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  • 1. Story of My Life By: Joshlyn Owens Velasco Created for ED 484GDr. Catherine Stoicovy University of Guam

2. December 15, 1983 I was brought into this world and welcomed by my parents Ralph Owens and Barbara Perez. 3. I have 2 sisters-Venessa and Kasaundra and 1 brotherRobert. I am also the grand daughter of Antonia Uson and great grand daughter of Cecilia Arce. 4. August 1989Ive attended 2001 numerous public school on Guam. For my primary education, I attended both Price Elementary and then transferred to Finegayan Elementary when my parents decided to move into the family home. 5. For my secondary education, I attended the former Dededo Middle School and John F. Kennedy High School. 6. Through out my high school years, I was part of John F. Kennedy High Schools Air Force Junior R.O.T.C. program where I reached the highest ranking officer in my junior year. This program taught and instilled the meaning of respect, duty, and honor. 7. June 6, 2001 I graduated from John F. Kennedy High School and received my high school diploma. 8. August 2001 I enrolled at the University of Guam to pursue my bachelors degree. 9. April 20, 2002 my son I gave birth to Joshua Tyrone at 10:23 a.m. He weight 5 lbs, 8 oz. Having him at a young age made me realize that I had to continue to pursue my dream of being an educator so that I would be able to successfully provide and care for him. 10. December 2005I graduated from the University of Guam, with honors, earning a Bachelors in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Social Studies. This wouldnt have been possible without the support of my mother. 11. Because my mother loves to cook and to show my appreciation for her continued guidance and support in helping me raise my son, I renovated her kitchen. She was overjoyed and proud at the end result. 12. December 2005 In the same month, I married my high school best friend, Byron Velasco. I am truly honored to be his wife. 13. My first occupation (ever) was teaching 3rd grade at Wettengel Elementary School. Although, I was only an emergency hire, I loved and was grateful for being given the opportunity to work with young learners. This experience gave me the assurance that the field of teaching was what I was called upon to do. 14. August 2006I was employed with John F. Kennedy High School and remained with the school since then. I enjoy working with the faculty, staff, and most especially my students. Ive built long lasting relationships that I hold dear to my heart. 15. June 2008My husband was stationed in Okinawa Japan. In the summer, my son and I flew out there to spend time with him. I was very nervous about this trip because it was our sons first time flying. He loved it! On this trip, I also did the most courageous and daring thing Ive ever done in my life-ZIPLINING! I completed the course without injury! 16. I treasure the time spent with my son. We enjoy jogging and bike riding everyday. I have come to value fitness and have incorporated into a daily routine. 17. June 2011 I was able to accompany JFKHS Close-Up Student Organization off island. As a result of this experience, I visited many historic monuments and landmarks. A few of the landmarks visited were the 9/11 Memorial and the Statue of Liberty, and the Lincoln Memorial. 18. December 2012 My husband surprised me by purchasing our dream car. Her name is Metgot which means strong in the Chamorro language. 19. January 2013 My husband was stationed in Germany. This duty station provided us the opportunity to experience the European culture and visit many historic and famous landmarks and sites. Some of the countries we visited were Luxembourg, Switzerland , Italy, and France. This was an unforgettable experiences that created memories to last a lifetime. 20. February 2013 My son mastered his first chorecooking rice. Although he wasnt so thrilled about performing this chore at first, he does it now more willingly. 21. June 2013 I began another educational journeypursuing my Masters in Reading Degree at the University of Guam. This program has helped me become a better educator . I am able to assist my struggling readers and writers with tools that I learn in the various courses. 22. November 2013I along with some of the other ladies in my cohort successfully presented at the UOG Language Arts Conference. I learned so much from this experience and look forward to attending more conferences like this one in the future. 23. Christmas Break 2013 was very special for me and my family. My husband was able to spend the holidays here at home with us. 24. I am currently in the process of purchasing a new home for my family. It is a very exciting yet stressful one. 25. In the future, I continue to see myself as a loving and supportive mother, wife, daughter, and sister an educator who continuously strives to make an impact on learning an experienced world traveler soaking up the beauty of foreign culture. 26. This Concludes My Personal Timeline Presentation Thank you!