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  1. 1. KempLittleConsulting
  2. 2. Legal, consultancyand technologytogether. Forproblems that dontrespect boundaries_
  3. 3. Kemp Little Consulting is aninnovative consultancy operatingat the intersection of technology,law and consulting.In combination with Kemp Little -the leading technology and digitalmedia law firm - we undertake a widerange of technology-related projects.The evolving business landscapeplaces supreme importance onthe often competing values ofstrategy, delivery and compliance.We seamlessly combine legal,technology and consulting expertiseand resolve any conflict betweenthese three elements. When anunderstanding of critical legal issuesat the design, planning, procurementand implementation stage of a projectis key to success, we provide theideal solution.We benefit from Kemp Littlestechnology expertise and the firmsexperience in working with companiesbuying, using or having technologyin their DNA.Kemp Little Consulting in collaborationwith Kemp Little legal help any businessneeding to implement technology ortake a new strategic direction in theareas of:n Sourcing and procurementn Bid support and engagementmanagementn Data rights, location, securityand compliancen Cloud services procurementn Regulatory risk and compliancen IT Dispute prevention and recoveryn Digital marketing andsocial media managementn IP/patent strategy andvalue managementn Business and IT Strategyn Cloud-enabled HR solutionsn Developing European businessClients benefit from combined legaland consulting advice thats genuinelyjoined up, easier to use, more efficientand better value than services offeredthrough traditional approaches.A pioneering consultancy
  4. 4. A different way of workingWe deliver advice on the basis ofagreed budget estimates combinedwith alternative charging methods,rather than traditional time andmaterials based arrangements.Projects include the provision ofproprietary solutions deliveredalongside innovative technologyand legal solution providers.Kemp Little Consulting builds onand enhances Kemp Littles specialistfocus on technology and digital mediarelated law. The consulting serviceswe provide extend the scope of KempLittles current legal services and allowus to help clients at a wider and deeperlevel through:n Assisting throughout a projectslifecycle and providing consultingservices before, alongside andafter the time when legal advicewould normally be providedn Offering seamless interactionbetween consulting, projectdelivery and legal servicesn Offering access to leading,industry recognised technologyexpertise in multiple disciplinesn Adding greater value andcreating deeper and longer-termclient relationshipsn Providing solutions that suitboth General Counsel requirementsand the broader business aims ofCXO-level clients.The collaboration betweenKemp Little and Kemp LittleConsulting delivers a uniquestrategic and commercialproposition for any business using,buying or supplying technology.Our clientsWe work with a wide range ofbusinesses, but they tend to fall intoone of the following categories:n Established technology suppliers,especially those wishing to breakinto, or increase their presence in,increasingly regulated marketsn New and dynamic technologysuppliers, especially those wantingspecialist business and legal supportin order to break into large-scalecorporate or regulated marketsn Major technology users and buyersneeding help with the selection,deal engineering, negotiation,transitioning and management ofmajor technology- and businessprocess-related procurements.n Professional services organisationsincluding accounting, majorconsulting and systems integrationfirms, law firms and other largeprofessional services firmstaking on major IT strategy orimplementation projects.We also help any business needingadvice on other business criticalissues at the intersection oftechnology, consulting and thelaw such as data rights, location,security and compliance IP;regulatory risk and compliance; andIT dispute prevention and mitigation.
  5. 5. site/staffChris WrayPartnerddi +44 (0) 207 710 [email protected] OdellPartnerddi +44 (0) 207 710 [email protected] GozmanAcademic Advisorddi +44 (0) 207 710 [email protected] MorelAssociateddi +44 (0) 207 710 [email protected] FenwickAssociateddi +44 (0) 207 710 [email protected] teamKemp Little Consulting is headedup by partners Chris Wray andJim Odell. Chris Wray was a partnerat Arthur Andersen and Deloitteand founded Andersen BusinessConsulting. Jim Odell was a VP atTata Consultancy Services beforebecoming the lead partner inAccentures offshore public sectoroutsourcing practice. Kemp LittleConsulting also provides deeplevel expertise via the associateslisted opposite and throughClustre; a powerful network ofinnovative technology services,cloud application and consultingproviders. Kemp Little partners andassociates work in collaborationwith Kemp Little Consulting toprovide powerful teams offering aunique combination of knowledge,insight, expertise and experience.For further information on eachmember of the team, please go HaiderAssociateddi +44 (0) 207 710 [email protected] McLachlanAssociateddi +44 (0) 207 710 [email protected] KulasingamAssociateddi +44 (0) 207 710 [email protected] ShahAssociateddi +44 (0) 207 710 [email protected] CunninghamAssociateddi +44 (0) 207 710 [email protected]
  6. 6. Get in touchTo find out more about Kemp Little Consulting or to discuss how wemight help with your project please contact Chris Wray or Jim [email protected]@kemplittle.com020 76008080If you would like to visit us, we can be found here:Kemp Little ConsultingCheapside House138 CheapsideLondon EC2V 6BJGoogle Maps - 2013 GooglePlease also see our website for lots more information aboutKemp Little Consulting and our services.www.kemplittleconsulting.comKemp Little Consulting LLP is a business and technologyconsulting firm and does not provide legal advice.