KAB Scout Advancement Scheme

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The Progressive Scheme and Badge system DR. LEILANI U. MALICDEM Lecturer
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Transcript of KAB Scout Advancement Scheme

  • The Progressive Scheme and Badge system


  • THE 6 ENTRY REQUIREMENTSRecite and explain the KAB Scout Promise and Law, Motto and Slogan.2. Show the KAB Scout Sign, Salute and Handshake and explain when to use them.3 . Sing our Pambansang Awit and reecite the Panunumpa sa Watawat.4. Keep your personal things at home in order.5. Tell why you want to become a KAB Scout.6. Join the KAB Scout Investiture Ceremony.



  • DUTY TO GODGo to religious services regularly with your family.Recite daily prayers at home with family.- morning prayers- prayers before and after meals- evening prayers- bedtime prayers3. Use po and opo or other words of respect when talking to elders.

  • Earn the BE GOOD, BE HAPPY Achievement BadgeShare your toysJoin KAB Scout activitiesAlways attend KAB Scout meetingsPlay with your younger brother or sisterGreet family members on special dayGreet your Kawan LeaderGreet your elders when you reach homeSmile to everyoneHelp your parentsHelp your teachersHelp your KAB Scout LeadersPlay fairly with others

  • DUTY TO COUNTRYColor an illustration of the Philippine FlagLearn a story about Jose Rizal from your parents or leadersCall the members of your Color Group by names- Name your Kawan Leader;- Asst. Kawan Leader, Chief Usa and Flag Bearers Tell the different parts of the home.Say what to do in each part. Help keep your home clean and orderly.5. Play a native game with the members of your family. Examples: sungkacadang presohanturumpo patintero

  • Earn the GOOD CITIZENSHIP Achievement Badge

    With your parents, visit your barangay hall and meet the Barangay Officials:- Barangay Chairman- Barangay Kagawads- Barangay TanodsWith your Kawan Leaders, visit your local police station or sub-station. Meet your police officers:- Chief of Police- Precinct CommandersAsk your parents what you will do when you see:- an accident- a bag snatching- a robbery- a drug abuser- other incidents

  • DUTY TO OTHERSShow how to welcome visitors at home.Run errands for father, mother and elders.Earn One Achievement Badge from Duty to Others Group. (SECRET CODES ARE FUN)- Invent a secret code for your Color Group- Communicates with your Color Group using sign language - Agree on password that will be used by your Color Group.

  • DUTY TO SELFLearn to tie an overhand and a square knot. Tie your shoelace with a square bow knot.Plant and raise vegetables in cans or in your backyard.Go out with your family on a picnic, a field trip, or an outing.Show how to handle pointed objects.Wash cuts and scratches with soap and water.Catch and throw a ball with a friend starting from 6 meters.Save a part of your daily allowance.

  • Earn the BE HEALTHY Achievement BadgeBe neat and cleankeep your hair short, neat and cleankeep your face, ears, and neck cleanbrush your teeth after mealwash your hands before and after eatingkeep your fingernails short and cleantake a bath everydayalways wear a clean uniform

  • Practice Good Personal HealthKeep a sleep record for one weekStand properlyPlay outdoors early in the morning

    Have a physical check-up at least once a yearHave a dental check-up at least two times a yearEat properly- write new foods you have tried - write foods you likedTell three ways to stop the spread of colds.

  • CONGRATULATIONS!You have done all your duties.You are now a Young Usa.Your parents and leaders are proud of you.You are now ready to receive your YOUNG USA BADGE.If you have time, work on other achievement badges.You will find them interesting, too.Go on with these side trails. . . . .


  • DUTY TO GOD1. Do good turn in your place of worship- Picking up trash- Ushering- Distributing Materials- Others2. Lead in reciting prayers during Color Group or Kawan activities.

  • Earn the GIVE PEACE Achievement BadgeTell your Kawan Leader the meaning of peace.Learn stories about peace. Tell one of them to your Color Group.Sing a song about peace. Sing it with your family or Color Group.

  • DUTY TO COUNTRY1. Lead in the singing of the Pambansang Awit or any other song about the Philippines.2. Tell the meaning of the following:a. four (4) colors of the Phil. Flagb. the triangle, the three stars, & the sun and its rays in the Phil. Flag.3. Name at least two (2) Filipino heroes who worked to make our country great, and tell something about them.4. Name your School Officials, and tell what they do.5. Name your Brgy. Officials, and tell what they do.6. Play one any of our native games.

  • Earn the LETS SING & DANCE THE FILIPINO WAY Achievement BadgeLearn some of our folk songs.Sing one of them, teach the folk song that you have learned.Name five (5) Philippine folk dances and dance one of them.Make a scrapbook of Philippine costumes. Name the costumes and tell the places where they are worn.

  • DUTY TO OTHERS1. Run Errands for your leaders, teachers, and parents.2. Help dispose of garbage in your institution.3. Join actively in campaigns like cleanliness, beautification, alay tanimdrug watch and others.4. Help welcome and guide visitors.

  • Earn the HELP AT HOME Achievement BadgeShow your parents that you:- sweep and scrub the floor- clean windows- set the table- dust furniture- wash dishes- build fire- cook rice- boil an egg- make your bed- clean/polish parents shoesTalk with the other members of your family about helping at home and do following:- write down what house chores you can do- show your mother and father that you do it regularlyTalk with your family about your chores and do the the following:- keep a record of your chores- show that you are doing your best- do your chores for a month- show that you are do your chores regularly

  • DUTY TO SELF1. Wrap and tie a package using Packers Knot.2. Raise vegetables as a Color Group project3. Earn money by:- collecting and selling old newspapers- collecting and selling empty bottles- shining shoes-save 10% of your money4. Learn how to use matches safely and thrifty.5. Demonstrate First Aid for minor burns

  • Earn the BE SAFE Achievement BadgePractice road safety- color the traffic light- write the meaning of each color of the traffic light- write different traffic signs you have seen and tell what they means.Practice bicycle safety (if you ride a bicycle)Practice home safetyPractice safety with strangers

  • CONGRATULATIONS!You have reached the end of the Duty to Self trail.Arent you glad?Arent you happy?You are a good KAB Scout.Your parents are proud of you.You are ready to go on another trail:the trail of the Leaping Usa. . . . . .

  • Third/Highest


  • DUTY TO GODLEARN MORE ABOUT GOD A. Receive religious instructions. B. Study His teachings. Read the Holy Book. Share what you have read and studied about Him. Share it during your Color Group or Kawan Meeting C. Attend special religious services or ceremonies. Your church/mosque have special occasions. Help in the event. D. Recite and lead prayers during your Color Group Meetings or Kawan Meetings. E. Write your own prayer. Use it during your Color Group Meetings or Kawan Meetings.

  • 2. Share Something. . .A. Make a greetings card. Give it to the celebrant.

    B. Make a toy, handicraft, or artwork. Share your work.

  • Earn the TAKE CARE OF THE WORLD Achievement Badge1. Collect old newspapers for at least a month. Stack and tie them neatly using packers knot. Sell them.2. Collect bottles. Rinse and dry them. Then sell them.3. Sort out your waste materials. Keep them in separate containers like sacks, boxes, or plastic bags- one for dry waste, one for wet waste.4. Show your mother or father that you are practicing how to save electricity.5. Practice ways how to save water. Help you father repair a drippin faucet.6. With your Color Group, visit a park or plaza. Collect all rubbish. Throw them in garbage cans.7. Plant a tree or shrub in your yard. Label it. Or as a Color Group, plant a tree or shrub in your school.

  • DUTY TO COUNTRYLead in a flag ceremony. Raise, lower and fold the flag properly.Make a scrapbook of at least (10) great Filipino men and women.Name your municipality/city officials. Tell what they do for the municipality/city.

  • Earn the COMMUNITY CHALLENGES Achievement Badge.Name a problem in your community. Tell to your parents or leaders what you do to help solve the problems.Name three persons who can help solve the problems in your community.Write a letter to your Brgy. Capt. Tell what can be done to solve the problems in the community.Name three organizations in your community that help people. Tell what they do. How can you help them?

  • DUTY TO OTHERS1. Help a new boy who wants to join Kawan by helping him earn the membership badge.

    2. Maintain the cleanliness and beuty of surroundings.

  • Earn the FIRST AID Achievement Badge1. Make your own simple first aid kit. Show it to your Kawan Leader.2. Demonstrate to your Kawan Leader the first aid for: - a graze - a cut- bruise - sprained ankle 3. Show how to use an arm sling. 4. Tell why you have to tell an adult about an accident. 5. Write down where you can reach:- Mother at work- Father at work- Family friend or close relative- Police Station- Fire Station

  • Earn the OUTDOOR FUN AND ADVENTURE Achievement Badge* Go out with your family/Color Group to any one of the ff: - a picnic- a walk in a park- a zoo- a museum- a seashore- Others Make a report of your outing.* Join a Kawan Holiday. - Play some outdoor games with your friends. - Find your way to a place out of doors. -Follow directions given by your Kawan Leaders. - Look at traffic signs and landmarks.

  • DUTY TO SELFDemonstrate sheet bend and bowline. Tell when to use each.Plant and care for a fruit tree.Make a scrapbook of your Scouting life.

  • Earn the MAKING CHOICES Achievement BadgeLearn the guidelines in making wise choices.Follow the guidelines in making decisions about the ff. situations. Tell your parent how you made the decisions.Ex. -You bought something from a store. The storekeeper gave you more change than what you should get. What should you do?- A stranger comes to you. She tells you that your parents met an accident. She wants you to go with her. What will you do?

  • Earn the KAB SCOUT ARTIST Achievement Badge1. Mix your own colors. Use crayons or water colors.2. Trace drawings on paper using pencil.3. Keep a drawing book for three months. Draw what you do in KAB Scouting. Use pencil or crayons.4. Draw pictures about a story you like. Color your drawing with crayon or water color. Tell the story to your Color Group. Show the pictures as you tell the story.5. Make a greeting card. Give the greeting card to your loved one.6. Make a figure out of clay of an animal, person, a toy, or anything you like.7. Make a picture showing love of country.8. Help draw, paint, or color the backdrop for your Color Group Palabas in the Kawan Meeting, or help prepare props for the Palabas.

  • CONGRATULATIONS my dear KAB Scout !

    There are lots to remember in KAB Scouting. You have enjoyed many things. You have rich experiences. There are new trails in Scouting. Boy Scouting is waiting for you. There are more things to do.


    21211658PRESCRIBED PERIOD XXXXDUTY TO GOD * Be Good, Be Happy * Give Peace * Take Care of Our World DUTY TO COUNTRY

    *Good Citizenship * Either One - Lets Sing and Dance the Filipino Way - Tell It The Filipino Way - Lets Play The Filipino Way * Community Challenges DUTY TO OTHERS * One Achievement Badge from the Duty to Others Group * Help At Home First Aid Outdoor Fund and Adventure DUTY TO SELF * Be Healthy Be Safe One Achievement Badge of your Choice *Making Choices* One Achievement Badge of your Choice NUMBER OF ABs 45615

  • KEEP ADVANCINGKeep advancing 2xStep by step on the lineIf you want to be a real scoutNever, never log behind (repeat 2x)

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH! God bless