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#ICE14 presentation on making the jump from proficient to excellent in the Danielson model.

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  • 1. Using Technology to Make the Jump from Proficient to Excellent! Barb Georges, Jenny Goettsche, Jason Janczak, Pam Pleviak Grayslake High School District 127
  • 2. Danielson Framework Following along with the framework: http://www.tinyurl.com/ICEDanielson
  • 3. Planning and Preparation Activities permit student choice. Lesson plans reference frameworks/standards to ensure accurate sequencing. Apps (Common Core and NGSS by Mastery Connect) Schoology, Canvas, Edmodo, Moodle (LMS) o Individualized instruction and curriculum Lesson Paths o Interdisciplinary and allows students to edit/add to path.
  • 4. Planning and Preparation Texts are matched to student skill level Lesson plans differentiate for individual student needs Newsela.com o Differentiation tool for texts in all subjects o Can aim for target range and then differentiate Lexile level on the same article. o Some articles include quizzes that are also differentiated.
  • 5. Planning and Preparation Students participate in designing assessments for their own work. Google Forms and Flubaroo
  • 6. Classroom Environment Respect and Rapport -Have students partner up and get out their devices. Share one song/photo that best represents who they are. -Send out celebration tweets or posts on class LMS for special occasions. -Create a strong understanding for what it means to be a digital citizen (Edutopia, DigitalCitizenship.net)
  • 7. Classroom Environment Culture of Learning -Use GoogleDocs to have students offer feedback on documents/projects they create -Have a discussion board each unit in your LMS that says what questions do you have? Encourage students to answer their classmates questions. -Send out tweets related to the subject your kids are studying.
  • 8. Classroom Environment Managing Classroom Procedures -Use your LMS to maximize time on task (log into your computers and check the LMS for your assignment, etc.) Managing Student Behavior -Create (or have students create) a video that demonstrates your expectations when it comes to technology use in your class. Share with the rest of class and parents
  • 9. Instruction web based free easy for students easy for teachers
  • 10. Instruction
  • 11. Instruction Instruction
  • 12. Professional Responsibilities Maintaining Accurate Records Scan Save Upload to Google Drive Share
  • 13. Professional Responsibilities From this to.
  • 14. Professional Responsibilities Communicating
  • 15. Professional Responsibilities Bring parents and community members into the conversation.
  • 16. Professional Responsibilities Participating in a Professional Community ICE Newsletter Blogs Skype Webinars-edWeb Feedly Feedly
  • 17. Professional Responsibilities Participating in the Professional Community ICE NICE IETC ASCD IPA
  • 18. Professional Responsibilities Partners make perfect!
  • 19. Thank You For Attending Barb Georges bgeorges@d127.org @barbgeorges Jenny Goettsche jgoettsche@d127.org @JennyGoettsche Jason Jancak jjanczak@d127.org @jjanczak Pam Pleviak ppleviak@d127.org @ppleviak