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I I I I I I R.I. President : Rtn. Ron Burton District Governor : Rtn. Kishor Kedia Club President : Rtn. Prashant Kale Established : 1944 R. I. District :3030 Club ID : 15587 I July 2014


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I I I I I IR.I. President : Rtn. Ron Burton District Governor : Rtn. Kishor Kedia Club President : Rtn. Prashant Kale Established : 1944 R. I. District :3030 Club ID : 15587 I

July 2014

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A long time ago, a movie by the name "Willie and I certainly hope it's not the last. Sarang their wards, how the process goes, and the Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" became Kale arranged breakfast at his restaurant staff at Dinshaw's was very co-operative in incredibly popular. The movie showed the Czaar and the caravan then proceeded to the explaining the flow chart of the factory. There journey of kids being taken through the factory. Situated at Butibori, this factory has all is an ice cream storage cell that stands at a magical kingdom of chocolate. Like a dream the state of the art machinery for chilling -30C. The highlight of the trip was of come true. Well, something along these lines manufacturing of ice cream. We saw course the ice cream eating. The staff was took place during the vocational visit to Chocobars being dipped in chocolate and more than generous to let us sample all the Dinshaw's ice cream factory on Sunday the wrapped up, then the ever famous three-in- flavors that were available, and then some!!!! 1st of June. Honestly, I first felt a little out of one followed by the newly launched flavour Dinshaw's is a name that every Nagpurian is place, as I now don't qualify to be a mother of "Chhapan Bhog". There was malai kulfi, small proud of. It is an integral part of Nagpur's small children, but mother I am, and it was fun cups of vanilla, and the ever-popular Cornetto. history. All of us would like to thank PP Shiraz seeing the enthusiasm and eagerness the Strict hygiene and rigid work discipline ensure for letting us visit, and of course Vocational children showed on this visit. This is not the that consistent quality ice cream is churned visit Director, Girish Deodhar.first time we've been to the Dinshaw's factory, out. Enthusiastic parents were explaining to - Anita Chitaley


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CREDITSDirector: Sohrab Kanga

Chairperson: PP Shabbir Shakir

Editor: Parag Paranjpe

Processing: Eskay's Scanner

Designing: Gurushree Graphics

Printing: Shabbir Shakir

Paper: Courtesy BILT

STAY CONNECTEDBouquets and brickbats most welcome. Sincerely request you to

share your comments, criticism, appreciation and ideas. This will help us make this publication more insightful and interesting. Needless to say the best ones will have Dinshaw's guy knocking

on your door. Do write in to [email protected]

Thinking Otherwise


The Board of Directors for Year 2013-14

Scholarship worth Rs 8.80 Lakhs to benefit 400 students

Best Club in the District

Vocational Visit to Dinshaws Ice-cream Factory

Dear Rotary families,RI President Ron Burton's theme for the year "Engage Rotary Change Lives" found its expression in all the projects and programmes carried out throughout the year. Identifying opportunities to exhibit one's hidden talent and urge to serve was at its best. Occasions to nurse inherent human nature to be engaged in pursuits for experiencing ultimate satisfaction and bliss were in abundance and served the purpose. When I assumed the responsibility of this august club as President in July 2013 along with my very best team of director, the mood was upbeat, all wanting to be at their best to utilise the tenure to excel in their respective area of service with a common motive of making a change for betterment and experiencing the joy of giving. Gelling, accomplished by performing to-gather, being the most effective stimulus for success at every stage, was the hallmark, resulting in accomplishing the desired with utmost ease and best of fellowship. This joy of being to-gather, without any expectations, with a common aim of achieving satisfaction and bliss through service has a potential of being the most divine addiction and the aim to dawn upon the realization of "Happy mind is healthy body ", was to some extent achieved.

Now at the end of the tenure I feel blessed and enriched by being a part of a large extended loving family of 700 talented Rotarians and Rotary Anns, all now known so closely, providing me the mental comfort of banking on their support for our club's sustainable projects. As a president, performing the role as a catalyst was most enjoyable and rewarding. I am indebted to all the members of our club for their affectionate support and active involvement in the committee activities at every stage throughout the year. Constant interaction with the members for devising and implementing new projects and programmes has now became a habit and has radically changed the way we now look at the world around, not for the benefits we can derive but for the services we can offer to make it a better place for all of us to live and enjoy in true sense. At the end of the year we all realise how genuine and effective the theme " Engage Rotary Change Lives " was.With best wishes, Yours in Rotary,

Prashant Kale

President’s Message

Dear Members of Rotary Club of Nagpur,

I regretfully submit my resignation as Editor of

this prestigious magazine 'Golden Orange' th effective 30 June 2014.

Although I loved my job, I knew from day one that it would end someday.

Unfortunately that day is just round the corner. Being a HMT guy, to be

honest, I was little apprehensive when I was first offered to handle this

important assignment. But I took solace from the fact that Indian Express

too had HMT guy as managing editor till recently.

Writing a column once a month on your chosen topic is a lot easier than

managing the entire magazine for a year. It's an entirely different ball

game. But it has been wonderful experience for me.

Your confidence in my abilities and genuine love for magazine make this

decision especially difficult. I will be forever grateful for the invaluable

experience I acquired during the year.

Also, the friendships I have developed here have helped make my year

successful and productive. All the contributors to magazine, column

writers have been among the finest people I have ever known. Thank you

President Prashant, Hon Secretary Sunil, Director Sohrab and

Chairperson Shabbir… thanks you very much…you have been excellent

and thank you dear readers once again for this opportunity.


P.S. If you are still wondering what HMT means…well that gives me

comfort that someone is reading this piece Please google it to find its

meaning, Send in your responses to incoming Editor Nimish who may

announce attractive prize for it!!

He has many ideas up his sleeves (See page 4 for more details) and am

sure will do an excellent job as editor.

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MY VOICE- Letters To The Editor



Rtn. Prashantji,

In continuation to my last letter I

have just received your April &

May issue of your club bulletin

“The Golden Orange” through courier -

excellently compiled and edited by your Editor

Parag Paranjpe for which my heartiest

compliments and congratulations for an

excellent job! Some of the highlights of these

issues were excellent report of weekly

meetings, Vocational visit to Kandri Mines,

Surgical Camp at Budkoi and TRF

recognition. Congratulating you once again

for the above excellent Bulletins and with best

wishes for your remaining year Warm

personal regards to you and Ann Smita ji and

Rotary Greetings to all your members from

myself and Indumati, we remain,

Your Friends,


District 3040 (1994-95)

Dear Editor,

Th rough the GO, my co -

chairpersons PP Gulab Mahant,

Rajiv Behal and I would like to

profusely thank all the Rotarians, Rotary Anns

and other individuals who selflessly came

forward to contribute to the kitty from out of

which we distribute scholarships. It is

because of their contributions that we were

able to do whatever little we could towards

helping children from the deprived sections of

society to continue with their schooling. We

were able to distribute scholarships

amounting to Rs.8.80 lakhs in the Rotary year

2013-14 benefitting more than 400 students.

We look forward to their continued support

and also call upon those Rotarians/Anns who

were unable to do so this year, to avail of this

opportunity to display their magnanimity in the

coming year.

Best wishes.

Rtn. Sandip J Dhodapkar

Dear Readers,

Many of us often have strong or not so strong

opinions and ideas about Rotary and about

our Club in particular!!! In addition, we also

bottle up our emotions and thoughts on

subjects which not only impact Society in the

present, but which have far reaching


The only option generally to express or vent

our feelings is the traditional method of

speaking out in weekly (or rather business)

meetings, or at best amongst our close friends

and family. Sadly, this means that those who

miss the business meet do not exercise this


This new column, which will run every month

in the Golden Orange aims to change this

forever. We will publish a topic or subject

every month, inviting your views in less than

140 characters (TWEETS!!!) to be published

in the following issue with your photos. The 3

best stated views will carry prizes worth Rs

1000/-, Rs 750 and Rs 500/-

So here we go – Should our Club focus on

service alone and do away with the Big

Fellowships? Please send your Tweets to

V i n d h y a S a n j a n a a t

[email protected] or SMS /

Whatsapp or even call her on 9423103916 /


Looking forward to your enthusiastic


-Nimish Sutaria,

Editor 2014-15

Dear Parag,

You must be busy giving finishing

touches to the last issue of Golden

Orange 2013-14. Congratulations

for accepting and successfully completing

your role as the Editor. It is one of the most

prest igious as wel l as chal lenging

assignments by way of Compiling and

Collating diverse Club program info as well as

articles of general interest. On both fronts you

have done a commendable job. I am sure it

has been an enriching experience for you

which has added yet another feather in your

cap. Kudos and best wishes for your future

Rotary assignments! - Atul Shah

There will be a best letter prize every month. So keep writing.

Also mail your photograph along with your letter.

Our Club Bulletin, The Golden Orange has

evolved from its typed, cyclo styled,

photocopied, rota-printed and art-paper part

color printed editions, to morph into a full color

high quality glossy magazine over the years.

It has also seen the content transform from

pure Rotary information bulletin to

encompass various prize winning avatars

under capable and creative editors. As yet

another rotary year comes to an end, we invite

your suggestions on the features and content

so that we can endeavor to align it to your

interests and to make it more universally

readable; be it coverage, regular features,

leisure, travel or other content.

Do send in your wish list to the Chairperson

14-15, Rtn Nilufer Rana by whatsapp/ sms /

e - m a i l . H e r c o n t a c t d e t a i l s a r e

[email protected] or +91 9890900502


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the President of MCI, spoke about the changes taking place in this bond. Over a period of time the perception about doctors have undergone lot of changes from being like God or may be god himself, today they are viewed like any other businessmen. The shift has only accelerated over past couple of years. According to Dr Taori and Kate the medico legal aspect has only sped up this shift. Today most of the treatment is

th investigation based. Lots of changes too are We had a unique program on 5 June meeting this trust deficit. The talk generated lot of happening in medical field. Diseases till few where our member Dr Kishor Taori along with questions for the audience. Role of insurance decades back considered as untreatable renowned physician Dr Anand Kate spoke companies were also discussed. Missing could now be cured. As layman, a patient may about contentious issue of doctor patient ethics in medical practice was a hot topic to not be able to appreciate the requirement of so relationship. It was an open forum where which Dr Taori shared his experience as many investigations but for a medical members also participated with their thoughts President of MCI and how they have taken professional they must be critical. Patients too and experiences. While the concept of family

step to remove unethical practioners from the doctor is disappearing due to various factors, it are sometimes responsible for the mess and

medical field. Rtn Parag Paranjpe proposed is the growing trust deficit between doctor and contributing to rift for they want quick vote of thanks. - Team GOpatient that is worrisome. Dr Taori, who is also solutions. Greater communication can bridge


th aspects of security and new developments are using these data collected from different The weekly meeting of 12 June was address by our own member Rtn Nitin Deveshwar, MD taking place in field of security. He also places on a real time basis. The analysis of of ESMS Securities (India) Ltd. At the this data can lead to critical information that elaborated on difference between security beginning of the meeting, President greeted and loss prevention. In India specifically after could be threat to a person or organisation. members on their birthday and anniversary. 26/11, organizations and other private Even in home where the chances of attack are Chairperson of scholarship committee Rtn establishments are taking loss prevention as remote, loss prevention is of utmost Rajiv Behal made announcement of upcoming serious matter. Unfortunately police is importance. There could be losses due to fire, scholarship distribution to economically understaffed in India with just about 30% of the burglary, gas leakages etc. Loss according to backward student of more than 10 schools. It force actually working towards the policing him has different connotations for different was indeed great feeling to know that two job. Most are deployed for protection of VIP people. Large companies take serious efforts beneficiary girls have excelled in the studies and VVIPs. In his PowerPoint presentation he in building brands. Lot of money is at stake on and landed good jobs in IndusInd Bank and as gave 360-degree view of loss prevention. It is these brands. A negative publicity or an airhostess with Cathay Pacific Airlines. On the not just about protecting assets but thwarting incidence can lead to erosion of that brand topic for the day; Nitin explained the various or neutralizing eminent threat either by resulting in losses resulting in millions. Even

protestors, sabotage, competitors etc. In a celebrity and business owners are taking typical large organization they deploy three utmost care to prevent 'such losses'. This too layered security structure. The first stage is to is an important aspect of loss prevention detect, second to delay and third to respond probably nobody had thought of. It was very with appropriate measures. He also showed informative and enlightening talk by Nitin various security instruments used at airports, thoroughly enjoyed by members present. Rtn hotels, malls and other high risk prone places. Sandeep Dhodapkar gave vote of thanks.He also explained how enforcement agencies - Team GO


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REGULAR MEETING gkL;doh lEesyufolaxrh;kas es gkL; [kkstdj ?kVukvksadks izLrqr djrs vkSj ejht rks MkWDVjds ikl [kMh ̂ ulZ* fugkjrk gSA gSA MkW- [kknhokykus dgk fd ,d irh pkgrk gS fd fQj orZeku jktdh; okrkoj.kdh vkSj funsZ'k djrs iRuh ,DVsªl tSlh lqanj gks ysfdu dke 'kkarkckbZ gq, dgktSlkdjs A & vjs] ujsUnz eksnh tSlk lkglh irh pkfg, rks nqljh vksj iRuh pkgrh gS fd 'kknh ds ckn dsoy rhu eghus es iRuhdks NksM irh] eqds'k vackuh tSlk dek, ij eueksguflaxlk fn;k&&& vkSj &&& tkdj lh/kk iz/kkuea=h cu x;k[kkeks'k jgsA irh iRuh laca/k ges'kk gkL;doh;kasdk ̂ y{;* jgk gSorZekudh vksj b'kkjk dj izLrqr fd;k& llqjky tkrs gq, csVhdks fonk djrs le;] firkus dgkykyqth pkjk [kk x;s ;s fdLlk gekjh le>esa ugh &csVh tkrs tkrs eq>s bruk lq[k ns tkAvk;k llqjkyesa lkFk] vius ek¡ dks Hkh ys tkAtc ?kjesagh Fkh ̂ jcM+h* rks ykyqus pkjk D;q¡ [kk;k fQj MkW- ik.Ms; vius ilanhnk ̂ xUtsiu* ij mrj VhOgh laiznk;es iyhc<h fi<h dh vksj b'kkjk djrs gq, Regular meeting of Thursday the vk;sAdgk&19th of June 2014 concluded the xka/khth tkucq>dj xats gq,u jktk u jkuh u ifj;kasdh dgkuh

rkfd vaxzst mudk ,d ckyHkh ck¡dk u dj ldsAyear of Presdent Prashant kale on a vc cPpksadksHkh pkgh, ̂ 'khyk dh tokuh*vkxs cksys&humorous note Rtn, Habib Khan bl gkL; dforkvksadk flyflyk tkjh j[kus ds fy, ftlds ljis Vôy gS] mlds ikl vf/kd vôy gSintroduced the poets Dr. Sagar MkW- [kknhokykus MkW- e/kqi ik.Ms; dks vkeaf=r fd;k cky ges'kkls ljLorhds vkxeudks ck/kk gSKhadiwala and Dr. Madhup Pandey vkSj dgk fd ;s dfo ukxiqjh la=s tSlk gS budh nzkSinhds cky Fks] cky ugh coky FksgchcHkkbZus 'kq#vkr dh ̂ lkjs tgk¡ls vPNk ;s bafM;k izLrqrhesa feBkl ds lkFk gYdklk [kêkiu t:j gksrk nq%'kkluus mUgs Nqvk FkkA blh dkj.k egkHkkjr gqvk gekjk gSA e/kqiftus ea>s gq, cYyscktdh rjg vkjksgh pkSdk FkkAge HksM cdjh bldh ;s xMsjh;k gekjkA tM fn;kA cksys esjs lkeus ih- ds- (;kus iz'kkar dkÿs) ,d lek¡ lk ca/k x;k FkkA bu nks dfo;kasus Jksrkvksadks oghals dk;ZØe dh ckxMksj lEgkyrs gq, MkW lkxj cSBs gS es vksj D;k dgq fQj MkW [kknhokyk ij O;ax fujarj ,d ?kaVsrd xqnxqnk;k] g¡lk;k A gj jksVsfj;u [kknhokys us dgk jksVjh feVhax es ges'kk ,Slk xaHkhj dlrs gw, dgk A

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year to Skin Bank account and a committee around support extended during the year and has been constituted for three years who will making this year a memorable one, which he monitor the day-to-day proceedings of Skin said will remember through out his life. PDG Bank. Rtn. Sandip informed about Bobby Srinivas congratulated President scholarships to be distributed. Best Prashant & his team and said that you have Chairperson Awards for June were also maintained clubs image and he also distributed. Incoming Secretary Manjot Singh mentioned that it is big task to monitor the Kahai invited everyone to attend Installation to activities of a club of this stature. He also

rdbe held on 3 July. President also informed the Congratulated Hon.Secretary Sunil Bhatia for house about the District Awards function held

doing wonderful job. The house gave standing thThe 12 & Last Business meeting of this at Amravati, where our club was recognized ovation to President Prashant Kale. Ashok th and awarded many Awards, including the best Rotary Year was held on Thursday 26 June. Malani read attendance report. President

club in District 3030. We were also awarded President welcomed all present and greeted gave mementos to members having 100% the District Governors Silver Citation Trophy to all the members who celebrated their attendance. Hon.Secretary Sunil also thanked Birthdays & Anniversaries during the week. Dr. Ravi Wankhede and IPP Atul Shah. A letter every member of our club and Board for a Hon.Secretary Sunil Bhatia read the minutes of Appreciation for support provided to make

st successful Rotary year and congratulated all. India Polio Free was also given to PP Dr. of last Business meeting held on 1 May 2014 He also thanked President Prashant for Manmohan Daga. President presented his and the house approved the same. Treasurer guiding him throughout. The meeting was annual report of the work done by all Bharat Parikh read the treasurer's report. In adjourned after singing of National Anthem. important Board matters President informed committees. He praised Board members,

that Board approved to transfer Surplus of this Chairpersons & members of the club for all - Sunil Bhatia


LADIES COMMITTEE th 19 JuneThe years, last Ladies Committee was a lots of fun & masti with music. monsoon Bollywood numbers. And the icing on the cake was a yummy The meeting began by making 4 groups of ladies with an innovative chocolaty cake that was enjoyed by all. The meeting was organised by balloon play. And then the fun started when the ladies were made to

Shriya Mokadam, Shantala Bhole, Durriya Akolawala and Sonal play funny yet interesting group games from tying a knot of the tie to tying a sari. It was real fun when impromptu dancing started on lovely Singhvi. - Sonal Singhvi

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He came, he saw, he spoke and he optimist, he emphasized the need to bring and every person who attended this program conquered. It's rare to find combination of back the brain that has left India. In his hour- left the hall with renewed vigor and such a grace, humil i ty, knowledge, long talk after the award, he dwelled upon confidence. Kudos to all clubs of Nagpur for e x p e r i e n c e , i n t e g r i t y a n d a b o v e different aspect of business, role of ethics and choosing this inspirational figure for the all…excellence. But the awardee for this the philosophy on which Tata group has award. Our club being lead club managed the year's Rotary's Vocational Excellence Award, created this vast and mult inational event with perfection with PP Dr Sanjiv Chugh Dr J. J. Irani epitomizes all these virtues. A conglomerate. A leader is one who brings the being at the helm of affairs.towering personality and a doyen of Indian

industry, the man of steel; Dr Irani was sense of optimism amongst the masses. Each - Team GOconferred upon this award by all the Rotary clubs of Nagpur. Nagpur born Dr Irani spent his childhood here after which he ventured out to make big in Tata Steel. He rose through the ranks of the company and became the Managing Director of Tata Steel in what could be termed as the most difficult phase of company's life. He literally brought back company from certain downfall thru his sheer will, dedication and hard work. On this occasion he shared his vision and what future has in store for Tata group and India. A staunch



Our partners in service, Axis Bank held a blood donation camp. The camp was organised at their Gandhibagh branch

thon 28 June from 10 am to 1 pm. A total of 24 units were collected from the staff. Director Sanjay Sethi, Rtn Mohammed Master, Raj Shah an Shabbar Shakir were present.

- Mohammed Master

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Yavatmal district. These schools are being run by a single trained individual who takes classes in Maths, Language, General Knowledge and scriptures. Shri Nikhil Mundle spoke on the occasion and informed that at present there are 60,000 Ekal Vidyalayas in the country and it is targeted to reach 1 lakh by

On 27th June 2014, the the end of this year.Scholarships Committee began its program at Present prominently on the occasion besides St. Michaels School, Gaddigodam, where Chairpersons Rajiv Behal and Sandip cheques of Rs.27,000/- were handed over to On 26th June 2014, the Scholarships Dhodapkar, were President Prashant Kale, provide for 15 needy children's school fees Committee, at an impressive function

, and books. The cheques were handed over to organised by St. Ursula Girls' High School,

PP the Principal, Father Vincent by PP Tauby gave the academic careers of 151 deserving,

Manmohan Daga, Rajan Bhatia, Chandru Bhagwagar. Next stop was Guru Gobind but needy students of the school a boost by Shahani, Tauby Bhagwagar, Shabbir Shakir, Singh School and Junior College. Past presenting a cheque of Rs.3.75 lakhs to the Atul Shah, Akhtar Parvez Maimoon, Vijay President Principal Rtn. Rachna Singh, under Naidu, Rtn Namita Sharma, Manisha Agrawal, PROJECT SMILING FACES.Sapna Vastani, , Manjot Kahai, Surinderpal At 6 pm, a Singh, Khushnoor Chugh, Parag Paranjpe, cheque of Rs.80,000/- was handed over by PP

Shailaja Pingle, Rotaractor Ganesh Joshi to Shri Nikhil Mundle, President Mahesh Singhof Gramotthan Parishad, Nagpur. The amount

is towards sponsoring of 5 Ekal Vidyalayas in

educational facilities to a number of students from remote and backward regions of the state, predominantly Gadchiroli and Yavatmal. At Prabodh Educational Trust at Butibori, Rotary Club has sponsored 30 students and a cheque of Rs.75,000/- was duly handed over to Mr. Prabodh, the Managing Trustee by Rtn. Rajiv Behal.

Vidarbha Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, Ramdaspeth, Nagpur was next stop where a cheque of Rs. 60,000/- was handed over by Secretary Sunil to Shri Dongre, the head of the institute. The Ashram provides lodging, boarding and

Rajan Bhatia handed over a cheque of Rs. 1.35 lakhs to the President of the trust, Sardar Harjinder Singh Osan.

Hon. Secretary Sunil Bhatia Treasurer Bharat Parekh, President Elect Bharat Goenka

Kusum Pande, and a host of other Rotarians

and Anns -Sandeep Dhodapkar


th congratulated President Prashant & his team of last Club Assembly held on 6 April 2014 and the same was for doing good quality projects and maintain approved. President requested clubs name. In summing up PP Dr. Manmohan all the Directors of his Board to Daga applauded the work done and read their reports of the work appreciated the Board for doing very good done under their committees. All projects in this year. President Prashant Directors presented and read handed over the Assembly to President Elect t h e i r r e p o r t s a n d w e r e

Bharat Goenka, who introduced his Board applauded by all. A group

2014-15 and assured all that he & his team will photograph was also taken with

give their best. Incoming Secretary Manjot The last & Joint Club Assembly of this Rotary P r e s i d e n t , D i r e c t o r & th Singh Kahai gave information of the Chairpersons. President than gave mementos year was held on 8 June 2014 at Hotel Centre

rdInstallation of team 2014-15 on 3 July and to all the Directors and Chairpersons.AG Point at 9.30am. President welcomed AG requested everyone to come and attend. Rajeev Agrawal acknowledge the work done Rajeev Agrawal, Members of Board 2013-14 Hon.Secretary Sunil Bhatia proposed Vote of by our club and he said that this is the Best & 2014-15 and all the Chairpersons.

Club with all systems in place, he Thanks. - Sunil Bhatia Hon.Secretary Sunil Bhatia read the minutes


For Complete solution in Blood Banking,

NABH Accredited

JEEVAN JYOTI BLOOD BANKJP Chambers, Madhav Nagar, Nagpur-10, Ph. : 0712-6640411, 2230876

rdDhruv Pathology Laboratory, Aditya Enclave, 3 floor, Opposite Somalwar School,Nagpur-10, 0712-3265328


Dhruv Laboratories. J-11 Laxmi Nagar WHC Road, Nagpur. Ph: 3295328

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The District Awards “ Aabhar” was held on 15th June at The Grand mehfill, Amravati. The Club bagged many awards for outstanding work done during the year. The most prestigious being The Best Rotary Club in the district 3030. PP Tauby was adjudged as Best Lady Rotarian. More than 15 members from the club attended the award ceremony.


Best application of 4 way test

Best Lady Rotarian - Tauby Bhagwagar Best Club In the District 3030

Best Unusal Activity-Probus Club & Skin Bank Blood Donation

RI's Membership Development & Extension Award Best Bulletin Best Interact Activity

Best PR Activity Best Community Service Best Environmental Activity

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Page 11: July 2014 - The Golden Orange


Saturday 14th June saw the last of this year's fellowships ... the most awaited Ladies Night. In a brightly decked up Millennium Hall at Hotel Centre Point, the Rotary Club of Nagpur members, their families and friends turned up in large numbers to revel in yet another display of entertainment and fellowship that is the hallmark of our club. Set along the lines of The Big Fight, a popular show on TV, this show was titled "The Big Night with Doorknob Comeswamy" a fun take on the recent elections. Characters created after popular politicians like Narendra Modi, Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh, Rahul Gandhi, Jayalalitha, Arvind Kejriwal, Mamata Banerjee etc. were asked fun questions and they replied in hilarious ways accompanied by foot thumping dance numbers where over 50 of our members enthusiastically participated. The show was conceptualised by Director Sohrab Kanga and PP Shabbir Shakir handled the direction and scripting with aplomb. Needless to mention it was a gala evening and everyone present had a great time to round off yet another successful Rotary Year.

-Team GO.

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BIG DREAMS... BIGGER ACHIEVEMENT SCHOLARSHIPthe society at large. Born to an erstwhile She did BBA from Tirpude college, was middle class business family, second of 4 college topper in all three years and was siblings, Preetisudha has grown up seeing Nagpur University topper in the second year Rotary projects. While attending St.Ursula exams. She is currently pursuing final year High School she participated in all Interact MBA (Finance) from Wegian and Leigh meets, camps, Tree plantations etc. College and is concurrently an Asst. Manager conducted by Rotary. She was also very active with IndusInd Bank in the Forex Department, in intra school activities of dance, drama, On completion of her traineeship she hopes to elocution competitions. A school monitor get a break in the finance field in Mumbai or

ththroughout and the Head Girl in her 10 , Pune. Preetisudha believes ' Jo Insaan th acchha hai uske saath Bhagwaan hai'', Her Preetisudha had a stable family life till her 10

grandmother is her role model and her tales of std. Tragedy struck and her father fell very ill. keeping her family afloat on the untimely death He used to ply and manage autos and also

had a temporary position in the library of her grandfather motivate Preetisudha to department of the NMC. But due to ill health focus on her goals. She also reveres Rajiv the auto business had to be shut. Her mom, a Behal and the Rotary for supporting her in time homemaker, was left to manage the house of her need. Rajiv Behal's number is stored and 4 growing children. In those times of under ''Superhero'' on her cellphone! There

th are children of God who are capable of crises she gave her 12 Board exams and was working hard and charting their own course. a merit holder. In order to organise funds for All they need is a nudge and a push to put her graduation admission, she approached them on the path to success. Just a little Rtn. Manju Shahani (her grandmother's Confidence in her speech and gait, and eyes

friend), who in turn introduced her to Rtn.Rajiv support can go a long way...It is stories like this full of dreams – Dreams to do well careerwise Behal, Chairperson, Scholarships Committee. which gladden our hearts for doing that little bit and to make a difference to society. Seeing her exemplary past academic record, which makes all the difference !! Wishing Preetisudha's eyes light up at the mere

Preetisudha All the Best for a shining future !!mention of the word 'Rotary' and she aims to a scholarship of Rs. 20,000/ year was be a Rotarian within the next 10 years to serve awarded to her to complete her Graduation. - Hetal Sampat


The much awaited skin bank is finally taking shape. The order for equipment has been placed and civil work is going on at Orange City Hospital. The first lot of equipment arrived at the hospital. The dermatome, shaking incubator, Biosafety cabinet and other necessary instruments are now ready to be

thinstalled. A small puja was held on 29 June at 11.30 in hospital premises. President Prashant and Chairperson Dr Sameer performed puja. Prominent attendees were Director of hospital Uday Bhaskar Nair, Dr Usha Nair, Dr Anup Marar and other hospital staff. PDG Dr Sule, PP Manmohan Daga, PP Manju Shahani, President Elect Bharat Paranjpe, Devdutta Dasture, Dr Sadashiv Rajan Bhatia, PP Gulab Mahant, PP Chandru Goenka, Director Girish Deodhar, Manjot Bhole were also present.Shahani, Hon Secretary Sunil, Jt Secretary Kahai, Rtn Dinesh Naidu, Manish Bhati, Parag - Team GO

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13Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport Nagpur.CAFE LOUNGE RESTAURANT

The family is practically considered as royalty Currently he is into marketing of Ferro Alloys elder girls Megha and Kanika in Akola!! He is passionate about agriculture and promoting his own brand of acrylic who both went to a boarding and hopes to return to his town to look after the emulsion paint''Ecoplast''. They initially did a school in Ranikhet called Ashok soil...Here is a man deeply attached to his lot of government contracts but now are hall Girls Residential, did BBM roots – Meet the incumbent President Bharat mainly into townships. His grandmother and MBA from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai. Goenka and his graceful better half Jyoti. His Radhadevi Goenka was a freedom fighter, a Megha worked for three years at Google,

minister in the erstwhile CP & Berar and also father studied in Elphinstone College in Hyderabad and is now married and settled established in 1944 an educational institution Mumbai and for three years of his graduation there, whereas Kanika is settled in Delhi after at Akola, which is now known as ''Radhadevi program resided in a suite at the Taj Mahal marriage. Their son Yashodhan is pursuing Goenka College for Women ''. It is one of the Hotel. His peers referred to him as the ''Prince CA and is currently doing articleship with a firm larger multi faculty women's colleges in India of Akola “. His mother was from the famous M.N. Jain & Co. in Delhi. He is also appearing having almost 3500+ students. Bharatbhai 'Jaipuria' family of 'the Swadeshi Mills' fame

for GMAT and hopes to do his MBA in the US. met Jyoti in 1979 and they tied the knot. Jyoti and was granted the title -' Rai Bahadur'. Born

Bharatbhai feels that Jyoti is very creative, was all of 18 at the time of the marriage and in Mumbai, Bharatbhai did his early schooling they have similar likes and she manages the they have practically grown up together. She in Akola and went on to Scindia School, house very well but she has a temper and is has fond memories as a pampered young Gwalior to do his Senior Cambridge. He very headstrong!! Jyoti on the other hand bride with extremely doting in laws. Jyoti is into reminisces that 10 of them, including first appreciates that even though she moved from designing and restoring saris and is in huge cous ins were in Gwal io r together Mumbai to a small town, she has always been demand all the year round, a business she simultaneously and they had a whale of a time. given the freedom to live life on her own terms does under the name 'Yashaswini'. She is Being in a boarding school, he was involved in and that she has been given full support. But elegance personified and her sense of style is a variety of sports like swimming, football, she is wary of Bharatbhai's silent treatment exemplary!! They have three children, the cricket horse-riding etc. He then moved to when he wants to wage a cold war... she also Nagpur to do his BSc (Maths) and BCom. He feels he has utilized only 50% of his full commenced his business career in 1977, by potential. PP Manmohan Daga introduced setting up a tea-blending unit in Akola by

branding this tea under the name of 'Amrit Bharatbhai to Rotary in 1994. He feels that Chaay', which was quite popular in all of the club has reached great heights in terms of Vidarbha, Marathwada. He adopted scientific scale of projects and now it is the time to farming for cultivation of all kind of crops & consolidate and reinvent within the employed almost 400 people to work on their boundar ies o f the by laws. Under 400-acre farmlands, and established a Bharatbhai's able guidance the club is settlement there consisting of rooms for the committed to do a matching Grant project staff and godowns. His fascination for bikes with the Rotary club of Montreal. The enthused him in importing a 350 cc Yamaha incumbent District Governor, Rotary Club of bike and was known as the 'Shehzada of Nagpur and the Rotary Club of Montreal will Akola'. The family also ran a manufacturing be donating to an NGO – Rural Mothers at unit 'Jyoti Agro Industries'' to manufacture

Risk for supplying water and basic sanitation cottonseed oil. He was a distributor for J.K.

to villages in Uganda. This is a very white cement and Regency ceramics. He

prestigious venture by our club where for the was actively involved in setting up a joint

first time in the District a reverse Matching venture companyin India with 'Pagel PSB' of Grant will take place.Germany, world leaders in manufacture of It is said ''A Task well begun is half done''. construction chemicals. But his zest to do Bharatbhai with your attention to details, more, he set up office in Nagpur in 1992 as a meticulous planning and fantastic team, we sales promoter for Terraco India Pvt. Limited. are looking forward to a wonderful year of the The p roduc ts he marke ted were Rotary Club of Nagpur.revolutionary in the field of building finishing

- Hetal Sampatmaterial, spray plaster, synthetic plaster etc.


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On a stormy night many years So the couple agreed. As he paid his bill the pale reddish stone structure, with turrets and ago, an elderly man and his wife next morning, the elderly man said to the clerk, watchtowers thrusting up to the sky. “That,” entered the lobby of a small hotel “You are the kind of manager who should be said the old man, “is the hotel I have just built in Philadelphia, USA. The couple the boss of the best hotel. Maybe someday I'll for you to manage." “You must be joking”, the

approached the front desk hoping to get some build one for you.” The clerk looked at them young man said.” I can assure you I am not”, shelter for the night. “Could you possibly give and smiled. The three of them had a good said the old man, a sly smile playing around us a room here?” the husband asked. The laugh. As they drove away, the elderly couple his mouth. The old man's name was William clerk, a friendly man with a winning smile, agreed that the helpful clerk was indeed Waldorf-Astor, and that magnificent structure looked at the couple and explained that there exceptional, as finding people who are both was the original Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. The were three conventions in town. “All of our friendly and helpful isn't easy. Two years young clerk who became its first manager was rooms are taken”, the clerk said. “But I can't passed. The clerk had almost forgotten the George C. Boldt. This young clerk never send a nice couple like you out into the rain at incident when he received a letter from the old foresaw the turn of events that would lead him night. Would you perhaps be willing to?sleep in man. It recalled that stormy night and to become the top man of one of the world's my room? It's not exactly a suite, but it will be enclosed a round-trip ticket to New York, most glamorous hotels. good enough to make you folks comfortable asking the young man to pay them a visit. The George C. Boldt -- Genuine compassion will for the night.” When the couple declined, the old man met him in New York, and led him to always get rewarded…sometimes most young man pressed on. “Don't worry about the corner of Fifth Avenue and 34th Street. He unexpectedly!!!!me, I'll make out just fine,” the clerk told them. then pointed to a great new building there, a - Bobby Srinivas



I've been very involved in the affected in any way contributions for operating expenses is a well-development of our Foundation's 5. 5% of Annual Fund contributions are set accepted practice among donors to charities. new funding model and have By obtaining such gifts, the Foundation can aside from the World Fundclosely followed the questions increase support for the projects in our areas After Annual Fund contributions are invested,

being raised about it in social media and of focus. Our polio eradication efforts, for 50% will continue to go to District Designated elsewhere. The new funding model for The example, have benefitted greatly from the Bill Funds (DDF) and 50% to the World Fund. The Rotary Foundation was developed because & Melinda Gates Foundation's support. Up to 5% being set aside to help pay for the our ability to continue “doing good in the world” 10% of these gifts will contribute to our Foundation's operating expenses will come depends heavily on the Foundation having administration costs, thus leaving more funds from the World Fund, but will only be used if long-term financial stability. In the interests of to support the grants for clubs and districts.needed to pay those expenses or to fully fund improved communication and understanding 8. A communication plan is in placethe operating reserve. If they are not needed of the changes, here are 10 important things to The Trustees recognize that open, clear for those purposes, they may remain in the know about the new model, which becomes communication fosters Rotarians' continued World Fund for grants.effective on 1 July 2015. support of, and active involvement in, 6. 5% of cash contributions for global 1. Rotarians and clubs will benefit Foundation programs. The first step in the grants set asideRotary's strength lies in the talents and funding model communication plan was an Under the current system, cash contributed in dedication of its members and clubs. The announcement on rotary.org with a link to support of a grant by clubs and districts recent recession showed that we must have 'Securing Our Foundations Future. Watch for requires administration, but provides no adequate reserves in our Rotary Foundation more information in Rotary media, coming investment income to meet the cost of that to ensure that we don't have to cut programs soon.administration, because the funds are not and services in times of poor investment 9. Training and resources are being retained by the Foundation for any length of returns, and the increased volatility in financial developedtime and therefore do not generate investment markets emphasized the need for an Training manuals for officers and committees income. The 5% set aside from cash adequate level of reserves. The new funding at the district and club levels are being contributions for global grants will help pay the model is necessary to ensure resources are updated, and webinars and e-learning costs of processing, etc. It is not uncommon available to support the work of Rotarians now modules are being developed. For details, for many clubs to support a single global grant, and in the future. The Foundation's current contact [email protected] some clubs include payments from many policy is to maintain an operating reserve members, thus requiring donor recognition to 10. The Foundation has a record of equal to three years' worth of operating be processed for each contribution. Cash may financial stewardship and transparencyexpenses. also need to be converted into one of the 28 Our Foundation has consistently earned high 2. PolioPlus Fund contributions are not official Rotary currencies and then transferred ratings for sound fiscal management from affected in any way to an international bank account for the project Charity Navigator and other agencies.3. Endowment Fund Contributions are not to be implemented. By Ian Riseley, Rotary Foundation Trustee, affected in any way 7. Up to 10% of corporate gifts set aside Foundation Finance Committee chair4. District Designated Funds are not Using up to 10% of large corporate - Compiled by Vijay Naidu

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Smile. With MGP, you just got Genuine Peace of Mind, absolutely free!

Auth. Dist. : - Sudhanshu’s Sales & Marketing,G-2, Prathmesh Vihar, Near Unthkhana Squre, Great Nag Road, Nagpur-09., Ph. : 0712-2706587 / 88


SANDEEP & PREETI VAIDBack Home. Yes, that's how Sandeep feels, since he has been inducted in our club. Most of his childhood memories are of his parents totally involved in the Rotary Club of Nagpur. He remembers most senior members, remembers his involvement in fellowships & most of all he remembers the camaraderie that he shared with a lot of our members. A good dancer, even as a kid he was always a part of every fellowship. Both he & his brother enjoyed Rotary as kids. Then, marriage, kids, business kept him away from the scene. He wanted to settle down & then join, so that he could give time to Rotary. Though born in Yamuna Nagar, Sandeep did his schooling from Somalwar & Bishop Cotton. Then it was Commerce at GS College. It was when he was doing his MBA in International Trade, at the Dhanwatey National College that he befriended Preeti. Preeti, a pretty lass from Una, in the Himachal Pradesh, got a seat in Nagpur for MBA (HR). She had appeared for CET in Mumbai, little knowing that she was destined to become a Nagpurian. Born & raised in the valley, she never expected to go beyond Delhi but life had other plans. She finished her MBA & went back home. It was her MiL who fell for her & proposed (marriage to her son) to her. Preeti, daughter of a lawyer & a gynecologist succumbed to Sandeep's charm & her MiL's love. It was Rotary that made her parents accept the proposal right away. Her father a Past President & her mother an active Inner Wheeler, (she is the president currently). They found a security in Rotary & had no qualms about

Preeti, who worked for Blue Star for around 11 years, quit last year to giving away their daughter in such a far off place. So after Sandeep start her own business of handicrafts export. She also helps Sandeep, completed a Diploma in Import Export from Bhawans, he joined his full time & keeps his back office in order. Danny, as he is fondly called father in their business of Surgical Instruments. Today he has a brand in was back into his favorite element, less than a month after he joined. contact lenses to his credit. Marketed as I-OVUE, under the banner of We all saw him dancing during the Ladies Nite. Welcome Danny & Central India Exports, he has captured a market in 15 odd countries.

Married to Preeti, they have 2 children. Mehak, who is 10 & Kanav, 8. Preeti! - Manju Shahani

Though not a Nagpurian by birth, he feels totally at home in Nagpur. Born & raised in Delhi, in a very renowned family, his grandfather was a Padma Bhushan, Pranav only came to Nagpur, when his dad moved in as the General Manager of the then, Nippon Denro Ispat. His mother took up teaching in the Tata Parsi School. Pranav was sent to St. John's. Then it was B.Com from GS College & then an MBA in Marketing from the University. It was here that he met Chetna Goel & they were attracted to each other instantly. Chetna, who did schooling at Mt. Carmel, BCom from GS College & then MBA in finance, from the University came out with flying colors, winning a Gold Medal! They both graduated in 1999 & wanted to marry but both the sets of parents were against the alliance (though they are both Agrawals). Pranav's parents thought he was not mature enough at 23 & should wait. Chetna's parents wanted a boy with a business background for their daughter. But both Chetna & Pranav were determined & finally the parents had to give in. The wedding happened & the couple moved away to Delhi. Pranav got a job with the Standard Chartered Bank. After a 2-year stint in Delhi, he took up another job & moved to Bangalore for a year. It was the year 2002, they were expecting their first child, Chetna missed her family, the US was shaken up with the 9 / 11 attacks & Pranav lost his job! It was then that they felt, that Nagpur beckoned them. They wanted the security of a family & moved back home, never to look back. Advait came & Aarna followed after almost 6 years. Pranav was settling down, in his new found business. He is a distributor for food & beverages & has his warehouses in MIDC. He is a stockist for Godrej Products & COCO COLA. Chetna has started an Academy, where she holds various after school activities. She has 3 International Programs and Advait Educational Academy is doing well, since the last 3 years. Both Chetna & Pranav, are enjoying the comforts of a joint family & do not even want to think of moving out of Nagpur. Already involved in a lot many club activities, they have gained instant popularity due to their friendly nature. Welcome Pranav & Chetna. We want more members like you! - Manju Shahani

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Last month, we had driven hot air balloons are blown up in front of us, and through the worst road's, and we board them, fully excited to take in the through bush land to reach the sunrise and watch the scattering of animals haven of Naivasha. In Naivasha, and wildlife, birds across the trees and the

sitting on the lake a beautiful country house – grasslands. Though the best part is when we known as the Loldia House was our abode for land. Eight in a basket, with full speed. Am a night. Divided into two separate units, one bham! We are all top turvy, on each other main building with rooms around a courtyard, laughing like crazy , trying to scramble and get lawns stretching over acres and overlooking into a jeep before the cheetah's get us. Finally the lake, while the other building – a cottage on the last day we gear up for the long drive with a fireplace built on a hill, with an attic and back from Mara to Nairobi. We enter Nairobi an outhouse pantry. Strangely once we were

and make our way to the Carnivore! Who packed into the cottage on the hill, and the

hasn't heard of that restaurant… you get vehicle left us, there was no way of moving

meats of the most varied kinds and though I out! Why? Because the entire track in between

don't eat meat, the experience of seeing it these two units was grassland and had Hippos skewered and served can be quite daunting, visiting in the night… we could see their for people who like to taste everything under shining eyes in the night light's , and yes we the sun…. it's definitely a place not to be missed. Passing through the worst traffic in the world I think ( yes worse than India also), we visited the Giraffe Centre. I will end this sojourn to Kenya at the Giraffe centre – with the experience of feeding vegetable pellets with a hand to these beautiful sublime animals having the longest and most slimey tongues ever! Was I the only one who does such heard of the Safari's already, but a must things… giraffes in Kenya, Reindeer feeding mention is when we stop near a pride of lions in Aveimore… elephant feeding in Bali next? and I am sitting at the edge of the open safari Till next time… jeep, almost at touching distance, both of us (

-Farzana Haquethe lion and me) staring at each other. Scary feeling. And move on… as we come back to the camp, we

truly felt close to nature… till we reached see the whole lot of guests Masai. Morning breakfast on the lawns with standing outside near the the Impalas, and a surprise awaited us! We lobby hut. We were told that a were driven to a strip in the middle of the jungle herd of elephants have to await a Cessna for our flight to Masai Mara, entered the camp, and the the last bit of our trip. A small 10 seater aircraft mahouts are trying to guide but what an experience! On reaching Mara, them out. Next day morning

was truly the best of the trip, you suddenly feel even smaller, a non-the hot air ballooning over the significant in the animal world! As we sat and Mara grasslands. The whole sipped drinks on the river side winding across trip from getting up at 4am in and around the camp… we are fore warned, the morning, and venturing out you can't venture down to the river. As we in the grasslands, to driving lunch on the lawns, a wild boar decides to walk down to a stream and crossing past. Kid's move out scurrying, and we get up in small boats across a river – from the table leaving the food to make way. with crocs? Then climbing up It's the Rule of the Jungle, “make way for the to the place where the massive animals”. So much to see, and so much is


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iOS 8 - Call/SMS from your iPad or Mac and much more

If you have an iPhone 4S or later or iPad 2 or later, there is good news for

you. Apple has launched iOS8 beta during its Word Wide Developer

Conference last month and you will be soon able to upgrade to latest and most

advanced mobile operating system as Apple likes to call it.

Let's talk about some of the major features:

1. Continuity – You will be able to receive and make calls and SMS from your iPad

and Mac. Call/SMS will be routed using your iPhone in the same network. Also you'll

be able to start a task on one device (say, composing an email) and finish on the other.

2. New Keyboard – Keyboard will come with predictive typing mode which can

predict what you want to type, however this feature won't be available in India

immediately, however there is good news here as well. Apple is now allowing you to

install third-party keyboards and use them instead of default keyboard, so get ready to

Swype on iPhone soon.

3. Family Sharing – It lets different Apple users (even with different Apple Ids) share

all content they've downloaded from iTunes. Up to six people can be designated

family members, and it provides a great solution to the problem of kids downloading

paid apps on their parents' credit cards: With Family Sharing, the parent gets notified,

and then can grant or deny the purchase.

4. Interactive Notifications - Just need to reply to a message with a single word?

Why do you have to launch Messages for that? In iOS 8, you can just pull down on the

banner that appears and you can type your reply. Swiping an alert to the left will reveal

Reply/Dismiss buttons, letting you do things faster without unlocking your phone. And

if you're concerned about security implications, you can disable this feature.

5. Health - The new Health app is straightforward: It provides a central place for all

the health and fitness information you're storing on the iPhone. Many apps, such as

Nike+ and Fitbit, do this individually, but now those apps will be able to integrate into

one app. Apple is also partnering with healthcare providers to help bring the iPhone

health data to the doctors and care specialists who can really do something with it.

These are just some of the main features and there are many new features coming up

with iOS8. Apple is soon launching iPhone6 as well and most probably you will have

bigger screen options with new iPhones.

Finally for readers who don't like Apple or iOS, there is a new phone in town, Amazon

just launched Fire Phone which runs a custom Android on it. It has got some really

cool features, like you can scroll without touching the phone, just tilt it. There are many

such gesture options available on Fire Phone.

Hope you liked reading my column this year. Thanks and Good Bye.

Sachin Palewar


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BuVoQu – July 20141. Which FMCG major had launched a biscuit brand called iBisc and it flopped miserably?2. Name the travel website where both the Ambani brothers are investors, Anil first and

now Mukesh.3. Which Indian company accounts for 14.7% of India's exports?4. Who will receive the proceeds from auction of Homi Bhabha's Malabar Hills bungalow?5. Which is the oldest surviving brand of Tata Group6. Which is India's first indigenous built car?7. Which was the first Indian movie to be produced by a Hollywood production house?8. Which is India's first private port?9. Which country designed first smart phone?10. Which is the largest vehicle-manufacturing group (by volume)?

15 July to 14 Aug


15 July to 14 Aug


Bu-Vo-Qu (Business & Vocation Quiz)


Think House, Level I 260, Bajaj Nagar West High Court Road, Nagpur-440010Ph. : 0712-2245600, 2245700 E-mail : [email protected]



Before you decide to Google the answers, take the Rotary's four-way test. Honesty is the best policy. Give your brain some jolts. Let these questions deprive you of some sleep. Let the thinking begin.


1. Open to all the Rotarians and spouses of Rotary Clubs in Nagpur except Director-Vocational who will be the judge.

2. Mail your answers to [email protected]

3. Answers will be accepted only via e-mails. Latest by 31st July 2014.

4. Judge's decision will be final.

1. Election Commission of 7. Berkshire HathwayIndia

8. Morris Oxford2. Boosts

9. UPS3. Aakash Tablet4. Jet Konnect 10. Bud Light5. The International

11. HondaMagazine of Events6. Pfizer 12. Mcdonalds

Answers to BuVoQu - June 2014



Vinay & Anjali Thakur 15.07.2013Sheela & Kantilal Singhee 16.07.2013

Shabbar & Fatema Shakir 09.08.2013Mohtashim & Durriya Ahmed 14.08.2013Wijay & Anita Chitaley 14.08.2013


Abad Bapuna 15

Anagha Jaiswal 15

Shiv Kumar Rao 16

Nilima Malani 16

Ashish Kaswa 16

Anand Garodia 16

Vishwajeet Kshirsagar 17

Jayshree Singhee 18

Dr. Sunita Lawange 18


Dhanwatey 19

Bobby Srinivas 19

Swati Agrawal 19

Pranoti Parekh 20

Rasheeda Amin 21

Manmeet Dheer 21

Surendra Jaiswal 22

Sadashiv Bhole 22

Kiran Wankhede 22

Indira Khurana 23

Surinderpal Singh 24

Dr. Ravi Wankhede 24

Praveen Chourasia 26

Prashant S. Rajurkar 27

Harish Thakur 27

Renu Thapar 28

Neerja Shukul 28

Dr. Rajesh Soni 28

Shree Krishna Buty 28

Manisha Agrawal 28

Nishi Hansles 29

Hasmukh Panchmatia 31

Pramod Jain 31

Madhav Kinkhede 01

Shridhar Pasari 02

Sandeep Badjatia 02

Hemant Doshi 02

Yogesh Thaker 03

Rakhi Bhutani 03

Rohit Agrawal 04

Prashant Kale 04

Sandhya Agrawal 05

Atmika Kapoor 05

Madhavi Naidu 05

Sunil Thapar 06

Devendra Agarwal 06

Urmi Sharma 06

Chandrashekhar Pingle 06

Meenakshi Sial 06

Manju Sahni 07

Kamal Kapai 08

Pushpa Parikh 08

Archana Javery 08

Sujata Kaswa 09

Shailendra Verma 09

Sonali Paltewar 09

Vivek Gupta 10

Rita Aggarwal 11

Poonam Dhanwatey 11

Neeta Chandurkar 13


11. This mascot is owned by which company?

12. What is unique about this soon to be launched Harley?

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Sandeep Dhodapkar- Scholarship Ganesh Joshi - Rotary Foundation

Chandru Shahani - District Awards Release of Golden Orange

The Ladies (and Gents) Behind the Rotary Team 2013-14

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