Just Say No to No

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1. 3/10/15 1 + Just say NO to No! Keeping Your Space Positive By: Candice Warren NO! + Todays objective: To create a spark about what you can do to add more positivity your space -Childrens Department -Teacher -Mom -Service area size: 15,000 -# of check outs last year: 30,979 -Built in 1915 as a Federal Court/Post Office + Lets Take a Quick Journey.. Visual it Now, picture this 2. 3/10/15 2 +The Why Behind Just Say NO! -We have limited prime real estate. We did not want to use ours on negative signage. -Impressions are usually made before a visitor even talks to a staff member. -Most times, it is one person or a handful of people that need the no sign. -Do you ever feel like the people that need to read the no signs do not? -It is just not the environment that we wanted to create. We had a good foundation and that gave us room to grow. -We realized this is completely doable. + Merchandizing? But I Dont Work at Wal-mart! We all like to feel welcome in the spaces that we frequent, and the visual appearance of each space often elicits an emotional response. -ideas.demco.com It is important to look for ways to put services and products forward, not annoyances. Easy tweak areas? + I Need My Signs, What Can I Do? Where can you work in positive wording? Consider adding what to do instead of what not to do. Take a good look at why a sign is needed. Staffing can be the biggest asset in where and why signs are needed. This is a good time to review policy and procedures. Make them count! 3. 3/10/15 3 Impact of Negative Words Now, Lets Look at That Prime Real Estate Some places for us include: Wall directly across from elevator -Stairwells -Vestibule -Large foyer room -Around circulation desk -Staff! Visual Impact 4. 3/10/15 4 Visual Impact Getting it Right! + Room for Improvement 5. 3/10/15 5 + Getting from Negative to Positive Get out of your own skin Start asking yourself, Why not? Have members do a mystery shop for you Bring in your family or ask to bring in their families Listen to your community Discuss items with your Director or your staff Try a different approach Proof is in the pictures Volunteers, etc. Make a plan! -Tips and Suggestions + Be Ready. (the Negatives of Going Positive) This is how we have always done it We dont have the fund, time, resources. Why should we do this? Wow, you changed things. Cant wait until this is over I can do this better + Assignment: Grab a pad of paper, assistant/co-worker and do a walk through. Count your no signs and look with fresh eyes. Last Thoughts -Aim to leave a lasting impression -Use your last chance to WOW them! -Now, picture this 6. 3/10/15 6 + Candice Warren Livingston County Library [email protected] 660-646-0563, Childrens Department https://www.pinterest.com/livcolibrarian/