Kelp/Brown Algae

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Kelp/Brown Algae. By: Marie-Louise Posch. Kelp. Kelp – general term for 124 species of brown algae. Classified in the Kingdom Chromista or Protista. (0:28) (3:04). Kelp Forest. Structure. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Kelp/Brown Algae

  • By: Marie-Louise Posch

  • KelpKelp general term for 124 species of brown algae. Classified in theKingdom Chromista or Protista. (0:28) (3:04)Kelp Forest

  • StructureThe kelp plant has three parts: the blade (the leaf-like structure), the stipe (the stem-like structure), and the holdfast (root-like structure)Holdfasts grip substrates Blades are buoyed by air bladdersDo not dry up at low tide because cell walls contain a mucilaginous, water retaining materialKelp

  • FunctionKelp grows in forests, which can be made of more than one species Provides habitat and food for marine life including fish, invertebrates, marine mammals, and birdsA good source of protein, iodine, and ironProtects the body from heavy toxic metals The sodium alginate in kelp helps prevent absorption of radioactive strontium 90

  • Brown AlgaeThe largest, most complex type of algaeContains chlorophyll a and c The pigment fucoxanthin gives it its colorAir bladders help the blades float to allow for maximum sunlight absorption.

    Brown Algae

  • StructureHavechloroplasts surrounded by four membranes, suggesting an origin between basal eukaryotes and another eukaryoteDevelop into multicellular forms with differentiated tissues, but they reproduce by flagellate spores and gametesBrown Algae

  • FunctionFood source for fish, gastropods, and sea urchins.Benthic (bottom-dwelling) organisms benefit when pieces of it sink to the sea floorCommon uses include food thickeners, stabilizers, and fillers. Also used in pharmaceuticalsContains chemicals called alginates that are used to thicken certain products like toothpaste and ice cream.

  • Review QuestionsWhat are the three parts of a kelp plant?blade, stipe, and holdfastWhat is the function of an air bladder?help the blades float to allow for sunlight absorptionName some common uses of brown algae by peoplefood thickeners, stabilizers, pharmaceuticals, and fillersName two ways kelp benefits marine life? Food source and habitatHow does brown algae reproduce?by flagellate spores and gametesWhat is unique about the structure of brown algae?Havechloroplasts surrounded by four membranes