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The official end of year newsletter for Ruby PSHS Batch 2015.

Transcript of Keeping Sanity

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    beginning to doubt the possibility of finding anything of scientific or historical im-

    portance in this site.

    According to Dr. Astley, if we fail to produce anything of interest by next week, he

    will shut our program down.

    Day 67

    What we unearthed today sparked everybodys fascination and interest! No one would be-lieve in its existence until they see it with their own eyes!

    We found a large gem, the size of a watermelon, already perfectly cut and polished. And

    buried in dirt at a depth of 48 feet! Absolutely astounding!

    The gem itself was blood red and seemed to glow from the inside. As of right now, the

    archaeology students are studying it in the

    What was that noise? I must see what has happened.

    I cannot believe this! Those inept fools! Those atrocious baboons! Have they got abyss-

    es of nothingness in their skulls? I leave them alone for less than ten minutes and al-

    ready they have caused all our hard work to become meaningless, fruitless!

    It has been shattered! The gem, our only hope for keeping this program running, de-

    stroyed! Utterly destroyed!

    Oh, the student evaluations their professors will be getting from me! Ha! Wait till

    their professors find out! They shall never graduate once Im through with them! The most interesting site they will ever excavate in will be in the sand box of a toddler.

    I will

    Agh, those nincompoops are calling for me. What more do they want?

    Unbelievable! Among the rubble, the remains of the ruby, there were the tiniest crea-

    tures I have ever beheld.

    They appeared human, but no larger than any of my fingers. It seemed as if they were

    quite relieved to be out of the bounds of such a crystalline prison.

    The students did observe how they seemed rather loopy. They all looked rather frazzled

    and disturbed.

    One of the most interesting things about the matter is that we found miniscule scraps

    of paper, all of them marked. Apparently, they had been writing!

    By Jove, when Dr. Astley sees this, he will surely double budget of the program!

    Ah, bless those young ones and their creativity! Such bright youths! Discovering that

    ruby was all well and good, but these people and their writings are wholly amazing!

    Day 68

    Today, we did not bother digging. Instead, all of us were occupied with translating and

    transcribing the writings on the paper.

    We spoke to the leader of those little people, and surprisingly enough, she was able to

    speak in English!

    The rest of these papers, you will see, are the translated writings, obviously en-

    larged. According to them, they were quite at the brink of insanity



    Terrifying Realizations and Reassuring Thoughts By Lia Tadiar

    This year has been difficult. This year has been tiring. This year has changed lives. And this year is about to end.

    In about two months, a new school year will replace it, and it will be flinging more challenges at every

    aspect of our lives.

    It wont be too bad, will it? Were used to all the stress and the sleep deprivation and the failure and the

    burdens. We have already faced those obstacles. In fact, we didnt just face them; we beat them, we conquered

    them. Wont it be the same next year?

    I think not. No, it wont quite be the same. I realized something terrible. The prospect of going on to se-

    cond year is horrifying! It could be exponentially harder. Yes, weve all been warned about the gargantuan work-

    load next year. We know about the more difficult projects, and we are aware that we will be tackling three differ-

    ent branches of science at the same time. But those things arent the things that make second year seem so in-


    Actually, the terrifying realization I made was this: we wont be classmates next year.

    Just the thought of that actually made me dread the end of this school year.

    The next year means that all my good Ruby friends and I will drift apart. Next year means having to repeat

    that tedious process of socializing. Next year means having to be stuck in a room full of strangers. Next year

    means that Ill be that annoying girl everyone hates. Next year means that Ill fail and get kicked out of school

    and live the remainder of my sad life as a withdrawn hermit in the middle of a forest, living amongst the mush-

    rooms rejected by society.

    Wait, that last one is ridiculous.

    No, actually, all of that is ridiculous. Its a bunch of hogwash! (He he, I finally got to use that word.


    Well, I am not going to cut that out of this editorial, as stupid as it is. And why not, you say? Because I

    want to show you that I am as scared as you probably are.

    To sum it up, I have all these irrational fears and apprehensions about the year to come.

    Right now, it feels like someone finally smacked some sense into me. And I have the bump to prove it.

    Why did I think that a change in classmates would alter the relationships I have? Why did I think that the

    friends I have now will be lost because we dont have the same time tables? Why do I keep repeating the same

    sentence structures? (I should really stop that.)

    I should know that the bonds I made this year are strong. Whats that clichd line again? Was it, Once in

    Ruby, always in Ruby? Because its true. Our friendship is solid. There is absolutely nothing to fear.

    Despite how annoying some of us can get, and how often we say we hate someone, Ruby wouldnt be

    the same without this odd mash-up of the most dynamic personalities one will ever see.

    Dont forget to be awesome,








    About This Little Stack of Paper By Ace Yorobe and Joan Chua

    The class magazine, we believe, is a product of Ruby's

    hard work. It is an amazing compilation of the creative

    works of the students of this section. Surely, this experience

    is one of the most unforgettable for me because our writers

    absolutely blew our minds with their stunning pieces of lit-

    erature and we are assuring you that they will fill you

    with awe as you read the product of their broad imagination.

    It is not always that an opportunity like this

    comes. It is a rather uncommon chance for us to be able to

    collaborate with our friends and classmates during the mak-

    ing of this work. For me this would be a great moment to let

    our writing capabilities shine. The result itself will be a

    work of beauty, but it is what we learned that will make this

    project valuable and make it a work of art.

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    The world is an interesting thing to observe, nature itself unfolding in the briskest yet most gradual manner possible. Every moment is one of movement, every second one of action. Yet in Lifes haste to replace old moments with the new, some of these seconds are blurred out, brushed aside, treated as though it had been just another second of a guy on an airplane. In Lifes haste, we forget the importance of a lot of what has come and gone. In Lifes haste, we forget moments, mo-ments that had been precious to us before, but are now hanging at the back of the wardrobe, collecting dust, unremembered. And to think these events meant mean a lot to us. Everything is fleeting everything only needs to walk a few steps to fall off the cliff and be lost forever. All the mo-ments cherished can soon be pulled down into the depths of the ocean below, resting with the fishes when it truly deserves a better fate. So how does one make it last? Simple. One writes. All the efforts made, all the work done, all the greatness, made immortal by the flick of a pen on a sheet of paper. Eve-rything made stone, everything realized, remembered. The truth made known. We live in a world where our own actions may soon be forgotten, the ever-changing world brushing aside memories of what once was. Indeed, everything must be kept in our heads, not to disregard the past. Indeed, everything must be re-membered, cherished, for an event is a work of nature, a masterpiece, and one must not handle it lightly. Indeed, everythings a story to be told.

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    Rubys Acquaintance Party By Onzo Hernandez

    Students from the class of I-Ruby held their Acquaintance Party on the 22nd of June 2011 at the ASTB (Advanced Science and Technology Building) Hall.

    During the Acquaintance Party, students from I-Ruby got to know more things about their newfound friends. They played games like Ninja. There were numbers performed by Jason Olaya, Julia Esma, and Jolo Fernando showcased their talent in singing. We also sent invitation letters to our subjects teachers to come and join in the party. Some of the teachers went to the party and had fun with the whole class.

    The food that was provided by the parents of our classmates were of different kinds and there were some food that some of us didnt even know about, like the Du-

    man from Tarlac which was brought by Jethro Racelis.

    The activities given by the BBSC (Big Brother and Sister Circle) during the first day of school were not enough to make the students know each other so there is a need for an Acquaintance Party.

    The Acquaintance Party let the students connect with each other and learn more about each other and to show your talent.

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    Harmless Cat Terrorizes Girl

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