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Super yummy polvoron from the Philippines. Recipe and preparations are available. for more visit www.kadpmedia.com

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  • Hello Foodie Lovers and Travelers We invite you! I am very excited to announce a new online publication dedicated to travel, food & leisure advertising, the KADP Magazine. Our magazine will be distributed FREE in online and delivered to mobile phone platforms to provide a significantly larger audience reach. We have two missions, first is to provide readers insights, reviews and a more comprehensive guide from planning their trip to enjoying every min- ute of their vacation. Second, is to help quality establishments in the Phil- ippines to be known so they can boost their market. FREE downloadable magazines, online advertisements are the easy ways to effectively reach out to people not only within the region or within our country. This is very timely, and this might be a big help to improve the number of your customers this coming holidays. We would like to meet you for our presentation. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at 0927-7334812. We look forward to working with you. Arnel Bautista, Blogger and Digital Marketing Special thanks to: Ryan Lagunzad Website: www.houselements.blogspot.com Photp Recipe www.kadpmedia.com Page 2 of 8 Special Polvoron Cover Photo Food tasting and Sharing Experience P.3 Recipe and Preparation P.4 Featured Polvoron Blogs P.5
  • www.kadpmedia.com Page 3 of 8 Cookies and Cream, Milo and Classic Polvoron Polvoron is one of the popular desserts in the Philippines. It is also one of our favorite childhood treat. Who does not want polvoron anyway? Whether a child or a child at heart, everyone would definitely love this crumbly, milky and buttery, melts-in-your-mouth special treat. Original recipe of polvoron is composed of powdered milk, butter and flour added with sugar for a slight sweet- ness. Probably one of the classic ingredients that are added to it is pinipig (toasted glutinous rice). As of today, different ingredients are added to it like nuts (cashew, pili, etc.), cookies, chocolate, ube, to have different flavors that would fit the individual taste of polvoron fans out there. Perhaps the most common brand of polvoron among Filipinos is Goldilocks Special Polvoron. Another one is Sasmuan Special Polvoron from the Food Capital of the Philippines, Pampanga. So if you are craving for polvoron try their different polvoron variants. But if you cant find one, you can definitely make your own polvoron and its so quick and easy. Im also craving for polvoron when I made this recipe. I made variants: Classic Polvoron, Cookies and Cream, and Milo Polvoron. All of them have the exact sweetness that I want. Its perfect as a low cost dessert. Its milky, buttery and crumbly. If you are craving for polvoron right now try making this recipe. Tell me what you think. By: Ryan Lagunzad Want to be part of our growing organization? Email: kahitanodito@gmail.com Call: 0927-733-4812
  • Cookies and Cream, Milo and Classic Polvoron Ingredients 2 cups All Purpose Flour 1/2 cup Sugar 1/2 cup Powdered Milk 1/3 cup Butter 1-2 sachets (22g) Milo 1/4 cup Oreo Cookies Cooking Directions Toast flour in a pan for 15 minutes or until the color turns light brown. Make sure that you stir it continuously to prevent the flour from being burnt. Let it cool for a few minutes and then, mix in sugar, powdered milk and butter. Divide the mixture into three. Mix crushed Oreo cookies to one portion. Mix Milo powder to other portion. The third portion will served as the classic polvoron. You can add pinipig if you want. Mold your polvoron into circles or oval shapes using a polvoron molder. Then wrap it up in Japanese papers or cello- phane. www.kadpmedia.com Page 2 of 8 Free Recipe: www.filipinoycuisine.blogspot.com - Filipino recipe and food tips
  • www.kadpmedia.com Page 3 of 8 www.sweetsandbrains.com www.dominickcosta.com www.sweetbetweensblog.wordpress.com Featured Blogs and Photo Want to be one them? Email your photos and articles at kahitanodito@gmail.com