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An indispensible guide, without covers, to the contents of The Kintyre Antiquarian and Natural History Society's local history magazine and, though many are now 'out-of-print', some 'back copies' may still be available from local bookshops or the society itself.

Transcript of Kintyre Magazine - Contents Pages Only

Kintyre Antiquarians' in recording Kintyre's past history and in recording the natural features of Kintyre's beautiful environment". Though the present editor of The Society's magazine, Angus Martin, is everconcerned about protecting the copyright in his own and other authors works published in the magazine, many of the early magazine articles, including many by the present magazine editor Angus Martin himself, were put online on 'The Kintyre Mag' website at, between 1997 and 2006, by Campbeltonian Ian Forshaw, the story recorded in his article "Antiquity and Technology" (Kintyre Magazine No 46, Autumn 1999, pages 28/29) and though, 'for personal reasons', Ian Forshaw has added no more material to his website added since the end of February 2006, he has continued to keep 'The Kintyre Mag' website online at and the valuable archive of articles easily trawled given the contents indexes here. When, in 2006, Argyll and Bute Council decided to house Campbeltown's Public Library in a new leisure complex, turning the former library building into council offices, 'The Society' had to transfer its library and archives to temporary accommodation in Campbeltown's Town Hall and at that point The Society's magazine and other collections then became inaccessible to researchers other than The Society's Office-Bearers - Angus Martin, in his editorial notes to the Spring 2008 No 63 issue of 'The Kintyre Magazine', reports there that "Despite repeated representations by letter and telephone, Argyll and Bute Council has failed to offer us alternative accommodation since our eviction in 2006 from 'The Burnet Building' after almost 79 years there. Our collection, less the books which were deemed surplus to requirements and sold, continues to be piled against a wall of a room in The Town Hall, inaccessible to researchers and vulnerable to deterioration" - All correspondence regarding matters pertaining to 'The Society' should be addressed to Angus Martin, 13 Saddell Street, Campbeltown, Argyll PA28 6DN and all enquiries about subscriptions and magazine distribution addressed to Mrs Frances Hood, Craiglussa, Peninver, By Campbeltown, Argyll PA28 6QP who, though many magazine editions are now no longer available, may be able to supply 'back-numbers', some of which may also be available, along with other books of Kintyre interest, from K. Martin, Booksellers, 14 Main Street, Campbeltown, Argyll PA28 6 AG, Scotland Telephone + 44 ( 0 ) 1586 - 552595 E-mail Kmartinbooks (at) The Old Bookshelf, 8 Cross Sreet, Campbeltown, Argyll PA28 6 HU, Scotland Telephone + 44 ( 0 ) 1586 - 551114 E-mail info (at)

Though some might eschew the idea that 'the present is a product of the past', there are more than as many others who would seek out that past in the pages of the wonderful little magazines produced by our local history groups.

A. I. B. Stewart In the very first, April 1977-published, "Kintyre Magazine", A. I. B. Stewart, President of The Kintyre Antiquarian and Natural History Society, wrote that "In an age when scholarship is at a discount and change is regarded by many as synonymous with improvement, it seems to me that it becomes all the more important to look over our shoulders at the lives and achievements of our ancestors, for only by understanding the past can we prepare for the future". An article in the magazine's first issue, by Hector L. MacKenzie, tells us how, "On 14th June, 1921, the then Macdonald of Largie and Sheriff J. MacMaster Campbell issued a circular letter convening a meeting in The Argyll Arms Hotel, Campbeltown, on 21st June, relative to the proposed formation of a society for the study of the Archaeology, History and Antiquities of Kintyre and the preservation of the older records of the district. The aim of The Kintyre Antiquarian and Natural History Society's twice-yearly magazine was therefore "to give some permanence to the work done by 'The


THE KINTYRE ANTIQUARIAN & NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY MAGAZINE No 1 April 1977THE MAGAZINE of The Kintyre Antiquarian & Natural History Society. President: A. I. B. Stewart, O.B.E., B.L.

KINTYRE MAGAZINE CONTENTS - 02 - December 1977 Editorial Caradil Roads - May 1754 Clachan Water - Cost of Bridges - May 1763 Beginnings of The Lighthouse - 1 Beginnings of The Lighthouse - 2 Sussex's Letter to Queen Elizabeth John Smith D. D Recording Early Gravestones Isabel Mary Scott, M.D. Frances Hood Ann Aikman Smith, M.A. Ann Aikman Smith, M.A. 2 2 2 3 3 7 8 10 10 Jimmy Irvine Agnes Stewart 11 13 14 17 18



KINTYRE MAGAZINE CONTENTS - 01 - April 1977 Foreword & Introduction : Duncan Colville and A. I. B. Stewart A. I. B. Stewart Page : Introduction - A. I. B. Stewart Editorial History of The Society Hector L. MacKenzie, M.A. Jet Necklace Frances Hood Largie J.R. Maxwell-Macdonald, J.P. Coal Moles Southend Schools The North Carolina Connection Angus MacVicar, M.A. Highland Church Rebuilding Sika Deer in Kintyre - 1 T. W. G. Coulson, B.Sc., F.I.F. Sika Deer in Kintyre - 2 T. W. G. Coulson, B.Sc., F.I.F. Excavations at Balloch Hillfort E. J. Peltenburg Ph.D., F.R.S. Scot. Whip Behind - Coachmen's Cry Kintyre in Ontario Efric Wotherspoon Kintyre Graveyard - Some Names Drumlemble Blacksmith McNeil Mary - A Hundred and Fifty Years Ago - 1 Mary - A Hundred and Fifty Years Ago - 2 Margaret MacDougall, M.A. William McTaggart 1835 - 1910 Isabella Dunnett St Couslan 2 3 4 6 7 8 8 8 9 12 13 13 16 17 18 20 21 22 24 28

Saddell - Trades and Occupations - 1794 Campbeltown Family in Antrim The Aenans

Bracken - A Weed of Great Antiquity R. C. Kirkwood, B.Sc, Ph.D. Campbeltown Town Hall and Tolbooth History Customs and Excise Campbeltown Nicknames Lowland Church Baptismal Basin K. H. Holland

John McIntyre (continued on page 28) 19 John R. H. Cormaok, B.D. D. L. H. Patton 20 22 25

Arms of The Royal Burgh of Campbeltown Old Company Boats

Edna Shepherd


KINTYRE MAGAZINE CONTENTS - 03 - June 1978 Editorial 2

KINTYRE MAGAZINE CONTENTS - 04 - December 1978 Editorial & Lecture Programme Campbeltown's American Trade In The 18th Century Susan MacDonald Emigration to America Greenlees Family - Historial Note Boswell, Johnson and The Rector Campbeltown Barracks Campbeltown Road Directions Fishermen's Sayings Dunaverty Hector L. MacKenzie K. H. Holland 2 3 7 8 9 11 11 11 12

Report on the Transactions of The Kintyre Antiquarian and Natural History Society 3 Bruce's Brooch Fish and Fowl and Good Red Herring - 1 Fish and Fowl and Good Red Herring - 2 Flory Loynachan - A Poem St. Patrick - History Note Passenger and Cargo Fares from Campbeltown - September 1811 Letters from America - 1 Letters from America - 2 Crops Grown In Kintyre Around 1800 Some Notes on the Common Buzzard Pauper's Petition - 19th Century Dr Johnson and John Paul Jones A. I. B. Stewart Peter S. Armour Peter S. Armour James Barbour R. K. Templeton Hector Macneal A. I. B. Stewart A. I. B. Stewart 5 7 7 8 9 9 10 10 13 16 17 18 19 19 20 23 Hector L. MacKenzie 24 26 27

Campbeltown New Building Works (continued on page 20) 1861 to 1875 13 Wreck of The Charlemagne Col C. Mactaggart Ballad of The Charlemagne Captain Hugh McShannon and Joe Morrans Copy of A Highland Distillery Licence Learside Notes and Stories Witch Of Gigha William Jardine Doble Peter S. Armour 14 14 16 17 18 21 22 23 24 28 28

Campbeltown - Note from Pennant's Tour of Scotland, 1772 Tippling Houses - District Road Trustees List - October 1st, 1776 Sir William Mackinnon, BT Baigwell - A Brownie Gaelic in Kintyre Nancy's Whisky Kintyre From "Kintyre in the Seventeenth Century" Hector L. MacKenzie

King James The Sext - XV Parliament xix of December 1597 Sparks and Flashes Society Excursions Largieside and Its People Clyde Pilot Cutter and Sir Nathaniel Dunlop Where - Royal Yacht Efric Wotherspoon Ian MacDonald


KINTYRE MAGAZINE CONTENTS - 05 - June 1979 Editorial Vegetation of Kintyre - 1 Vegetation of Kintyre - 2 Sheriff Court Extracts - 1778 and 1783 - 1 Old Kintyre Roads F. S. Mackenna, M.A., F.S.A. Hugh Ferguson, B.Sc. , F.R.S.E. Hugh Ferguson, B.Sc. , F.R.S.E. 2 3 3 14 15 19 20 23 23 24 Naomi Mitchison Winter 1978 - 1979 25 28

KINTYRE MAGAZINE CONTENTS - 06 - December 1979 Editorial Campbeltown Cross Campbeltown Cross Early Days of Machrihanish Golf Club Campbeltown Characters Great Pestilence in Kintyre Feral Cats Hedges and Trees in Kintyre 1774 to 1807 An Apprentice Agreement of a Hundred and Fifty Years Ago Peter S. Armour Records of The Kintyre Farmers' Society Extracts Andrew MacKerral C.I.E., M.A., F.S.A. Scot Kintyre Visitor in 1833 Packman's Ploughing Match Battle o' The Ploos - A Poem F. S. Mackenna, M.A.., F.S.A. Alastair M. Maiden M.B., Ch.B Islay Manley A. I .B. Stewart, C..B.E., B..L. A. I .B. Stewart, C..B.E., B..L. John Trappe 2 3 3 10 12 13 19 21 22 23 24 26 27 28

King James IV in Kintyre - from A. McKerral's "Kintyre In The 17th Century" Fulmar - A Wildlife Success Story Sheriff Court Extracts - 1778 and 1783 - 2 Wild an' - A Campbeltown Superlative Auld Witchburn Haldanes in Kintyre Lectures Given to The Society Islay Manley


KINTYRE MAGAZINE CONTENTS - 07 - June 1980 Editorial Saddell Abbey Cistercian Abbey of Saddell, Kintyre Professor A. L. Brown A. L. Brown 2 3 4 17 18 20 24

KINTYRE MAGAZINE CONTENTS - 08 - Autumn 1980 Editorial William Ralston Of That Ilk Gavin J. Ralston F.R.C.S.E. 2 5 10 11 14 15 17 18 21 21 22 23 25 25 25 26 28

Belfast Excursion - Copy of Advertisement - for Monday, July 17, 1911 Bonnie Green Braes o' Kintyre J. Ross

Unusual Visitor - Long-Finned Tunny Fish By courtesy of "The Kist" Magazine Letter To The Editor Re -Pre-History of Kintyre Angus Mac Vicar, M.A Letters From Canada Janet Evans