Keynote slides: Creating the Future of Retail

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Creating the Future of Retail Futurist Strategy advisor Author @rossdawson


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Slides for Ross Dawson's second keynote at Congreso Internacional de Retail in Lima Peru. Slides are designed to support the keynote not to stand alone. For more content see

Transcript of Keynote slides: Creating the Future of Retail

  • Creating the Future of Retail Futurist Strategy advisor Author @rossdawson
  • u ne ve n ly d is tr ib u te d - William Gibson, author The future is already here, its just
  • Shifts Crowds Presence Experience Personalization Immediacy Community Channels Strategy
  • Shifts
  • Becoming connected
  • Price visibility
  • Society becomes networked
  • Competition Flickr image: Andrew Michaels
  • Aspirations
  • Customization
  • Presence
  • The value of presence Flickr credit: Bert Kaufman
  • Destinations Flickr credit: Neils Photography
  • Linking shopping and work Flickr credit: .dh
  • Products that can be digitized
  • Dimensions of retail Freshness Immediacy of gratification Frequency of purchasing Tactility Digital component Cost Delivery cost
  • Experience Personalization Immediacy Community
  • Experience
  • Good places to hang out
  • Caring about customers
  • Bringing the digital into the physical
  • Full wall interaction
  • Store navigation
  • Experience for online buying
  • Touch and feel at a distance
  • Personalization
  • Learning about your customers
  • Watching closely
  • In-store body scanning
  • Make your own products
  • Creating your own design
  • Immediacy
  • Fast delivery
  • Pick up and drop off
  • Drone delivery
  • Delivery anywhere
  • Community
  • Enabling face-to-face connections
  • Communities around stores
  • Learning and connection
  • Online communities
  • Social shopping
  • Crowds
  • The rise of co-creation
  • Crowds create products
  • Value creation by the crowd
  • Funding by customers
  • The crowd creates and chooses
  • Open to inspiration
  • Share how they wear
  • Customers select stock
  • Setting prices by asking the crowd
  • Channels
  • Transcending the trade-off
  • Human and automated chat
  • Integrated conversations
  • Knowledge-based relationships
  • Continuously improving curation
  • Personal style relationships
  • Tapping the potential of omnichannel 1. Embrace new channels 2. Build richer human channels 3. Create convenient, powerful automated service 4. Enable seamless service visibility across channels 5. Tap the power of the crowd 6. Proactively identify service opportunities 7. Move towards an integrated organization
  • Flickr credit: Grietje Haitsma Strategy
  • Recognize change
  • Set a distinctive strategy
  • Experience Personalization Immediacy Community Map your EPIC landscape
  • Integrate multiple channels
  • Shifts Immediacy Presence Experience Personalization Community Crowds Channels Strategy
  • Getting connected