Resources Made Available:$100+ billion 17. U.S. Senator Mark KirkU.S. Senator Mark KirkSouthland Chamber of CommerceU.S. Chamber of Commerce October 24,8, 2011 November 2011