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Hospitality Brochure for the 2015 Kangaroo Island Gourmet Gallop, Saturday 24 January 2015

Transcript of KI Gourmet Gallop 2015

  • P R O U D L Y S U P P O R T E D B YT H E K A N G A R O O I S L A N D G O U R M E T G A L L O P

    T H E R E S N O T H I N G L I K E A G O U R M E T D A Y A T T H E R A C E S !

    Lovers of great food and wine rejoice!

    The Kangaroo Island Gourmet Gallop is a treat

    for the senses. Tickle your tastebuds with the best

    produce the region has to offer and savour

    the excitement of live racing!

    Gather your friends, treat yourself to a long weekend and

    check out the other natural wonders of Kangaroo Island

    while youre here. From Seal Bay to the Ligurian Bee

    Honey Farm and fishing, sip some award winning

    Dudley Wines along the way.

    There are plenty of surprising places on wild

    and welcoming Kangaroo Island to see after

    the jockeys have hung up their boots.

    T H E B E S T T H I N G S I N L I F E A R E F R E E !

    Enjoying a day at the races has been made

    even sweeter thanks to the generosity of our

    partnership with the Dudley Wines and various Kangaroo

    Island food producers.

    Entry to the Cygnet River Racecourse and all

    the fun of the Kangaroo Island Gourmet Gallop

    costs only a gold coin donation to the

    Royal Flying Doctors Service.

    Indulge in the fine food and wine

    on offer on the day.

    K A N G A R O O I S L A N D G O U R M E T G A L L O P

    S A T U R D A Y 2 4 J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 5

    Gold coin donation, helping to raise funds

    for the Royal Flying Doctor Service

    K A N G A R O O I S L A N D SP I O N E E R W I N E R Y

    Es t a b l i s h e d 1 9 9 7

    The Gourmet Gallop Race Day is proudly sponsored by:

    Coopers, Dudley Wines, Century 21 Kangaroo Island,

    Caltex, Kildea Chemist & Betta Home Living

  • C H E E R S T O A G R E A T D A Y

    Treat yourself to a glass or two of wine from

    one of South Australias hidden gems. Kangaroo

    Island is forging a reputation for itself as home

    to some of the states best wines and the

    Kangaroo Island Gourmet Gallop is a great

    opportunity for you to sample the local fare.

    Kangaroo Island Racing Club is proud of its

    association with Coopers and is pleased to

    be able to offer their beer on course.

    L E T U S E N T E R T A I N Y O U

    Sit back, relax and enjoy the festive atmosphere

    of a day at the races. What better way to enjoy

    good food and wine than with good music?

    Well be sure to get your toes tapping with

    music playing throughout the day by Scott

    Ellson and Tim Frears.

    B O O K A M A R Q U E E

    Take your race day experience to the next level

    and book a 3m x 3m marquee for you and your

    friends. Marquees are available for hire for $120

    each and are a great idea for social clubs or

    workmates looking to set up a base on race day.

    Includes a table and 10 chairs.

    For enquiries and bookings, please contact

    Roger Williams on 0409 673 640

    F O O D F O R T H O U G H T

    The Kangaroo Island Food and Wine

    Gourmet Gallop is more than just a race day -

    its a foodies dream with some of the islands

    well known companies selling their fare by

    the track. Theres bound to be something

    to tempt every palate.

    M E N U

    2 Birds & A Squid Company - Sue Pearson

    Salt and Pepper KI Squid

    Salt and Pepper Prawns

    Ulonga lodge cafe

    KI Potato Chips

    Espresso coffee and cake

    Hannaford & Sachs

    Kevin Ewings

    Pulled Pork Taco with tomatillo Salsa

    Shredded Beef Burrito with chipotle sauce

    Chicken Chimmichanga with fresh Guacamole

    Island cheese and roasted vegetable Quesadilla

    with red pepper salsa

    David Byrne

    Fairy Floss

    Nut Sundae

    Soft Serve Ice Cream

    W I N E S

    All wines supplied by Dudley Wines

    G E T T I N G T H E R E

    Make the most of your time on Kangaroo Island and plan a

    weekends worth of fun activities - starting with the

    Kangaroo Island Gourmet Gallop, of course!

    Making travel plans couldnt be easier with SeaLink providing

    ferry transport, accommodation and tours. Tourism Kangaroo

    Island can also help you plan your time on the island.

    SeaLink Travel Group

    Ph: 13 13 01

    Tourism Kangaroo Island

    Ph: (08) 8553 1185

    South Australian

    Tourism Commission

    For more information

    Kangaroo Island Racing Club

    Cygnet River Racecourse

    PO Box 336, Kingscote SA 5223

    Roger Williams: 0409 673 640

    Mike Linscott: 0403 458 055