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2. DECLARATION I, the undersigned, hereby declare that the Project Report entitled CONSUMERBEHAVIOUR OF HYBRID MAIZE SEEDS AND STUDY OF HYBRID MAIZE MARKET POTENTIALOF SOLAPUR DISTRICT. Written and submitted by me to the University of Pune, inpartial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of degree of Master of BusinessAdministration under the guidance of Prof. Ganesh Tannuis my original work andthe conclusions drawn therein are based on the material collected by myself.Place: PuneAmol P. JadhavDate: (Research Student) 3. CERTIFICATE This is to certify that, Mr. Amol Prabhakar Jadhav is a bonafied student ofAditya Institute of Management, Pune for the M.B.A program affiliated to University ofPune for the academic year 2009-2011. The Project entitled Consumer Behaviour of Hybrid Maize Seeds and Study ofHybrid Maize Market Potential of Solapur District is the original work student hascarried out on the basis of authentic information under my guidance.Prof. Manoj. W. MegharajaniProf. Ganesh TannuDirector Project Guide 4. ACKNOWLEDGEMNETAny accomplishment requires the effort of many people and this work is no different. Itgives me an immense pleasure while submitting this dissertation. For partial fulfillmentof award Master of Business Administration. Every trainee expects a lot thing from theeminent scholars and leading authorities of company and I am not an exception.I would first and foremost thank the Pune University for designing such a precise andpractical course.I would like to express my sincere gratitude towards Mr. Sameer Jadhav (GeneralManager), for providing me with this opportunity to work with the esteemedorganization, KRISHIDHAN SEED Ltd. and I would also like to thank Mr. Sachin Patil(Product promotion and extension manager) for guiding me throughout the course of thisproject.I would like to express my deepest sense of gratitude to Dr. Manoj Meghrajni and Prof.Ganesh Tannu for playing the ideal mentor and being a constant source of inspirationthroughout at AIM. It is like a boon for me that I have got such kind of knowledgeableguide. I am unable to find words to convey my gratitude towards him contribution. Ithank him from the depth of my heart.Last but not the least my sincere thanks to other staff members of Krishidhan seeds andall the Dealers and Farmers for their sincere co-operation in collection the necessarydetails required for the completion of this report. I would also like to thank all of myfriends and all others who have directly or indirectly helped me in the successfulcompletion of this project. 5. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYIn todays competitive world for retaining in the market it is very necessary to have goodknowledge of the consumer buying behaviour and the information regarding the activitiesof competitors existing in the market so that we can plan our each activity according tothat. Also it is necessary to know the retailer expectation from the company. The project is CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR OF HYBRID MAIZE SEEDS ANDSTUDY OF HYBRID MAIZE MARKET POTENTIAL OF SOLAPUR DISTRICT.This project is carried out for Krishidhan Seeds Limited, Pune, one of the leading seedcompanies in India, engaged in production of different crop seeds.The study deals with different objectives. The first objective of the project was to studythe consumer buying behaviour of hybrid maize consumer for that we have to understandthe customer needs, Income, constraints, response and emotions. The second objective ofthis study was to analyze buying behaviour of existing customer of Hybrid maize inSolapur.It was essential to know the feedback of retailers and farmers in order to formulateeffective marketing and sales strategies in future and improve the quality to increase themarket share with better consumer satisfaction.The data has been collected by visiting to farmers and retailersto know the consumerbuying behaviour and identifying the factors, which effect on consumer buyingbehaviour. For this purpose structured questionnaire has been usedThe descriptive design had been used to collect and analyze the data. In data analysistools like table, bar chart, pie chart had been used.After the due analysis, it has been found that the most of farmer are preferring highyielding variety and they are changing seeds at every time of growing.With this in theresearcher can conclude that there is need to increase the awareness aboutKrishidhan maize seeds to increase market share. 6. INDEXPageSr. No.ContentNo. Executive Summery1Introduction12 Profile of Organization43 Literature Review264 Research Methodology 405 Analysis And Interpretation of Data516 Observations And Findings727Suggestions 748Conclusion769Bibliography7810 Appendices80 7. List of TablesTable Page Name of the TableNo. No.1 Product of Krishidhan Seeds Ltd. 142 Notified high yielding maize composites/hybrids193 Area, Production & Yield of Maize in India 244 Factors Influencing Buying Behaviour 295 Seeds Available in Shop526 Companys maize seed available in shop 537 Ranking of company according to sale of seed 558 Reason behind Selection of Brand by farmer 569 Dealer Suggest KSL maize seeds 5710 Dealers Margin satisfaction 5811 Effect of Margin on dealer sale 5912 Commonly Observed Promotional Activity6013 Ranking of company according to sales promotion 6114 Farmers Purpose of Growing Maize6215 Season Of growing maize 6316 Awareness of KSL maize seed 6417 Effect of Promotional Activity on Farmer6518 Promotion activity affecting purchase behaviour of farmer 6619 Source of information to farmer 6720 Factor considered by farmer while purchasing hybrid maize seed6821 Frequency of seed change by farmer6922 Yield satisfaction of farmer with currently using variety 7023 Maize Seed demand and supply (in Qt.) 7124 Hybrid maizeMarket potential of Solapur district71 8. List of FigurePageFig. no.Name of FigureNo. 1 Karwa group of industries 9 2 Maize variety Maharaja11 3 Maize variety Narendra12 4 Maize variety Golden Gun12 5 Maize variety Dhawal13 6 Maize variety KDMH-01713 7 Global Corn acerage and Production22 8 Major corn Producing countries23 9 Maize Area & Production in India2510 Yield of Maize in India 2511 Black box model of consumer buying behaviour2812 Seeds Available in Shop 5213 Companys maize seed available in shop5414 Ranking of company according to sale of seed5515 Reason behind Selection of Brand by farmer5616 Dealer Suggest KSL maize seeds5717 Dealers Margin satisfaction 5818 Effect of Margin on dealer sale 5919 Commonly Observed Promotional Activity6020 Ranking of company according to sales promotion 6121 Farmers Purpose of Growing Maize6222 Season Of growing maize 6323 Awareness of KSL maize seed 6424 Effect of Promotional Activity on Farmer6525 Promotion activity affecting purchase behaviour of farmer 6626 Source of information to farmer 6727 Factor considered by farmer while purchasing hybrid maize seed6828 Frequency of seed change by farmer6929 Yield satisfaction of farmer with currently using variety 7030 Hybrid maizeMarket potential of Solapur district71 9. CHAPTER: 1INTRODUCTION 10. 1.1BACKGROUNDConsumer behaviour may be defined as the acts of individuals in obtaining and usinggoods and services including both the ultimate consumer and the purchaser of theindustrial goods. Our approach is to view consumer behaviour, we must examine theevents that precede and follow from the purchase act. Consumer behaviour results fromindividual and environmental influences. Consumer often influences goods and serviceswith they want to accept is therefore determined by the individuals psychologicalmakeup and influences of others. The duel influence has been summarized in thefollowing simplified equation of the S. B = F (P, E)Consumer Behaviour (B) is, therefore the results of the interaction of the consumerspersonnel influences (P) and the environment (E), understanding consumer behaviourrequires that we understand the nature of these influences. The four basic determinants ofconsumer behaviour are the individual needs motives, perception and attitudes. Theinteraction of these factors with the influences of the environmental cause of theconsumer act. The starting point in the purchases decision process is the recognition offelt need. A need is the simply lack of something useful. Everybody is motivated byneeds and wants. The consumer is typically confronted with numerous unsatisfied needs.Some needs are physiological while others are his relationship with others. Wants arebasic these are learned during the courses of the individuals life. When a need or want isnot satisfied, it needs to drive, the drive state is one of the satisfaction his drive, motivesare inner attention that direct us towards the goal of satisfying a fall need.1.2 INTRODUCTION OF THE TOPICThe purpose of this research was to have practical experience of working within theorganization, in the field of marketing and to have exposure to the important managementpractices in field of marketing.While writing this report the language has been keep simple and the entire discussion hasbeen logical and has coherent outlines. The main motto of the project work wasCONSUMER BEHAVIOUR OF HYBRID MAIZE SEEDS AND STUDY OF HYBRID MAIZE 11. MARKETPOTENTIAL OF SOLAPUR DISTRICT. It includes through market Research in. Itincludes consumer buying behaviour analysis, by surveying number of farmers anddealer. The project report is divided into two parts, first part consist market research forfinding out the factor affect consumer buying behaviour, and s