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Compilation of projects and related works from my landscape design studios and independent study course.

Transcript of Junior Year Portfolio

  • Education Iowa State University Bachelor of Science Horticulture (Landscape Design, Maintenance & Installation Option) Minor Entrepreneurial Studies Andrew Foy Landscape Design Portfolio
  • Table of Contents LANDSCAPE GRAPHICS Hand & 3D Rendering Techniques PAGE 1 THE SHRUB BORDER Plan View & Elevation Renderings PAGE 2 LANDSCAPE DESIGN PROCESS Form Composition & Preliminary Design PAGES 3-4 ALEXANDER PROJECT Monochromatic Planting Design PAGE 5 BERKELEY RESIDENCE Themed Design Concept & Sustainable Elements PAGE 6 REILLY-McINTIRE RESIDENCE Client Consultation, Design & Cost Estimating PAGE 7 WEST PLAZA PROJECT Green Roof Site Analysis & Design PAGES 8-9 LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY Photos from Campus, Projects & Trips PAGES 10
  • Landscape Graphics MEDIA: SketchUp, Technical Pen, Colored Pencil, Prismacolor Marker 1Hand & 3D Rendering Techniques FALL 2014 Hort 281: Landscape Graphics Studio This project entailed creating a landscape design using the 3D modeling software offered by SketchUp. The color marker project involved the line weight and Prismacolor color rendering of a pre- determined design. Color Marker Project Color Pencil Project The color pencil project involved the line weight and color pencil rendering of a pre-determined design. SketchUp Project Patio AreaGreen Roof
  • Shrub Border Design MEDIA: Technical Pen 2Plan View & Elevation Renderings In this exercise, a shrub border was designed for a hypothetical client in order to create a more private environment around their patio. To strengthen the design when viewed from multiple perspectives, both a plan view and elevation drawing were created. By utilizing this multi-dimensional approach, a diversity of of plant heights, forms, and textures were incorporated to create interest and privacy within the shrub border. SPRING2014 Hort381:BeggingGardenCompositionStudio
  • Landscape Design Process MEDIA USED: Technical Pen, Prismacolor Marker This exercise involved the organizing, designating, and rening of space through the three stages of the landscape design process: the development of the functional diagram, form composition, and nally the preliminary design. In the form composition phase, the prominent spaces created in the functional diagrams (i.e. lawn, bed areas, patio, etc.) are given a more denite shape and gure. The two compositions on the right exhibit how the same areas can be molded into drastically different, curvilinear or geometric spaces. 3Form Composition & Preliminary Design Form Composition Study SPRING 2014 Hort 381: Beginning Garden Composition Studio
  • Landscape Design Process MEDIA: Technical Pen Drawing from the spaces created in the form composition study, the preliminary design brings the landscape plan to life by incorporating plants, paths, and other miscellaneous details.The design pictured here is a continuation of the geometric, formal design developed in one of the previous form compositions. It utilizes a variety of line weights and detailing techniques, giving depth and interest to the soft and hardscape spaces. 4Form Composition & Preliminary Design Preliminary Design SPRING2014 Hort381:BeggingGardenCompositionStudio
  • Alexander Project MEDIA: Adobe Illustrator, Technical Pen, Prismacolor Marker & Colored Pencil Inspired by the Habitat and Prospect-Refuge theories of landscape design, this proposal is intended to provide areas for shelter and function among the densely-landscaped, natural looking planting beds. Geometric, linear structures are eased into the design by curvilinear bed lines and a plethora of green-hued shrubs and grasses.With a balanced mix of hard and soft landscape elements, this design creates an oasis for the Alexanders to relax and enjoy the scenery while they and watch their children play and explore. 5Monochromatic Planting Design SPRING2014 Hort381:BeggingGardenCompositionStudio
  • Berkley Project MEDIA: Adobe Illustrator, DynaSCAPE Design This design entailed the incorporation of two important aspects to the clients: their love of vintage blue jeans and their desire to integrate sustainable landscape elements into their outdoor living space.To accomplish both tasks, a monochromatic blue planting scheme was implemented, along with a number of sustainable landscape elements including permeable pavers, rain barrels, xeriscaping, and native plant selection. 6Themed Design Concept & Sustainable Elements SPRING 2014 Hort 381: Beginning Garden Composition Studio
  • Reilly-McIntire Residence MEDIA: Adobe Illustrator, Technical Pen, Prismacolor Marker 7Client Consultation, Design & Cost Estimation This group project involved the face-to-face consultation, design, and cost estimation for Mike McIntire and Mary Reillys small, cottage-style home. Inspired by both the history of property and Mike and Marys personal preferences, this design is intended to evoke a natural, vintage, late autumn feel. As a way of paying tribute to the original owners of the property, who were leading gures in forestry and the Iowa Conservationist Movement, several of the mature, existing trees were preserved and incorporated into the landscape. Additionally, Mike and Marys fondness of late autumn colors reds, oranges, yellows, burgundies and natural looking rocks inspired the warm-hued plant pallet and limestone-themed hardscapes repeated throughout the design. SPRING 2014 Hort 381: Beginning Garden Composition Studio
  • West Plaza Study MEDIA: Adobe Illustrator, DynaSCAPE, Google Maps 8Garden Roof Site Analysis & Design An original part of the iconic Memorial Union building, the west plaza area depicted above offers a scenic view of Lake LaVerne and serves as a high-trafc area utilized by students, university employees, and visitors.As evident in the image above, however, this space is currently a concrete wasteland with little-to-no amenities that allow pedestrians to sit down or comfortably enjoy a meal from the nearby cafeteria.Through this independent study project, I in collaboration with the Memorial Union director and the Student Society of Landscape Architects (SSLA) explored how an intensive garden roof might better accommodate for these potential activities. 2 1 3 4 North Entrance Sitting Area South End Area Elevated View Circulation Patterns 4 SPRING2014 Hort490X:IndependentStudyLandscapeHorticulture 3 2 1
  • West Plaza Perspectives The nal design of the West Plaza garden roof was inspired by both the functional needs and architecture-related components of the area. Due to the high density of trafc that utilizes the plaza, wide areas towards the middle of the plaza tiers are kept open with ample seating amenities lining the outsides of the walkways.This layout meshes well with the linear, geometric design of the existing structure and proposed planters, which provide places for owering trees, evergreens, cascading vines, and view-enhancing annuals and perennials to grow near the parapet edge. MEDIA USED: SketchUp 9Garden Roof Site Analysis & Design South Entrance Sitting Area North Entrance 3 3 2 2 1 1 SPRING2014Hort490X:IndependentStudyLandscapeHorticulture
  • Landscape Photography MEDIA: Adobe Photoshop 10Photos from Campus, Projects & Trips View from a secluded cave at Cape Cove, Oregon Spring maintenance and re- planting project completed for the Horticulture Hall green roof Springtime view of the campanile on Iowa States central campus My dad and I in front of of the clear waters of the Willamette River near Bend, Oregon