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  • karmen pitts

  • Your work is going to fill a large part of your life,

    and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to

    love what you do. Like any great relationship,

    it just gets better and better as the years roll on...

    Steve Jobs

    The first thing you need to know about me is that I am a mom of two and a loving wife but my obsession for as long as I can remember has been design. I love it, anything and everything to do with getting a

    person to say,

    Oh wow, look how they did that... gets me excited. Weather its on fabric, paper, digital or incorporated on a cleaver free bee, Im always inspired by my environment. Typography is one of my little obsessions, collecting fonts and finding ways to use them is so much fun, unfortunately not all corporate platforms allow for eccentric choices but I try and push the envelope whenever the opportunity arises.

    I consider myself to be a self motivated person who is passionate about graphics and desk top publishing. I thoroughly enjoy taking raw artwork and putting it into a final format that is both visually pleasing and exciting. I love what I do and keep up to date with international publishing trends.

    I have dabbled in all sorts of design and in particular have done a lot of digital work, dealing with web design and development. I have training in advanced web development and therefor full knowledge of html, css and cms systems, I found this quite handy when designing artwork that is destined for the digital platform. You will see from my portfolio that Ive worked in both corporate and retail as well as done stationary for events such as weddings. I feel that I am a well rounded desinger with some substantial experience under my belt.

    I am a peoples person and enjoy working with creatives as I find the bouncing around of ideas gets one motivated about projects. Its not all fun though and I find that when one is organized, manages time as well as planning a project it cultivates a environment of structure that is imperative to reaching deadlines and achieving goals. Being this way in my daily work is not just out of necessity but I find it easier to cope with daily pressures as well as helps when the unplanned happens.

    So to end off I say that design is my obsession, people are my inspiration and my career is a vehicle to experience it all.

    4 Brunel Close Edgemead7441

    C | 082 604 6302E | kamenpitts@gmail.com

    ID | 7802090153083


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    logosThese logos represent a small, varied sampling of the logos Ive designed for clientele over the years. I like to get to know the type of business what they are all about and really feel the vibe of the company before I start on the design as it really helps when selecting a font, colours and layout. Each logo needs to represent the nature and feel of the company and needs to be as unique as the client that Im designing for.

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    WCEMSWestern Cape Electrical Metering Services


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    menusMenus are fun to do. When I start looking at doing one I like to check out the venue for the vibe and decor and take my inspiration from that. When using images for the menu its important to me to use product that they actually sell, so over the years Ive learnt to do a little photography as its not always within a clients budget to hire a photographer. I feel as a patron I like to see what Im eating not some stock image that is nothing like what I get on my plate. Going this extra mile really is appreciated by both my clients and their customers. When designing a menu its always important to take into consideration the importance of font scale and cleanness.

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    postersThis is the media that I get to play the most with typography, images and layout. It really pushes all of my skills as I deal with photography; deep etching and DTP elements. Canvas sizes have ranged from A1, A3 and even 2.5m banners. A lot of the campaigns are event date orientated so design is fast paced and deadlines are tight.

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    html mailersDesigning for html mailers is quite different as optimising mailers is quite a mix of technical and digital design know how. Knowing what to keep static images and what to keep text will make all the difference in the reach of a campaign. A firm knowledge in coding and digital design is a must when setting up mailers. Adhering to anti spaming laws and regulations are a must and all of this needs to be taken into account when one plans a campaign.

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    printIn this section Ive tried to give you a collection of different work that ive done things like table talkers; menus; competition entry forms; article layouts for catalogues and magazines; gift vouchers; editorial advertisements; brochure folders. All of this design was done with basic print media elements in mind such as print safe; bleed and colour formats.

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    digital invitesA lot of these have been done as favours for friends and family. Its a small spin off of design that Ive enjoyed. Quick little artworks that have been fun and aloud me to play with colour and typography.

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    websitesAlthough this is not my main focus of my career Ive found that being able to do basic coding and understanding web development has really helped me over the years. Some sites have been designed in Dreamweaver as well as in CMS sites such as Wix.com, that offer easy, self manageable solutions for clients not wanting to spend a fortune on constantly updating their sites. With regards to web Ive found that keeping things simple and clean has always worked for me and keeps people interested in your site and promotes your product more effectively. Simple navigation and straight forward design really makes for a well designed site.

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  • karmen pitts