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Transcript of KEVIN DAVID CARLIN - Kevin Carlin · PDF file Project Manager Sales & Marketing manager...

  • The Resume of:


    The Forge Building Level 2, 20 Athol Street Queenstown, New Zealand 9300

    M: +61 0410 103 333 (Australia)

    M: +64 021 333 959 (New Zealand)

    F: +61 7 5522 7953

    E: [email protected]

    41 years of experience as a Chief Executive Officer, Property Developer, Real Estate Agent, Project Manager, Composer, Producer and Inventor.

  • South Island Investments Ltd.

    Development Manager

    Finance Manager

    Design Manager

    Sales Manager

    Commercial Lease Manager

    2016 – Present

    Kevin Carlin the Director and Project Manager of South Island Investments Ltd. has been creating quality developments

    with innovative concepts for 41 years. Carlin’s vision in pioneering new ideas has established a respected reputation

    and trust in creating quality projects within the South Island of New Zealand, Australia and United States. Carlin’s

    appointed team of experienced professionals will ensure that completion is delivered on time and to a high standard.


  • Carlin Enterprises Ltd.

    Chief Executive Officer

    Managing Director

    Project Manager & Developer

    Sales and Marketing Manager

    1993 to 2011

    A Property Developer of 470 home sites, houses, apartments, villas, commercial properties & mansions.

    Developments were project managed by Mr. Carlin in the United States, New Zealand and Australia.

    Refer to website:

    The Waterfront Apartments Queenstown – 16 Self-contained managed apartments

    Lakeside Estates Queenstown- Residential gated estate of 41 one acre home sites, mansions,

    Community walking track & private wharf

    Styx Mill Country Club Christchurch– 260 homes and apartments plus an extensive indoor

    swimming complex with health and fitness center, office complex and restaurant.,d.dGY&psig=AFQjCNEW4z1K4hXDi2QpLVtdQ4niz8jnoQ&ust=1448000162124139

  • Carlin Queensland Trust

    Developer & Project Manager

    Sales & Marketing Manager

    Managing Director


    2006 to 2016

    An upmarket 41 home subdivision in Harewood, Christchurch neighboring a wildlife reserve know as Riverside

    Reserve in Christchurch.

    Carlin Holdings Trust

    Trustee Managing Director


    Project Manager

    Sales & Marketing manager

    2014 to 2016

    A residential subdivision comprising of 108 townhouse sites, duplex sites and home sites with neighboring City

    Council Community Park known as PARKVIEW Estate in Glenvale, Toowoomba, QLD Australia.

    Lakeside Construction Ltd.

    Queenstown, New Zealand

    1999 – 2004

    Managing Director

    Design Manager

    Project manager

    A high quality home builder specializing in million dollar homes. Kevin Carlin has designed and project managed the

    construction of eleven mansions in the 2 – 5 million dollar price range.

  • ULTRA Properties Real Estate

    Director and Licensed Sales Agent

    2012 – 2018

    Member of the REIQ, REINSW & REAA

    Kevin Carlin is the Director and Executive Sales Agent for the Ultra Properties team. Mr. Carlin delivers 41 years of

    international experience in sales, marketing and negotiation skills. His capabilities to seek a compromise between sellers

    and buyers have resulted in the sale of many prestigious properties

    Refer to website:

    Carlin Residence

    Architectural & Interior Designer

    Owner Builder

    Project Manager


    Carlin successfully completed this owner builder project in only 6 months. The 922m2 residence on 2.5 acres included

    excavation, concrete block, steel frame build, interior fit out, and swimming pool with landscaping.

    South Island Music Ltd.

    1999 – 2009



    Project and tour Manager

    Producer of Music albums, films and commercials

    A boutique record company established to promote Carlin’s original music and sound tracks.

    The company produced and marketed CD’s, television commercials and Television programs.

    Indoor and outdoor concert tours for thousands in audience were organized and Managed by Mr. Carlin. Funds raised

    we donated to Children’s Charity. The Carlin Princess of Wales Tribute album has not yet been released internationally.,d.dGY&psig=AFQjCNEW4z1K4hXDi2QpLVtdQ4niz8jnoQ&ust=1448000162124139

  • Carlin Manufacturing.

    1983 – 1993

    Chief Executive Officer

    Project Manager

    Inventor obtaining U.S. Patents

    Sales and Marketing Director

    Mr. Carlin led the industry in America with the design and manufacture of high volume mobile kitchens and emergency

    service vehicles.

    On 28 September 1993 Mr. Carlin was granted U.S. Patent number Des. 339,870 for his Mobile Containerized Field

    Kitchen invention. This Field Kitchen was designed and invented by Mr. Carlin after the Desert Storm military operations

    in Kuwait.

    Carlin Manufacturing designed and built mobile kitchens, mobile command and communication units, forest fire fighter

    mobile shower facilities, decontamination units, and modular buildings that contained restaurants. Carlin delivered its

    modular buildings and mobile kitchens to 34 of the United States and to ten countries worldwide over the course of ten

    years. As the sole owner of this company, Mr. Carlin negotiated and sold the company to a firm listed on the New York

    Stock Exchange. Mr. Carlin had the opportunity to sit on the board of Directors of the company which included members

    such as Hillary Clinton and Mack McLarty, the Chief of Staff to United States President Bill Clinton.

    Carlin Manufacturing remains in business today after 33 years.

    Refer to website:

  • Carlin Catering.

    1981 – 1988

    Owner – Manager

    Executive Chef

    Carlin Catering was established to provide food service for weddings and large corporate events for up to 2,000

    guests as well as back stage food service to celebrities and bands performing in concert. Mr. Carlin catered to over 80

    celebrities and bands including Ozzie Osbourne, Olivia Newton John, John Travolta, Men at Work, Van Halen and the

    Police. During his time as a mobile caterer he discovered the need for a high volume mobile kitchen and built his first

    unit in 1982. This discovery lead to his founding of the Carlin Manufacturing business.

    Kenwood Depot Restaurant.

    1977 – 1980

    Owner (49%)

    General Manager

    Mr. Carlin graduated from a Chef’s school near San Francisco California. After cooking in a resort for two years he then

    was hired as a chef for Hilton Hotels in Central California. In 1977, at the age of 23 he began the architectural design,

    menu planning and fund raising to build a large 200 seat restaurant and show room for live music. When Mr. Carlin sold

    his share of the business, it provided him with the capital to build and open 2 additional restaurants and his own Catering

    Business withou