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Kayla Bliss is an upcoming R&B singer who uses her music to empower the youth.

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  • Who is Kayla ? Kayla Bliss , to say she is up next would be an under statement, as a artist who has managed to build a extraordinary track record she clearly is up NOW. When asked what makes her different from other female artist she responds I am crazy, they are normal. Crazy in the sense of how passionate she is about her craft. Whether rocking an event at a local venue, writing for a cause or recording in Jamaica, Kayla gives the audience all of her with every lyric she writes and sings. This young, dedicated and witty young lady is what the entertainment field is missing. Through her music she showcases that Love is her religion. Her music shows people how powerful love is, she quotes when you have love inside of you, you want to feed the hungry, heal the sick, and educate the uneducated.

  • Kayla Blisss Artistry

    What Is Kayla Made of :


    -Free Provocative

  • What do the stats say ?

    Face The Music Vol 1: 5000 downloads, first week. (January 2010)

    Underground Music Award Winner

    Without a verified artist account Kaylas tweet have reached over 19,000 profiles within a 50 tweet margin.

  • Quotes from Kayla

    When I die, I dont want to be buried. I want to be made into a diamond. We bury things we want to forget. I dont want to be forgotten. I want to be seen.

    I hope that Im given the platform to tell my stories, and say the things that people have been waiting to hear.

  • www.kaylablissonline.com www.twitter.com/MsKaylaBliss www.facebook.com/MsKaylaBliss Contact Kayla : BlissInquiries@gmail.com Book Kayla : Sky@SofTouchEntertainment.com