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Comparative study of GODAVARI RIVER and THAMES RIVER in BritainGuidelines Origin and ExtensionClimate and RainfallFlora and FaunaMain cites on its bank Main attractionOrigin and Extension of Godavari RiverThe Godavari is a river in south-central India. It starts in the western state of Maharashtra and flows through the southern states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh before reaching the Bay of Bengal. It forms one of the largest river basins in India. With a length of 1465km, it is the second longest river in India, after the GangesOrigin and Extension of Thames River It is originated from THAMES ESTUARY, NORTH SEA . The Thames river extended to KEMBLE,U.K

About 60% of the stations exhibited increasing trends in different durations: the month of December and post-monsoon season (the months of July and September and monsoon season) indicating the presence of an element of seasonal cycle in temperature over the Godavari basin. Temperature over the Godavari basin were not homogeneous for different months or at different stations. Climate and Rainfall of Godavari River

Climate and Rainfall of Thames RiverLondon is defined by its relationship to the physical landscape although it can sometimes be hard to see the wood for the trees in this urban jungle. Throughout daytime temperatures will generally reach highs of around 23C that's about 74F. At night the average minimum temperature drops down to around 14C, that's 56F.the temperature is hot here

Flora The predominant mangrove species include Avicennia marina, Suaeda spp., Rhizophora spp., and Bruguiera spp. These have a thick canopy and an undergrowth of climbing plants and shrubs.

Fauna Wildlife such as the saltwater, molluscs, shrimp, crabs and fish as well as 140 bird species, including the threatened Lesser Florican (Eupodotis indica), best known for the male birds' leaping breeding displays, and large communities of aquatic birds such as egrets, flamingoes (Phoenicoptreus spp.), spot-billed pelicans (Pelecanus philippensis), spoonbills (Platalea spp.), and painted storks (Mycteria leucocephala).

Flora and Fauna of Godavari RiverFlora and Fauna of Thames RiverWildlife Dragonflies, moths, land and water beetles, flies such as hoverfly, molluscs such as water snail, Roesel's bush cricket, the wormwood and the Duffley's Bell-head Spider. The river is also host to some crustaceans, including the signal crayfish and the Chines Mitten Crab.

BirdsVarious species of birds feed off the river or nest on it. These include Cormorant, Black-headed Gull, Herring Gull and Mute Swan. Geese and ducks can be seen including the Canada Geese, Egyptian Geese, the Bar-headed Geese, the Mallard Duck, Mandarin Duck and the Wood Duck

Main cities on the bank of Godavari RiverNashikTrimbakeshwarKopargaonPuntambaSironcha

Basra, Nirmal, AdilabadDharmapuri, Karimnagar Kaleshwaram, KarimnagarMancherial, AdilabadChennur, Adilabad

In the state of MaharashtraIn the state of Andhra PradeshMain cities on the bank of Thames River Main cities on the bankOf Thames river are:CrickladeLechladeOxfordWindsor Walton on ThamesTeddingtonLondon

Main Attraction of Godavari RiverBhadrachalam - Hindu Temple of Lord Rama.Dharmapuri, Andhra Pradesh - Hindu Temple of Lord Narasimha.Kaleshwaram - Sri Kaleswara Mukhteswara swamy Temple is situated here on the banks of Triveni sangamam of rivers godavari and pranahita. (border of Andhra Pradesh and Maharastra).

Nashik - One of the four Sinhastha Kumbh Mela, Hindu pilgrimage place.Rajahmundry - Centre for Telugu Literature. A town that symbolises Telugu Culture. A bath in Godavari during the pushkaram period is said to be equivalent to bathing in the holy River Ganges.Trimbakeshwar - One of the twelve Jyotirlingas and ancient temple of Lord Shiva.

Main Attraction of Thames RiverThe river is lined with various pieces of sculpture, John Kaufman's sculpture The Diver: Regeneration is sited in the Thames near Rainham.The main attraction of Thames river is River Thames at dawn at Abingdon, Oxfordshire.