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The Beliefs of Judaism: T.O.R.A.H

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The Beliefs of Judaism:


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T Torah = Jewish holy book

-Christians call Torah the Old Testament

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O Oh, most Jews live in Israel & N. America

JudaismIsrael: the Jewish homeland

-Jews believe Israel was given to them by God (the “Promised Land”)

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RReligious laws = the Ten Commandments

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A Abraham = founder-made covenant with

God -Hebrews could live in

Canaan (now Israel) if they followed God

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H Hebrews = first believers in monotheism

Other Monotheistic religions:


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Q: The Jewish religion is based around the land of Israel (Canaan) - they believe it was given to them by God. Therefore, what might they do if another group of people tried to take away the land of Israel?

Q: Are you aware of anything like this going on today?