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We are Amazon & Flipkart Authorised service providers for Product Development, Listing & Cataloguing , Account Reinstatement, Brand Building, account health management services in India .for taking services call at +91-827-931-4960 or visit at

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KETSAAL“You name it

We Do it”

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About Us

When it comes to online selling Amazon, Snapdeal or Flipkart we understand your confusion, pressure of sale and various challenges faced. We offer a complete range of services that will help you to stay up and running and avoid the pitfalls and the unnecessary expenses in doing experiments.

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Services Market Place Promotions Analytics Guaranteed Sale Launching New Account Listing Cataloguing Brand Building Account Health Management Guaranteed Sales Agreement Product Market Research Product Development Accounting Account Reinstatement

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Market Place PromotionsMarket Place Promotions refers to advertising through digital channels like search engines, websites, social media, email, and it even includes mobile apps. In today's era of e-commerce having a good knowledge of Marketplace, Promotion is the key to success and here at Ketsaal, we assure you in achieving that success.

It is the channel to promote your products and in the case of e-commerce, it is the most essential one

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AnalyticsWe understand the fact that Ecommerce is a very competitive domain, and the creation of on-demand reports is vital to accommodate dynamic situations. Also, the fact that managing and influencing the traffic on an online shopping portal is not an easy task. Hence we bring to the table, easy-to-implement solutions, which are likely to have a positive impact on your sales.

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We tell you what is the best-selling product in the best selling market of India and also promise to provide Guaranteed Sales and a 100 % money-back guarantee if we won't achieve the targets. 

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Launching New Account

Online sellers in launching their businesses and profiting them in all possible ways is one of the service we offer to our valuable clients We help you to launch your accounts on more than one portal without wasting your worthy efforts, precious time and cost in understanding the working of the new portal with a promise of Guaranteed sales from the very first day.

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Listing & Cataloguing plays the most crucial role in the case of online shopping, it gives the customer insight about the product. The physical appearance of the product, the MRP, Selling Price, Proper detailed and valid description of the products.

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Brand Building

Ketsaal offers you to build your brand and trust value which will last for years. We also safeguard your brand from all the breaches and mapping so by no means you face any damage on your brand value.

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Account health management taking care of performance in terms of ratings, negative or positive feedbacks, a number of breached orders, all these factors affect the performance matrix or your account’s health.

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Ketsaal we have the team of experts who dedicatedly helped dozens of clients in generating profits and building their brands (in the span of 3 months). Our team of experts analyzes your seller account, then make precise strategies tailor-made to suit your business, industry, and needs and then present the guaranteed result on the table. After doing a thorough study of our client's seller account we present them the custom made solution along the time period (max of 3 months) and give the assurance via legal Guaranteed Sales Agreement, either to provide guaranteed sales on Amazon and Flipkart or to give 100% money back to them.

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Product market research

Product market research is the most crucial step before entering any business, in any new market, or before launching any new product on the E-commerce marketplace like Amazon and Flipkart. Knowing about how demanding the product is in the market, what is the competition what would be the lowest and highest price, is all necessary and required to study before setting up any business.

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Our expert team generate ideas, screen it, test it then make an appropriate selling strategy for it, study the whole market, take care of technical designing, marketing and advertising and in the end present a product which will not only generate profits but make you stand out on the e-commerce platform like never before

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Accounting is not limited to the financial payment cycle but also includes account reconciliation i.e, maintaining the record of inventory, orders, returns, returns which are lost in transit, claims against the damaged returns.

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your Amazon account reinstated with our Experts. At ketsaal, we have a team of eCommerce seller support employees who have huge experience in the field of reinstating and appealing for the suspension of your Amazon seller account.

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