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  • Kickstart Your ProjectThe Art of the Ask

  • What is Contra Dance?

  • Assumed sales would pay for it Lost $6,000

  • Used Kickstarter to pay for printing

    Goal of $7,000

    Raised $8,262

    182 Backers

  • Asked for $11,200

    Raised $11,416

    227 Backers

  • Asked for $11,500

    Raised $13,055

    248 Backers

    Presold 550 Calendars

  • Kickstarter Factoids Total pledged to date on Kickstarter: $1.4 Billion Annual support to artists is greater than the NEA

    Kickstarter is the biggest, but there are others IndiegogoPopular with filmmakers GoFundMeFor heart wrenching stories Patreonfund individual artists on an ongoing basis

    And about a hundred more

    Average supporter is 42 years old

    HatchfundJust artists, lots of support

  • Kickstarter FactoidsMost projects fail

    Only 43% success rateBiggest predictor of successyour network

    10 Facebook Friends9% success rate 100 Facebook Friends20% success rate 1000 Facebook Friends40% success rate

  • Building your fan base Your fans are not people you want something from.

    They are people you feel connected to. It takes a shared passion

    It takes years to build Its a relationship

  • Amanda Palmer: The Art of Asking

  • Preparing the soilHow to be a good Social Media citizen

    Engage. Comment. Like. Share cool stuff. Credit and tag. Post frequently. Aim for daily. Post your own content, but make it the minority of your posts. Give freely. Be authentic. Forget Pages. Do this on your Personal Timeline. Share. Share. Share.

  • Kickstarter Operating PrinciplesIts not about you.

    Its not about your project.

    Its about your community.Its about your fans.

    Its about your story.

  • Kickstarter PrelaunchCampaign Description

    Tell the story of the project. Tell why you have the passion for this project Tell why this is important to your fans Be succinct. Viewer should get it in the first paragraph.

  • Kickstarter PrelaunchThe Pitch Video

    Yes, you have to be in it. Slickness is not required. Authenticity is. Ad libbing is OK. Tell the story of the project. Tell why you have the passion for this project Tell why this is important to your fans Be succinct. Viewer should get it in

    the first 10 seconds. Maximum 5 minutes. The shorter the better.

  • The Pitch Video

  • Kickstarter PrelaunchPledge Levels

    Make a low level that anyone could pledge. Most pledge levels will be for the thing. Add on rewards is how you make your goal. Add one or two lottery level rewards. You never know.


  • Kickstarter PrelaunchHow much do you ask for?

    Production cost of your thing. Production costs of your reward extras. Shipping costs for everything. Dont forget the cost of boxes for shipping. Order from 8% more for Kickstarter and Amazon fees. Taxes on the income from Kickstarter. Retail sales tax for in-state rewards.

  • Kickstarter PrelaunchUpdates

    Plan your updates before you launch. Prepare 2 or more videos. Update ideas: BTS, new pledge level, in depth story.

  • Kickstarter PrelaunchCampaign Length

    No longer than 28 days. Time it to end on a weeknight evening.

  • The CampaignPrelaunch

    Teaser posts. Email friends and family.

  • The CampaignIgnition!

    Front load as many backers as you can. The more $ you raise in the first 5 days, the greater likelihood of success. Post every few hours in the beginning. The half life of a Facebook Post is between 30 to 80 minutes.

  • The CampaignFacebook tips

    IMPORTANT FACEBOOK HACKPost an image with the campaign link. Keep the same image for every campaign post. Use a custom shortcut. Mine was Every postask to share. Way more important than asking for support.

    Post and tag your recent supporters. Change up the content. Say it a little differently each time. Dont bother with advertising.

    Post a minimum of 2x a day.

  • The Campaign

    Most of your backers will come at the beginning and the end of the campaign.Fear not the Valley of Despair.

    Time the campaign so that you can drive traffic in the last hours. Late midweek evening is good.

  • After The Campaign


    Now the fun begins!

  • After The Campaign Love your spreadsheet!

  • After The Campaign

    Throw a work party.

  • After The Campaign

    Continue the updates.Feed and water your fan base.

  • After The CampaignGo dancing!

  • Resources Good resources from Ian MacKenzie. Take his workshop when he comes to town. Another good list of Kickstarter tips. Amanda Palmers TED talk on The Art of Asking. A must watch. Kickstarter stats. My Kickstarter project. My site. Get your 2015 Contradance Calendar here! Share this!