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  • 7/27/2019 Jukebox Autumn






  • 7/27/2019 Jukebox Autumn


    jukebox.content01 ALeoClubofPenang(City)DreamEditor Introductory Message02 3R-Rebrand,ReshapeandReformMessage from the President04 ThePresentation2013

    Cover Story155 TTXKhunThaiRestaurant

    Featured Story16 TTXItsBowlingTime

    Featured Story17 TTXTheAmazingHatyaiTrip

    Featured Story20 TTXPantaiKerachut

    Featured Story22 TTXIPPStanleyFeatured Story

    23 ActivitiesJuly-September Reports26 FiftyGoldenYearsofServiceToTheCommunity

    Special288 MediaCentre29 ShoppingCart30 HappyBirthday!31 Acknowledgement

  • 7/27/2019 Jukebox Autumn


    jukebox.editorsmessage 01

    ALeoClubofPenang(City)DreamGreetings from Leo Club of Penang (City), onbehalf of the club, it is indeed my pleasure tointroduce you our clubs newsletter, Jukebox.

    Jukebox is normally circulated internallyexclusively for our club members. The editorialteam will publish a Jukebox every 3 months tobe circulated publicly; and highlights from thepast 3 Jukebox will be included in the externalissue. This is to keep the public up to date withwhat Leo Club of Penang (City) have beendoing.oing.

    I would like to thank the Board of Directorsfor trusting me in such a huge assignment; thisallows me to improve my skills one way or theother while publishing Jukebox.

    Jukebox is not any simple newsletter, it is apresentation. A presentation to show our effort,and the Leo Club of Penang (City) dream ofachieving a greater milestone in serving,learning and improving under the guidancefrom our sponsoring Lions Club, Lions Club ofPenang (Host).Roar!oar!

    Leo Kwang Min XiangIT Director

    Leo Club of Penang (City)

  • 7/27/2019 Jukebox Autumn


    jukebox.presidentsmessage 02

    3R-Rebrand,ReshapeandReformDear Readers,Firstirst of all, welcome to our first external newsletter forthis Fiscal Year 2013-2014, nicknamed Jukebox. Theword, Jukebox, explains itself; I hope this newsletter willbe a platform and medium for Lions and Leos. TheJukebox will also keep our members up to date withclub events and projects no matter where they are orhow occupied they are with their daily life.

    This newsletter also marks the 1st Quarter for me asthe Club President, I am deeply honoured to be able toserve the public and club with the backing of a strongand dedicated team members. I would like to take thisopportunity to thank all my Board of Directors andmembers of Leo Club of Penang (City), this includes theEditors Team under the leadership of Leo Kwang MinXiang,iang, without them we will not be able to present ournews letters, I truly appreciate all their hard work and theirexcellent job! With the support and enthusiasm frommembers of the club, I strongly believe that we will beable to achieve our goals and excel in every way.

  • 7/27/2019 Jukebox Autumn


    jukebox.presidentsmessage 03

    Since October is the Membership Growth Month, Iwould like to take this opportunity to extend our warmestwelcome to all our friends to join us. We are lookingforward to recruit more members to further strengthenour club as we ll as to create more public awareness onwhat Leo Club is all about.Finally, I hope that my fellow members from LeoClub of Penang (City) will continue to serve thecommunity hand in hand and to continue promote thespirit of Leos and Lionism. Lets ROAR together,ENJOY the time spend together and SERVE togetherfor the betterment of our community.

    Thank you. Roar Roar Roar!

    Leoeo Teoh Shaw JheePresidentLeo Club of Penang (City)

    On top of that I would like to congratulate our SecretaryLeo Edw in Khor on being appointed as the District 308B2 Leo Cabinet Assistant Secretary; I hereby wishinghim all the very best! I would also like to congratulate my1st Vice President, Leo Vinz Ang, and his OrganisingCommittee for their wonderful job in successfullyorganising a very important project, The Presentation2013.013.As the President of the club, my goal is to rebrand,reshape and reform the club to gain sustainable growth.This will be achieved by the follow four subjects:

    People (Members) : To be a place whereknowledge and experience can be shared easily in orderfor us to grow together. Portfolio : To identify talents, future leaderswithin the club and foster strong bonding amongmembers Productivity : Evaluate successful or failedprojects and activities utilising SWOT Analysis Ecosystem : Cultivate a healthy club ecosystemthrough club cultures and idealogy.

  • 7/27/2019 Jukebox Autumn


    Text: Leo Kwang Min XiangPhoto: PDP Chng Kok Sheng, Leo Club of Medan Spirit

    jukebox.coverstory 04


    The Presentation 2013 - Installation and initiationof members from Leo Club of Penang (City),International Leo Club Twinning with Leo Club ofMedan Spirit, and the donation of notebookcomputers to Kong Min I Primary School.

  • 7/27/2019 Jukebox Autumn


    jukebox.coverstory 0513/09::Arrival - Visit to Lions REACh

    Leos from Leo Club of Medan Spiritarrived in Penang on the 13th ofSeptember along with Lions from theirsponsoring Lions Club, Lions Club ofMedan Pioneer, for 3 days.

    We spent the day indulging in localfood and made a quick detour to the localshopping mall.

    Alongside the packed schedule, theOrganising Chairperson of the main event"The Presentation 2013" Leo Vinz Angorganised a visit the Lions REACh Centreto allow Lions and Leos from Medan tofurther understand autism.

  • 7/27/2019 Jukebox Autumn


    jukebox.coverstory 0613/09::36th Anniversary & Fellowship Dinner

    Later in the day we organised awelcoming dinner for Lions and Leosfrom Medan at the Penang Chin KangHoay Kuan; this event was vital for bothclubs as we got to know each otherbetter at the same time exchangeexperiences and ideas.

    On the same night we celebrated ourclub's 36th Anniversary; we weredelighted to have the President of oursponsoring Lions Club, President Jimmy

    Ang, Leo Club Advisor, Lion Teh, Region1 Leo Club RCC Ong, Lions Dignataries,District Leo Cabinet President Jocelyn &Officers, and sister clubs.

    We would like to take this opportunityto thank Lions Club of Penang Host,Penang Lions REACh Centre andPenang Chin Kang Hoay Kuan for theirkind support and assistance throughoutthe day.

  • 7/27/2019 Jukebox Autumn


    jukebox.coverstory 0714/09::Installation and Initiation Ceremony

    The Board of Directors for the fiscal year 2013 -2014 has been successfully installed to lead themembers in various club activities and futuredevelopment.Now, we'd like to present you our BOD team:President: LeoTeohShawJheeImmediate Past President: PPStanleySaw1stst Vice President: LeoVinzAng2nd V ice President: LeoKennyChunTzeJunHon. Secretary: LeoEdwinKhorChinLaiAsst. Secretary: LeoLeeKeXinHon. Treasurer: LeoWallaceMakAsst. Treasurer: LeoLeeCheeHoeIT Director: LeoKwangMinXiangDiirector: LeoSammySawZhangYingDirector: LeoCheeLiHoongDirector: LeoEvanLoZhenHaoDirector: LeoPriscillaChooLiFei

    12 new mem bers were officially initiated as Leos.The Presentation 2013 was held at Kong Min IPrimary School on 14 September, the first ofmany featured events for this fiscal year by ourclub.

  • 7/27/2019 Jukebox Autumn


    jukebox.coverstory 0814/09::Installation and Initiation Ceremony



  • 7/27/2019 Jukebox Autumn


  • 7/27/2019 Jukebox Autumn


    jukebox.coverstory 1014/09::Notebook Computers Presentation

    The old computers no longer serve ourteachers and students well in schooladministration works and multimedialecturing, we require new hardwarereplacement. said Madan Yeoh,Principal of Kong Min I Primary School.

    This motivated us to make ThePresentation 2013 a successful project.We were glad to have this JointFundraising Project alongside our newlytwinned sister club, Medan Spirit to raisefunds for the new notebook computers.

    Both clubs managed to raise overRM5,500 to purchase 4 notebookcomputers for Kong Min I PrimarySchool.

    The notebook computers werepresented to the school witnessed by ourGuest of Honour, Lion Dignitaries, Leosand Guests.

  • 7/27/2019 Jukebox Autumn


    jukebox.coverstory 1115/09::Bicycle Tour X Penang Heritage Site

    What is the best activity one can do on alovely Sunday morning? None other thantaking a tour around PenangGeorgetown UNESCO World HeritageSite on bicycles.

    Along with Medan Spirit Leos, we took abicycle tour around the UNESCO siteorganised by Club Director Leo Li Fei; wewere honoured to be able to showMedan Spirit Leos the rich heritage of ourcity.

  • 7/27/2019 Jukebox Autumn


    jukebox.coverstory 1215/09::Joint Community Service Project X St. Josephs Home

    We then headed off to St. Joseph Homeafter the bicycle tour for a joint organisedcommunity service project. Pizza was onthe menu for lunch for both the children andLeos. We then spent the afternoon with thechildren.

  • 7/27/2019 Jukebox Autumn


    jukebox.coverstory 1315/09::Visit to Takasima Malaysia

    It was indeed our pleasure to be invitedby Lions Club of Bayan Baru to join Lionsand Leos from Medan for a tour aroundTakasima Malaysia Headquarters.This trip opened our eyes to how thislarge-scaled company operates in theinside.

    To end the long and eventful day, we wereinvited by Lions Club of Bayan Baru for adelicious seafood dinner.We would like to thank TakasimaMalaysia and Lions Club of Bayan Barufor their great hospitality.

  • 7/27/2019 Jukebox Autumn


    jukebox.coverstory 14

    Itsjustabeginning.Although the time spent was short, it was funyet memorable; the time spent with MedanSpirit Leos brought us closer. This is just thebeginning for us; being twinned as sister clubs,we have a long road ahead. It is time for us totake it to another level and do what we pledgedin every Leo occasion, we should worktowaowards our set goals and vision! ROAR!

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    jukebox.featured 15TTXKhunThaiRestaurantClub members & guests had wonderful dinner together

    Onthe13thJuly,atotalof11clubmembersandguests attended our month ly TT organised byDirectorLeoEvanLoatKhunThaiRestaurant.While indulging into the lip-smacking Thai food fordinner, we caught up with each others latest updates.

    We w ere glad to have two guests, Cindy and Elaine, tojoin us in the TT. It was a great opportunity for us toshare what Leo is all about and shared our personalexperiences, they voiced their interest in joining ourclub.

    WhatisTT?TT bas ically stands for The Tarik Session or Tea Talk. In the Fiscal Year 2013 -2014, Leo C lub of Penan g (City) decided tointroduce something different, a monthly TT. The purpose for the TT is that we have a casual meet up among themembers and at the same time potential members could join in to further understand Leo and know more about ourclub. TT also allows members to discuss and update on projects together; share information or experiences in a casualway. Our TT can range from a meal together, going for the movie or even an outing.

    The night did not end after the dinner, we headed overto a cafe to continue catching up and also talk aboutpotential projects for the fiscal year. We felt a closerbond and reinforced our relationships at the end of thenight. Lets Enjoy Ourselves! Roar!

  • 7/27/2019 Jukebox Autumn


    jukebox.featured 16TTXItsBowlingTime!Club members spent Friday night for bow ling games

    BesidestheDinnerTTatKhunThai,DirectorLeoChooLiFeiorganisedaSportsTTonthe26thJuly.This time round 14 members attended the TTorganised in a bowling alley. Besides brushing up ourbowling skills, we took this opportunity to discussprojects. We went to a nearby haw kers stall to continuecatching up after the bowling session.

  • 7/27/2019 Jukebox Autumn


    jukebox.featured 17TTXTheAmazingHatyaiTrip

    The Amazing Hatyai Trip that was fun andmemorablewasorganisedbyLeoLeeCheeHoe.President Shaw Jhee, Wei Fong, KeXin, Wallace,Jxhia, PP Stanley, Sammy, Li Fei and PDP Kok Shengparticipated in this amazing journey to Hatyai, Thailand. Itwas our first trip travelling together to Hatyai. Hatyai waschosen because it is closer to Penang and it is affordablefor our members. We are planning for a 2nd AmazingHatyai Trip in 2014, make sure you reserve your spot whenregistration starts!egistration starts!

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  • 7/27/2019 Jukebox Autumn



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    jukebox.featured 20TTXPantaiKerachut

    ThemonthlyTTwasorganisedbyLeoChooLiFeionthe31stAugustwhichwasMerdekaDay.The TT this time round saw us tracking through thebushes to Pantai Kerachut, a total of 10 membersattended this sport TT. The sport TT have been receivinghuge support by mem bers and directors alike because itis a good head start to get our club members to live ahealthy lifestyle. Sports TT also brings our members

    closer and de velop better teamwork skills.

    It was also the first time we conducted our clubs 2ndBOD meeting for this fiscal year at the beach. PresidentShaw Jhee decided to have a change in atmosphere toencourage us to e ngage into more outdoor ac tivities andembrace the lovely nature.

  • 7/27/2019 Jukebox Autumn


    jukebox.featured 21

  • 7/27/2019 Jukebox Autumn


    jukebox.featured 22TTX IPPStanley

    We had our September TT by ce lebrating our IPP StanleySaws birthday, at the same time to enhance therelationship betwee n me mbers.It was a great opportunity to share our updates to oneanother; on top of that we were ab le to discuss more onupcoming club activities.

  • 7/27/2019 Jukebox Autumn


    InaugurationofDistrictGovernorLeeBoonHoe & Installation of Cabinet Officers forFiscalYear2013-2014Leoeo Club of Penang (City) felt honoured to beinvited to attend the DG Inauguration Dinner. Atotal of 5 club members attended this meaningfulyet eye-opening dinner. The Leos were gratified tohave the opportunity to meet the Lions ClubInternational President, Barry J. Palmer, District308 B2 Governor, Lee Boon Hoe, CouncilChairperson,hairperson, Cheng Yik Siong, PCC, PDG, LionsCabinet Officers and all the Lions.

    LeoClubofPJIInstallation&Initiation2013Secretary Leo Edwin Khor attended Leo Club ofPetaling Jaya Integrity Installation and Initiationceremony of fiscal 2013 - 2014 at S.J.K. (C) YukChai on 6 July 2013.

    Team BuildingbyLeo ClubofChungLingHighSchoolOur club supported and attended the TeamBuilding Project organised by our sister club, LeoClub of Chung Ling High School.We gathered around the basketball court atroughly 10am and was divided into severaldifferent groups. A couple games were played tochallenge our team spirit, communication and acouple other aspects. It was great to have suchteam building activities alongside both sister clubs,Leo Club of Chung Ling High School and Leo Clubof Convent Dato Keramat.f Convent Dato Keramat.

    ActivitiesJuly - September

    20th Platinum Anniversary Dinner,Installation & Initiation Ceremony of LeoClubofTanjungPenangWe were contented to witness the installationceremony for Board of Directors from Leo Clubof Tanjung Penang; we hope to be able to workwith the newly installed team in the future. Wewould like to congratulate the club again for their20 years of service in the community and leadingthe youth; this is a significant milestone inTanjung Penanganjung Penangs history book.

    LeoClubofTanjungPenangCharityCarWashPresident Leo Teoh Shaw Jhee has supportedand attended a fund raising charity car washorganised by Leo Club of Tanjung Penangtogether with Leo Fung Wei Fong on 28 July.

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    Joint Installation, Club Anniversaries andInitiation CeremonyofLionsClub of IpohBougainvillaeaCity and Leo Club of IpohUnityWe were incited to this event which was held onthe 24th August 2013. We had fun posing indifferent pose in front of a digital photo boothwhich acts as a souvenir at the same time.Congratulations to the new Board of Directorsand Happy Anniversary!

    Joint Installation & Initiation cumAnniversary of Leo Club of GeorgetownCentral, PCGHS and Han Chiang HighSchool.Usuallysually Installation and Initiation Ceremonies forLeo Clubs are held in venues such as a hall,theatre, restaurants, etc. This time round it wasorganised in a Starbucks Coffee Drive Thruoutlet; it was the first time we attended a Leofunction at a place like this.

    District 308 B2 Region 1Alpha LeoClubsJoint Installation& Initiationfor FiscalYear2013-2014It was an important occasion to witness theinstallation ceremony of new officers of Region 1Alpha Leo Clubs and welcoming new membersinto our big Leo family.

    LeoClubofPMO'sInitiationandInstallationCeremonyIt was great to be invited to this event which washeld at a public concourse area for the first time.Thehe event achieved glorious success, it obtainedattention from the public and allow memberspublic to enhance their understanding on LeoClub and its objectives.

    JointInitiation,InductionandInstallationofLionsClubofTanjungPutraandLeoClubofTanjungPutraIt was an important occasion for the 2 clubs asnew Board of Directors and new members tooktheir oath to continue contributing in the Lionsand Leo programme as well as the community.

    jukebox. reports 24

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    LeoClubofAIMSTUniversity3rdInitiationandInstallationforFiscalYear2013-2014It was a great day to meet Region 3 Leos toexchange ideas and share our experiences witheach other. At the same time, we are happy towitness the Installtaion and Initiation Ceremonyof Leo Club of AMIST University.

    District308B2Region1LeoSchoolforKeyOfficersandRCCMeetingWe have always been supporting the idea ofproviding necessary training for Leo Officers andmembers. Thus, we co-organised this event as aplatform for Region 1 Leos to learn more anddiscuss the current topics of Leo ClubDevelopment.

    CharityFoodFairinAidofAutisticChildren8 of us participated as volunteers for the charityfood fair in aid of Lion REACh Centre. Apart fromselling food coupons, we also helped out duringthe food fair by collecting donations and sellingfood on the spot.

    3rdInstallationofPresident&BOD2013-2014ofLionsCLubofTaipingCentennialItt was the first time we travelled to Taiping forLions Club of Taiping Centennials event. It wasgreat to be able to witness the function, we werealso humbled to receive a total of RM200, as adonation from Lions Club of Taiping Centennial insupport of our event, The Presentation 2013. Wewould like to congratulate the newly installedPrresident, Lion Alan Ooi and his BOD andexpress our deepest thanks and appreciation forsupporting our initiative.

    New Member Induction cum JointInstallation & Initiation of Leo Club ofPenang Light and Leo Club of INTIInternationalCollegePenangItt was really great to be invited to attend theimportant occasion of the clubs. We were able tofoster mutual understanding among the Leosfrom Region 1 as well as other Regions.

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    jukebox.special 26

    FiftyGoldenYearsOfServiceToTheCommunityLions Club of Penang (Host) 50th Anniversary Special Report

    Thisyear,ourSponsoringLionsClubofPenang(Host)iscelebrating50thAnniversary.On3August,wehaveattendedthememorableandmeaningfulanniversarydinneratE&OHotel.ItwasreallyamazingaswecouldmeetLionsandguestsfromotherdistrictsaswellaslistentoinspiring speeches delivered by the VIPs. Again, Happy 50th Anniversary to Lions Club ofPenang(Host)!

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    jukebox.special 27

    The Lions Club of Penang (Host) was officially chartered on 6th August 1963, one of the first Lions Clubs to be formed inMalaya. The word Host denotes the premier position of being the first Lions Club to be established in a certain locality,com munity, state or country.Lions Club of Penang (Host) is a member of the International Association of Lions Clubs with its headquarters in OakBrook, Illinois, USA. Geographically, the club belongs to Multiple District 308 which encompasses Malaysia, Singapore andBrunei. As from J uly 1998, M ultiple District 308 has be en re-districted and it is now one o f the oldest clubs in District 308 B2.With emphasis on service and an enthusiasm to train the youths of Penang to acquire Leadership, Experience andOpportunity, Lions Club of Penang (Host) has sponsored the Leo Club of Convent Dato Kramat, the Leo Club of Penang (City)and the Leo C lub of Chung Ling High School. These clubs function under the close guidance of Lions Club's memb ers, whoseduty it is to inculcate in the Leo s, the Spirit of Lionism.

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    35thAnniversaryBadge(h) 3cm x (w) 4.5cmRM5.00

    Howtopurchase?1. Private message to our Facebook Page http://fb.com/PenangCity2. Email to [email protected]. Contact President Teoh Shaw Jhee // 0164068088 // [email protected]!

    LeoCarSticker(h) 11.7cm x (w) 9.6cmRM5.00

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    jukebox.happybirthday 30



    PPVincentKhor LeoHueiHong LeoWeiFong

    LeoSophiaLee PPHimKeat LeoWilliamChan LeoMinXiang LeoPeiChia

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    jukebox.acknowledgement 31

    JukeboxEditorial TeamAdvisors




    President Teoh Shaw JheePDP Chng Kok Sheng

    Leo Kwang Min Xiang

    Leo Kenny Chun Tze JunLeo Edwin KhorLeo Sammy SawLeo Boney Chongeo Boney Chong

    RCC Ong Lai PengLeo Club of Medan SpiritLions Club of Taiping CentennialDistrict 308 B2 Leo ClubsLeo Club of AIMST University

    ThankyouforreadingJukeboxWe welcome your feedbacks for future improvement, to make Jukebox to be better than ever.

    Please email us at: [email protected]@gmail.com .

    See you next issue in January 2014.

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