Justice Seekers: Prophets, Priests, Pastors, Poets

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These are the slides from one of my 10 Minute talks at the National Church Leadership Institute. These are focused on the ways in which we approach justice issues and the need to value a breadth of approaches.

Transcript of Justice Seekers: Prophets, Priests, Pastors, Poets

  • 1.JUSTICE divestment-#blackprivilege- education-#yesallwomen-racism- #notmychristianleader-sexism- #solidarityisforwhitewomen- immigration-#nalt-trafficking- healthcare-labor-#everydaysexism- military-church-faith-#buildnotburn

2. RESPONSE defensiveness diminishment dismissal derailment derision 3. FRUSTRATION Sometimes the most destructive battles are not between enemies but between friends. 4. DIVERSE METHODS The WAYS in which we seek justice is as much about personality and preference as it is about theology and tactics. 5. INTIMACY WITH GOD As with parenting, worship, and faith, challenging the ways in which we choose to seek justice challenges the very nature of our connection to God. 6. VALUE DIVERSE METHODOLOGY In order to achieve justice together, we must value diverse ways in which we seek justice individually. 7. PROPHET 8. FOUR POSTURES 9. DEGREES AND CONTEXT These four postures are not mutually exclusive and depend greatly on context, issue, history, mood, etc. 10. DEGREES AND CONTEXT Postures are only one more way to navigate communal life and common passions: MBTI (enfp), Enneagram (3), Strengthsfinder (Strategic, Communication, Empathy, Activator, Woo). 11. DEGREES AND CONTEXT A multiplicity of strategies, tactics, tones and personalities gives us the best chance at achieving broad-based and long-term social change. 12. PROPHET - ACTIVIST - RABBLE ROUSER Speaks truth to power often taking it to the streets. Not worried about what other people think. Calls the community to a radical faith. Can be perceived as angry, abrasive, uncivil, etc. 13. PRIEST - ACADEMIC - CONTEMPLATIVE Through research and study, lifts up the histories of injustice while challenging historic ways of assessing and addressing injustice. Can be perceived as too heady, disconnected, etc. 14. PASTOR - AMALGAMATOR - BRIDGE BUILDER Relationships, conversation and graciousness are key to reconciliation. Yearns for faith that embraces difference, diversity and unity. Can be perceived as nice, too accommodating, etc. 15. POET - ARTIST - CREATIVE Through creative expressions, expands our understandings of injustice and how to respond -- spoken word, film, song, design, etc. Can be perceived as abstract and too indirect. 16. QUESTIONS Who is missing? Where do you see yourself? How does your posture impact the way you view others? How do you navigate groups of justice seekers?