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A Man must take a journey across a country to save the world.

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  • Journey to the Emerald Sky

    Journey to the Emerald Sky

    By: Shawn McMullen


  • Journey to the Emerald Sky

    Map of Ing'red:


  • Journey to the Emerald Sky

    Of People and Places:

    Dwarves: Dwarves where the first people to arrive at Ing'red. They are a short but very strong people who make brave and deadly warriors. Their main jobs are becomming soldiers or miners. Most of their past time is spent in taverns, singing, and telling stories of battles long since fought. They have long beards and hair normally coloured red or black and their faces are dirty and rugged, with dark, beady eyes.

    Elves: Elves are fair and elegant people. They are light on their feet and can move through woods unnoticed by most. They live in homes they built up in the tall trees of the Lettholand forests. They are the finest archers in all of Grovania(the planet on which Ing'red is located). Some say they were the first people on the planet. They have fine skin, long, light coloured hair and blue or green eyes. They normally wear long, green robes made of the soft fibres of the Ceris tree, which grows only in Lettholand.They are a friendly and peaceful people who get along with all other races(except those from the Land of the Fallen, such as goblins).

    Men: Men have the second highest population in all of Grovania(with the highest being the goblins). They vary in height, but are generally fairly tall. They are quite stong, thoughnot as strong as dwarves, and make fair fighters. Most of the males end up becoming farmers, or soldiers. Farming is an important part of their culture, not only does it supply them with food, but they can trade the food to the dwarves in exchange for iron to make weapons, armour and tools.

    Goblins: Goblins have been in the dirty, swampy regions of the Land of the Fallen for far too long. They always dreamed of growth and expansion, and Ing'red seemes like the perfect place to start. Goblins are short, dirty, pale creatures. They are very quick, and skillful with knives, short swords and bows, making them a deadly foe. They have little to no hair and big, bright eyes. They tend to like caves, swamps and other dark places. They are very bitter and unfriendly and make enemies with almost all other races, except the fell creatures.

    Fell Creatures: Fell creatures consist of Dark Wolves, Forest Spiders, Ghosts, Trolls and other foul monsters that come from the Land of the Fallen. Like the goblins, they too wanted to expand their region, so they allied with the goblins to help take Ing'red. They live mostly in dark forests, mountains and caves, but are very adaptable and can live almost anywhere. Men, Elves, and Dwarves tend to not get along with fell creatures, and will attack them on sight.

    Wizards: There are only 50 Wizards in Grovania. Wizards tend to keep to themselves, so not much is known about them. They have been on the planet for centuries and study the art of magic. They hate Goblins and wish to rid the world of all Fell Creatures.


  • Journey to the Emerald Sky

    Keefegate: Keefegate was the first town in all of Ing'red. It was settled by Dwarf miners back in 1101, and remains their only major city in Ing'red. It is also the home of Lake Pyre, the largest lake located in Ing'red. The Men, who are always on the hunt for more food sources, have been trying to buy Lake Pyre off the Dwarves for a long time, so they can fish there.

    Sabrastowne: Sabrastowne was the second city settled in Ing'red and belongs to Men. It is a smaller city, but also has very fertile soil. It is practically all farm land, with some housing and markets located at the centre. It is a calm and peaceful land with green, rolling hills and beautiful meadows quilted with flowers.

    Lettholand: Lettholand is the home of the Elves. It is mostly covered in dense forests and is abundant in trees, fresh water, wildlife, as well as other natural resources. It is the only place in all of Grovania where you can find the rare Ceris tree.

    Malzara: Malzara is the capital of Ing'red. Elves, Dwarves and Men all come to trade furs,food, lumber and precious metals in it's many markets. It's population mostly consists of men. It's central location makes it a very convenient trading hub. It is surrounded by a wall of stone and has many tall watch towers north, to watch for any Goblin activity. It is also home of Gorbed's Military Academy, the finest military training post in Ing'red.

    Rokmeg: Rokmeg was the first city the Goblins established once leaving the Caves of Nkhba. It is also the Goblin's Capital. It is a very cloudy, warm and stormy place. The buildings are made of stone painted a deep black with thatched roofs. The streets are decorated with the severed heads of the Men, Elves and Dwarves who tried to resist them.

    Kallaland/Frenzied Forest: Kallaland was the second city the goblins constructed uponentering Ing'red. As with Rokmeg, it is dark and stormy and reeks of Goblin and rotting flesh. The Frenzied Forest is a dense, dark pine forest located at the south of Kallaland. During the battle of Darkwood, in the year 1205, a company of 150 Dwarves attempted tocapture the southern parts of Kallaland from the Goblins. While in Darkwood(now known as The Frenzied Forest), the Dwarves were ambushed by Goblins who rode the poisonous Forest Spiders. After a violent 2 hours, the last of the spiders retreated into the woods, and only 25 of the 150 Dwarves remained. It is said that the angry spirits of the fallen Dwarves haunt the forest and attack anyone who enters it.

    Mount Winter/Caves of Nkhba/The Tower of Marmalas: Mount winter is the tallest place in Grovania. It is located at the northwest of Ing'red. The caves of Nkhba were the entry point of the Goblins and Fell Creatures into Ing'red. The caves are found deep under Mount Winter. The Tower of Marmalas was built by the Wizard order Hunters ofthe Fallen, to watch over Ing'red. Inside The Tower of Marmalas is the green portal which takes you to the Emerald Sky.


  • Journey to the Emerald Sky

    The Emerald Sky: The Emerald Sky is the turquoise-coloured sky above Ing'red. Far into the clouds, there is the Emerald City. A Bright, shining city made of emerald houses and roads. The people there are Men, special Men, chosen by the Keeper of the Sky, who is the most powerful wizard in the world. Deep in the Emerald Palace, lies the Emerald Sword, the only sword powerful enough to peirce Ba'gul, the goblin king's armour.


  • Journey to the Emerald Sky


    A long time ago, in the year 1101, a land was settled by the ancient dwarves who came

    down from the mountains of the north. They started a small mining town named

    Keefegate. Once it was realized how much gold and iron were in the hills around

    Keefegate, many dwarves started migrating and it eventually became a major city. Then a

    few years later, men started to settle in the south to trade horses and food to the dwarven

    miners. Over the years, this land grew and grew and was eventually named Ingred, which

    was dwarf for hills of iron.

    However, as the population grew, so did the amount of criminals. Bandits robbed, killed,

    lied and cheated to make their living. Things got so bad, that the men hired elven rangers

    to help take care of them. The rangers lived in a small village they made called

    Lettholand. With the abundance of trees, wildlife and other natural resources, more elves

    began to arrive there, and soon it too became a bustling city.

    In 1150, an order of 7 ancient wizards known as the Hunters of Fell Souls arrived at

    Ingred to help maintain the peace of this new country. At the peak of Mount Winter, they

    built the Tower of Marmalas, made to watch over Ing'red and protect it from all evil. Inside

    the tower, was the green portal, which took you to the Emerald Sky.

    The Emerald Sky was home of the Keeper of the Sky who was the world's most powerful

    wizard. The Keeper of the Sky chose a few select Men to live with him and help him

    protect his prized possession, the Emeral Sword, the only sword capable of piercing any


    For the next 50 years, Ingred grew and became a very prosperous nation. Then one day,

    that all changed. Word of Ingreds riches reached far to the north east to the Land of the

    Fallen, and very soon the Caves of Nkhba, located at the heart of Mount Winter, were

    crawling with goblins and other fell creatures. They began pillaging and plundering their


  • Journey to the Emerald Sky

    way eastward, forming the towns of Rokmeg and Kallaland.

    The year is now 1299, the goblin threat is at its largest and they are preparing to storm

    the city of Malzara. The prophecies foretold of a great warrior of the name of Beowil, who

    would set out from Sabrastowne sometime this year. He would find the emerald sword and

    slay the goblin king Bagul and free Ingred from his tyranny. That day has finally come.


  • Journey to the Emerald Sky

    Chapter 1: A Bright Dawn

    The birds could be heard chirping their morning song as the sun rose over the green hills of Sabrastowne. A small house was located in the woods to the south of the town square. This old, worn-down wooden house was the residence of a very important person, Beowil Brakdurn. Beowil was a tall man with long, dark, curly hair and brown eyes. His skin was covered in dirt from living in the countryside his whole life. Beowil lived with his wife Amanda, and his seven-year-old daughter Crystal. Beowil awoke on this fine morning and slowly made his way down the stairs.

    "Good morning honey!" said Amanda.

    "And good morning to you" he replied.

    He bent down, kissed Crystal on the head and sat down to the usual breakfast of eggs andtoast.

    "I need you to go down to the market today, Beowil" Amanda said, "We are beggining to run low on food."

    "Very well, I shall make way after breakfast" he answered.

    When he finished eating, he went outside and patted his dog Eiko on the head.

    "Are you ready for a long walk?" Asked Beowil. Eiko barked and happily wagged his tail.

    Eiko was a fairly large dog, with a soft yellow coat, and light brown eyes. Beowil found himfor a good price at the market, and bought him as a present for Crystal. Together they setoff down the road to reach the town square. The sun was still quite low, and radiated a redglow that cast shadows over the farm land. They also passed through a small forest of oaktrees that reached high into the vast sky.

    After a two hour walk, they finally arrived at the town square. The square was very busy and was full of the sound of numerous chattering and people rushing to their various destinations. The roads were paved with light-brown coloured bricks, and the rest of the town seemed to take a similar colour. As Beowil was walking towards the grocery market, a hand grabbed him and pulled him off to the side.

    "Come, Beowil" spoke the old man, "We need to find some place private to talk."


  • Journey to the Emerald Sky

    Beowil followed the tall old man into a run-down bar. A beaten and rusty sign read: "The Broken Earl".

    "Dark times are upon us, Beowil" said the old man in a deep, raspy voice.

    "What do you mean? Who are you?" asked Beowil.

    "My name is Ecwyn, I am a member of the Hunters of Fallen Souls."

    "Your a wizard?" Inquired Beowil, "What would a wizard want with a man like me?"

    "Goblin armies are forming rapidly in the north. They are preparing to storm Malzara."

    "I have heard stories of these Goblins, but what have I to do with this?" replied Beowil.

    "The prophecies speak of a man of the name Beowil, a man who will find the Emerald Sword and slay Ba'gul, the Goblin king!"

    "I think you have the wrong man, I am no warrior."

    "Not yet you aren't, but soon." replied Ecwyn. "We must go now, while there is time. I have sent a messanger to your family to tell them of your absence."

    "I'm sorry Ecwyn, but I cannot go." Beowil replied with a hint of regret, "find yourself a new hero" he added as he walked out the door.

    Beowil and Eiko bought some groceries and started back home. They were halfway home when a man came jogging up the road. "Beowil, sir" said the man, "Your home it's . . . it's been destroyed. Goblin spies, I reckon."

    Beowil dropped his grocery bags, pushed the man out of his way and began running back to his house. Upon arrival, he found nothing but a smoldering pile of ashes. He fell to his knees as tears began to stream down his face. A burning rage built up in his core and he screamed as loud as he could. His family was dead and he was left with nothing. He faintlyheard the sound of hooves approaching behind him.

    "I am very sorry for your loss" said a familiar voice.

    Beowil turned and found Ecwyn climbing down from his tall, black horse. He put a hand on


  • Journey to the Emerald Sky

    Beowil's shoulder.

    "I am ready now," said Beowil shakily, "I am ready to rid Ing'red of these foul creatures."

    "Good" Ecwyn replied, "This horse is big enough for two. Ride back to the town square with me."

    "But why....why would they do this?" asked Beowil sorrowfully.

    "It seems Ba'gul has heard the prophecies. He was hoping you too were in the house."

    Beowil climbed on the horse with Ecwyn and began riding swiftly back to the town square,with Eiko running quickly beside them. Once they reached the town square, they made forWilliam's Smithy. As they got close, they felt the heat of the furnace burning against their faces.

    "I would like one of your finest longswords, please." Said Ecwyn.

    "Coming right up" replied William as he passed Ecwyn a sword.

    "Give this a few swings" said Ecwyn as he handed Beowil the sword.

    "This feels nice, I will take it" said Beowil after he swung it through the air a couple times.

    Ecwyn placed 5 gold coins on the counter and William handed Beowil a sheath as well. They began heading over to the stables. "The two of us on one horse was not comfortable,you need your own" said Ecwyn as he lead Beowil to the stable hand.

    "This is a very nice looking horse" Beowil said as he approached a light brown horse with ayellow-brown mane.

    "Stormbringer is his name" said the stable hand. "He is very quick and can run for many amile without break. Even the tallest of mountains won't phase him."

    "Sounds like the one we need" said Ecwyn as he paid the stable hand.

    Ecwyn also bought a large pouch for the side of the horse where Eiko could sit so he wouldn't have to keep up with horses all the time. Beowil and Ecwyn made for Lake Nukrad which was 10 miles northeast of Sabrastowne.


  • Journey to the Emerald Sky

    "From there we can follow the grey river to Lettholland. The Elf king will give us aid" said Ecwyn.

    They passed through many meadows, forests and streams on the way to Lake Nukrad. It would almost be an enjoyable ride, if not for the thoughts of Beowil's family, and the journey that lay ahead.


  • Journey to the Emerald Sky

    Chapter 2: Lettholland

    "We're travelling far, the road is rough

    Dosen't matter where we go, our team is tough

    Through wood and stream, we'll find our way

    We sing this song to get through the day"

    Beowil sang a song about long journeys that was taught to him by his father, who learned the song from his father.

    "Singing sure does make the journey feel smoother, doesn't it?" said Ecwyn.

    "If I can take my mind off recent happenings for even a second, it's worth it" replied Beowil.

    They traveled in silence after that. The way was very easy going, as it was mostly throughmeadows and small, rolling hills. Their path took them through a small, quiet forest wherethe only sound was their horses' hooves on the gravel road.

    By the time they got to Lake Nukrad the sun was setting and it was getting dark. They setup camp off in a pocket of trees located a half-mile from the lake, for they did not want to be seen by evil eyes. The fire slowly flickered, lighting the nearby trees and casting horrible shadows. Ecwyn packed 2 blankets and they piled up soft leaves for pillows. With the owls constantly hooting, the coyote's howling, and the fear of being caught by Goblin scouts at any moment, sleep was hard to come by.

    The following morning brought a heart-sinking surprise. They went to go check on the horses, which they let graze by the lake during the night. What they found were nothing but bones and blood. During the night, while they lay asleep, Goblin scouts attacked and killed their horses. They ate them to a point where there was nothing left. Anxiety flooded them as they realized how close the enemy was. They sighed at the fact the rest of the trip would be on foot, and their supplies would have to be packed on their backs. After a quick breakfast of berries and dried meat, they began following the Grey River to Lettholland, contantly watching their backs for those Goblin scouts. There was strong winds, but the still the sky was clear. After about a half-hours travel, a sharp screech peirced the air and echoed along the river.

    "What was that?" Asked Beowil

    "That . . . was a Goblin preparing for battle" Ecwyn replied with a hint of fear in his voice.


  • Journey to the Emerald Sky

    Beowil drew his sword and Ecwyn readied his staff. Very soon footsteps were heard splashing in the river behind them. They turned and saw twenty Goblin soldiers quickly making their way towards them. They ran through the woods on their left to try and lose them, while Eiko madly growled. They hid behind a large stump and waited, their hearts racing. There was no sound for about five minutes, until one of their pursuers stepped on a twig, making a loud snap. This make Eiko start barking furiously. The woods began fillingwith the sounds of grunts and rustling leaves. Beowil, with a cry, leaped forward and swung his sword at the Goblin nearest to him. The sword sung as it flew through the air and into the Goblin's neck, severing it's head completely. Ecwyn stepped forward, staff in one hand and holding back Eiko with the other, and said:

    "Let the light vanquish you impurities from the face of Grovania!"

    At those words, a flash of light shot out of his staff, straight towards the Goblins. The closest ones fell backwards and the rest, blinded and confused, scattered into the woods with horrible screams.

    "We must move! Quickly!" shouted Ecwyn.

    They started running through the woods, ducking and leaping past branches as they appeared suddenly in front of their faces. They broke out of the woods and found themselves back on the river. On their right they saw(and heard)the remaining Goblins as they shrieked and ran across the water. They each let out a sigh of relief and continued ondown the river after a short rest.

    The three companions slowly made their way over the course of a couple of days towards Lettholland. The open ground soon turned to dense forest and they knew they were now in Lettholland Forest. One more hour of walking brought them to a large oak wood sign which read:

    Welcome Elves and Friendly Travelers

    Which in common script means "Welcome Elves and Friendly Travelers". Beowil looked up and saw many wooden bridges connecting small houses and shops up in the trees.

    "Beowil, look to your right. There is the palace of Althidon, the Elf king!" Exclaimed Ecwyn.

    Beowil turned and saw a large castle made out of dark pine wood. It started on the ground but was very tall, and the higher floors reached into the trees, and even far above them. It seemed to have an odd glow about it which emanated a yellow light. It had manywindows and was surrounded by a deep moat with water at the bottom, the exact depth could not be told. There was a bridge leading across the moat which lead to large wooden


  • Journey to the Emerald Sky

    doors that opened into the palace. On either side of the bridge there were guards in steel armour dyed a dark green with light green robes on their backs. They stood still and rigid,making no eye contact with Beowil, Ecwyn or Eiko as they walked past.

    "What is your buisness here, travelers?" Asked the guard nearest to the door.

    "I am Ecwyn and this is Beowil Brakdurn from Sabrastowne." Ecwyn replied.

    "Not the Beowil that the prophecies speak of? Well, if that is the case, Althidon will want to see you"

    The guard opened the doors and lead the companions inside the castle.

    The inside of the palace was magnificent. The floors were made of smooth, clean marble and there were chandeliers hanging almost everywhere, which made the palace very bright. There were large wooden tables and chairs decorating the halls and Elves were everywhere. Some were guards and others just running around carrying out whatever tasks they needed done. There was a large staircase with a velvet carpet running up it.

    "If you will follow me" said the guard, and he lead Beowil's company up the staircase, then inside another large door.

    "Welcome, travelers!" Said Althidon, "What brings you to my halls?"

    Althidon spoke with a slow drawl, hanging on every word. He wore a crown of gold with sapphires making a ring around the outside. Like most Elves, he wore a long green robe down his back.

    "I am Ecwyn, a member of the Hunters of Fallen Souls, and this is Beowil Brakdurn, the one the prophecies speak of"

    "We come to your grand palace requesting aid in our quest to kill Ba'gul" Beowil added.

    "Well" Althidon started, "I have a very skilled archer and tracker which I can send with you. Her name is Arra. But how do I know you are who you say you are?"

    Ecwyn opened his cloak to reveal a silver badge pinned to his shirt. It was a circle with a staff in the middle.

    "Well, it appears you are a Wizard from the Hunters of Fallen Souls, Ecwyn. I know


  • Journey to the Emerald Sky

    Wizards always keep by their word, so I will trust your friend is truly Beowil."

    "Sontar!" Althidon called to the guard, "Fetch Arra, tell her she is needed!"

    The guard left the room.

    "I also have some food I can spare to you guys, but my stables are quite empty, so I cannot give you any horses."

    "Thank you for your kindness, your majesty" said Beowil.

    Sontar returned with an Elf beside him. She was tall, with long blonde hair and a bow and quiver on her back.

    "My name is Arra, I shall be accompanying you on your quest."

    "Very good!" said Ecwyn, "I am Ecwyn and this is Beowil and his dog Eiko".

    "Nice to meet you" said Beowil.

    "Sontar, give these three one of our finest rooms on the top floor." said Althidon

    Sontar led Beowil, Ecwyn and Eiko to the top floor and into a room with a velvet carpet and 2 large beds.

    "Thank you, Sontar" said Ecwyn as he gave Sontar a gold coin.

    Sontar bowed and left the room. Ecwyn and Beowil changed and went to stand outside on the balcony. The balcony over looked the whole forest. Lettholland had gotten dark, as theElves started putting out their lanterns and fell asleep. In the distance there were some trees with yellow leaves that appeared to be glowing.

    "Those yellow trees are called Ceris trees" said Ecwyn, "Lettholland Forest is the only place in all of Grovania in which they grow"

    The two sat in the night together for awhile, then went inside and fell asleep. The beds were very soft and silky and you sunk right into them. Beowil let out a sigh and Eiko hopped onto the bed and curled up beside him.


  • Journey to the Emerald Sky

    Chapter 3: The Forgotten Valley

    Beowil and company set out right at dawn the next morning. They walked north for half a mile before stopping for breakfast. They had some delicious fresh Elf bread that Althidon's bakers had baked for them during then night. With their stomachs full and their hearts true, they marched on. The forest was vast and took many days to travel through. They always buried their fires and covered their tracks the best they could to avoid being followed.

    Lettholland Forest eventually gave way to a large mountain range which took a couple of hours and a lot of sweat to climb. Eiko had to be strapped onto Beowil's back for the long climb. The mountains of Lettholland were not meant to be climbed, and rocks constantly gave way, making the climb very dangerous. When they got to the top, Eiko started barking, wanting to be let down, so they unstrapped him and let him run around.

    When they looked out they saw nothing but a dense fog and the peak of a mountain far away, with a tall dark tower sitting on it.

    "That mountain over there is Mount Winter, with the Tower of Marmalas sitting on top of it.That is how we get to the Emerald Sky" exclaimed Ecwyn.

    They slowly began their slippery and dangerous climb down the other side of the mountains.

    "This is the Forgotten Valley" said Ecwyn, "It got its name because a lot of travelers get lost in the dense fog and are . . . well . . . forgotten."

    The Forgotten Valley ran between the Lettholland Mountains and Mount Winter. The traveling was slow-going, because the land was marshy and they couldn't see very far in the fog.

    "Stay close!" Arra shouted, "It will be easy to get seperated in all this fog!"

    Arra needed to shout because the wind was picking up. Howling, the wind blew the fog wildly around them. Suddenly, a howl broke through the wind and set a shiver down the company's spines. Eiko started barking.

    "Quiet, Eiko!" Beowil said sharply to his dog.

    Eiko whimpered, then went silent. They heard the sound of falling rocks behind them and quickly turned, catching a glimpse of glowing red eyes in the fog. Weapons drawn, they proceeded forward cautiously.


  • Journey to the Emerald Sky

    One of the attackers leapt towards Ecwyn who beat it aside with his staff.

    "These are Dark Wolves from the Land of the Fallen!" Ecwyn shouted, "They are working with Ba'gul!"

    Dark Wolves are larger than normal wolves and are pitch black with glowing red eyes. They are very fast, strong and have razor sharp claws and teeth. Another pair of eyes appeared in the fog and Arra quickly sent an arrow right between them, killing the Wolf. Another Wolf lunged towards Beowil, who stuck his sword out and got the sword right in it's snarling mouth. Ecwyn sent a bolt of fire from his staff, lighting one of the Wolves. After whining and scrambling around for a few seconds, it died. Before long, 5 more wolves were on top of them. Ecwyn kept sending beams of red light from his staff, which knocked the wolves back and stunned them, then Beowil would cut them down. Arra took Eiko up onto a tall rock and began shooting at the wolves from above. This skirmish lastedaround fifteen minutes before the last of the Wolves were sent howling and whimpering back into the fog.

    After a few minutes of blind stumbling they ended up finding each other. They made sure everyone was okay, which they were, except for Eiko. Eiko had a small battle with one of the wolves and ended up with a large gash on his right hind leg. Arra went off for a few moments and came back with some leaves she found growing by a nearby marsh. She chewed them into a paste and spread them on Eiko's leg to stop the bleeding. Eiko, to his dismay, once again had to be strapped onto Beowil's back.

    They set up camp at the base of a large hill will they would be hidden and sheltered from the wind. The next morning they awoke to a rainstorm and all of their supplies had gotten soaked. They salvaged what they could and grudgingly made their way up the hill. At the top they could see that Mount Winter was only a days travel away.

    "If we make haste, we should be there by nightfall" said Ecwyn, "If we camp at the foot ofthe mountain we can climb it tommorrow."

    Just as they were closing in on the mountain, an all-too-familiar sound reached their ears. It was a Goblin battle shriek. They quickly made their way to the foot of Mount Winter, where they set down Eiko and their packs and drew their weapons with their backs againstthe cold stone wall of the mountain. The first Goblin appeared in the dark fog and Arra dispatched it with an arrow as it was about to take a swing at Beowil. Seven more Goblins began charging at them through the fog. Just as they were about to collide, the ground started to shake. The Goblins fell over each other as they scrambled about in terror.

    "An earthquake?" Arra shouted.

    "That would be Marmalas, the leader of my order" Ecwyn replied.


  • Journey to the Emerald Sky

    They looked up and saw a giant Falcon with a man on it's back. The Falcon swooped down and started ripping apart and eating the Goblins one by one. The Goblins howled as they retreated helplessly into the night. The Falcon landed in front of them and the man climbed off. He was an older man, but younger than Ecwyn. He had short dark hair with streaks of grey that was spiked in the front. His amber eyes seemed to burn with wisdom and determination. His staff was black, with a glowing red jewel at the top.

    "Hello Ecwyn and friends" greeted Marmalas who extended a hand that Ecwyn then shook.

    "Good evening Marmalas, you always knew the right time to show up" said Ecwyn.

    Marmalas chuckled as 4 more Falcons landed down beside him.

    "Take these tired travelers up to my tower for the night" Marmals said to the Falcons.

    The Falcons took the companions gently in their talons and lifted them to the top of the Tower of Marmalas. The tower was at least a thousand feet tall and made of a black stone,and had pointed turrets on the roof. Once there, Marmalas showed them a room and said they could talk in the morning.


  • Journey to the Emerald Sky

    Chapter 4: Marmalas

    When they awoke, Marmalas was waiting for them on the bottom floor, sitting at a long table full of food of various sorts. Fruits, sausage, bacon, eggs, toast and pastries of all kinds. After a very satisfying meal, Marmalas turned to face them.

    "I assume you come to bring Beowil to the green portal?" asked Marmalas.

    "Yes, that was indeed our plan" replied Ecwyn.

    "Very well, but Beowil," Marmalas shifted his peircing gaze onto Beowil, "The Keeper of theSky will want to see you on your own. Ecwyn and I need to talk, and, sorry, I didn't get your name?"

    "My name is Arra" Arra replied.

    "Well Arra, I suggest you make way to Malzara. Ba'gul's armies have begun marching and it won't be long before they reach the walls. Outside on your right you will find 3 horses. Take whichever you like. As for your dog, he will be safe here with Ecwyn and I for now."

    "Thank you, I shall make way now" said Arra as she left the room.

    "Beowil" Marmalas began, "Go to the very top of the tower. There will be a ladder on your left once you reach the highest floor, which will take you to the top. Once there, you will see a portal. You need only to step inside, and you will be taken to the Emerald Sky."

    "Thank you" Beowil said. He started moving towards the stairs.

    "Oh and Beowil," Marmalas added, "Be careful. Once you leave the Emerald Sky there is no telling where in Ing'red the portal will take you."

    Beowil nodded and proceeded up the stairs. The staircase was long and it constantly spiraled around a tall column. The staircases creaked upon each step, sending an eerie echo throughout the empty tower. Beowil reached the ladder, panting and sweating from the long climb. After pulling himself up the ladder, he found a large, glowing, green, transparent rectangle with sparks flying out from all sides. He hesitantly made his way forward, fearing what lay on the other side. Slowly, step by step, he made it to the portal and jumped. He felt a sharp pull on his body as the portal hungrily sucked him in.


  • Journey to the Emerald Sky

    Chapter 5: The Green City

    Beowil looked around and tried to take in what lay before him. Blue clouds were at his feetand he was surrounded by sparkling green houses made of emerald. People went rushing by paying to attention to him as he began walking through the large city. There were markets, blacksmiths, stables and other shops dotting the town square. The town square had a large fountain that sprayed water 10 feet into the air. Beowil tapped a man on the shoulder and asked:

    "Would you happen to know where I can find the Keeper of the Sky?"

    "Follow the road on your left. It will take you straight to his palace" the man replied.

    "Thanks" said Beowil as he turned and followed the green road.

    After around 20 minutes he arrived at a tall castle which, like everything else, was made of pure emerald. He pushed open the front doors and walked inside. There infront of him was a tall man with a pointed hat and a green staff.

    "Greetings, Beowil" said the man.

    "Hello, Keeper of the Sky. I am here in need of the Emerald Sword."

    "I know your purpose, but the question is: are you worth it?"

    Beowil paused, unsure of what the Keeper meant.

    "I challenge you to a duel. If you are worthy to wield my sword, you will defeat me." said the Keper of the Sky.

    "Very well, I accept" Beowil said, drawing his sword.

    The Keeper launched a green spell at Beowil. Beowil jumped out of the way and began running towards the Keeper. The Keeper sent another blast, this time hitting it's mark. Beowil was sent flying backwards and went crashing to the ground. He looked up and saw another spell coming his way. He raised his sword and blocked it just in time. Beowil ran behind a stone pillar and saw a flash of green light hit the pillar. He ran from pillar to pillar,unsure of how to get out of this situation. He leaped forward, blocking the Keeper's spells with his sword and took a swing at the Keeper, who blocked it with a green shield of light he formed. They began melee combat, with the Keeper blocking all of Beowil's attacks with his shield or staff.


  • Journey to the Emerald Sky

    Beowil ducked and swung his sword low, knocking down the Keeper and quickly held his sword at the Keeper's throat. The Keeper laughed at pointed at a door at the back of the room which swung open. Beowil stepped inside and found a glowing green sword. The Emerald Sword. The only sword capable of piercing Ba'gul's armour. It was long and sharp, with leather wrapped around the handle providing comfort and a strong grip. Beowil held out the sword, taking a minute to admire it's beauty.

    "On your right there is a ladder" said the Keeper, "Take it to find the portal home."

    Beowil climbed the ladder which took him to an attic containing a portal similar to the one at The Tower of Marmalas. Beowil stepped in and felt the familiar senation of being suckedin as if the portal was a tornado.

    Beowil ended up in a forest that was pitch black, making him assume it was night. Above him there was a thick canopy of leaves that blocked out all light from the outside. The air was filled with horrible noises that made the hair on the back of Beowil's neck stand. His heart skipped a beat as he came to the slow realization of his location.


  • Journey to the Emerald Sky

    Chapter 6: The Seige of Malzara

    Arra rode swiftly on a pure white horse she chose from Marmalas' stables. She went around the base of Mount Winter to avoid having to ride through Rokmeg. Her camps were hastily made, using branches and leaves leaning against tree trunks for shelter, and eating what little she brought from Marmalas and scavenging berries and edible flowers from the woods. It took her 5 days to reach the great walls of Malzara. The walls were tall and grey, with an entrance on the North, South, East and West sides of the wall.

    Arra rode in through the Northern gate and made her way south to the palace of King Atmeus. She tied her horse to a wooden pole near the castle and made her way up the steps to the front gate where she was stopped by a guard.

    "What buisness brings you to the King's Palace?" Asked the guard.

    "Ba'gul's armies are flooding out of Rokmeg and Kallaland. We have just under a week until they reach this town. I am here to offer my aid." Arra replied.

    "Very well," replied the guard, "You may enter."

    Arra stepped into the large stone castle. On the ground there was a soft purple carpet leading to a grand throne made of solid gold. On the throne, sat Atmeus. Atmeus was a Man who was in his early forties. He had long, straight, dark hair with streaks of grey. His eyes were a dark brown that burned fiercely, hiding a hint of fear.

    "Atmeus, your majesty," Arra began, getting down on one knee, "War is upon us I have come to offer my aid in these dark times."

    "And that is greatly appreciated" replied Atmeus. "We need all the help we can get. If you are a good shot with that bow, stand guard on the top of the wall."

    Arra quickly got up and left.

    The days passed slowly, with tension and fear rising in Malzara. A day before the goblins were expected to arrive, however, the first good news in months arrived. A host of two hundred Elves, lead by king Althidon came from the east, and another army of two hundred Dwarves came from the west. The Dwarves' leader was tall(for a Dwarf), broad-shouldered and was wearing thick steel plate armour while weilding a large battle axe. Hisname was Rhudhri, the Dwarf King. Dwarves did not wear helmets, for they had unusuallyhard skulls that could stop even an arrow from reaching the brain. Both armies were let


  • Journey to the Emerald Sky

    into Malzara and a large feast was held between the three kings. There it was decided thatAtmeus would lead the soldiers to battle.

    The following afternoon, as expected, the Goblins arrived. They were about ten-thousand strong, with at least a dozen trolls among their ranks. Some were riding Forest Spiders and Dark Wolves. The once green hills were filled with dark moving figures, flooding aboutlike a colony of ants. Thousands of footsteps rang throughout the vast lands of Malzara and the women and children were quickly boarded into a few houses, with a couple of guards per house.

    Atmeus stared hopelessly at the black swarm then swallowed, his lip quivering, as he looked back upon his army.

    "Make ready men!" Atmeus began, finding his courage. "Today, a dark host lies before our gates. A host with a battering ram capable of reducing the very wall we defend to rubble in a matter of seconds. The only thing keeping them from our friends and families is what I see standing before me. Elves, Men, Dwarves, people from all different walks of life, brought together by one purpose." He paused to catch his breath as the soldiers stood stilland silent attentively, "On this day, Ba'gul shall witness the true might of Ing'red, for our hearts beat as one!" Atmeus shouted, and the men cheered and applauded. "Now, let us draw our weapons, and eliminate these pale filth that stand against us!"

    At that last line, the soldiers of Malzara began hollering, their spears raised high, with the sound of swords clanging against shields in the air. But the Goblins were quick to answer. Thousands of shrieks peirced the sky, echoing throughout the now empty streets of Malzara, deafening the soldiers and weakening their morale. Inside the couple of guarded homes, mothers held their sons and daughters tightly, knowing that those Goblin shrieks could be the last thing their child ever hears.

    "Fire!" Atmeus shouted, as his archers fired a volley of arrows at the Goblins.

    The archers of the two sides began to skirmish as six heavily armoured Goblins slowly moved the battering ram towards the Northern Gate. After two loud smashes, the gate and the wall around it were quickly turned to dust and debris. The Goblins began rushing towards the opening as Dwarves and Men armed with spears hurried down to block it. Thesix heavily armoured Goblins were the first to enter the city and were able to push through lots of the soldiers before they fell. Hundreds of Goblins smashed against the shields of the soldiers who were hopelessly trying to hold the gate, gradually pushing them towards the town center.

    As the soldiers began to break and fall back to the town square, the archers, who were now out of arrows, climbed down the wall, drew their short swords and hit the Goblins on their flanks. Arra was right in the middle of the fighting, taking down at least twenty Goblins before a sword went through her back and she fell to the ground, dead.


  • Journey to the Emerald Sky

    The city was in total chaos as the Goblins reached the town square. There were bodies and swords in every direction and there was no order or tactics among either side. Althidon, surrounded by twelve guards with pale yellow-green armour and wielding longswords, charged at the Goblin ranks. They were the best warriors in all of Ing'red, able to clear a path straight through the Goblin horde. The battle started turning in favour of Malzara, as Althidon and Rhudhri worked together to push the Goblins out of the town square. But their advantage did not last for long.

    The Trolls eventually reached the gate and easily batted the Malzara soldiers to the side. Itwas only a matter of seconds until the town square was once again lost. The guards in charge of protecting the women and children eventually had to leave their post to join the fight, but they were not alone. The women, and even some of the children, grabbed hammers, pitchforks, broken peices of glass and whatever else they could find. The guards, women and children all rallied together, and made a brave charge towards one of the trolls. The troll fell to his knees as pitchfork after pitchfork peirced his legs. One of the guards then thrusted his sword straight into the trolls neck, killing it.

    The battle once again reached a stalemate, with neither side getting a clear edge in the battle. Then a scream, higher pitched than any bird or whistle, reached the ears of all the soldiers. The Goblin warriors, even the trolls, looked around in fear.


  • Journey to the Emerald Sky

    Chapter 7: Black Woods

    The Frienzied Forest. That is where Beowil was, he was sure of it. He heard many dark stories about this place but never imagined he would be there himself. He started shaking.He had no clue which direction Rokmeg was, or what was making those sounds that seemed to surround him. With a deep breath, he turned left and began walking. His pace was slow, for the thick blackness about this forest made it impossible to see further than three feet. He was hoping that his foes were just as blind.

    After what felt like hours of walking he tripped over a root of a large tree that he didn't notice off to his right. He did not stand up right away. Instead, he layed still, listening for anything that might have heard him and was coming his way. All was silent for a minute, so he slowly stood up, realizing how tired and hungry he was. He reached into his pack, grabbing a loaf of bread and leaning against a tree as he slowly ate it. Eventually he drifted into a short sleep.

    The sound of a snapping twig awoke him as he sprang up, drawing his sword. He could have sworn he saw a pair of green eyes vanish into the black. Once again, he set off in thedirection he thought he was going. With limited visibility, and the fact that all the trees looked exactly the same, it was impossible to tell what direction he was headed. Luckily, the portal dropped him off close to the edge of the forest, for he soon saw light. Upon leaving the forest he entered a field where the grass was a pale grey in colour. Far off in the distance he saw a tall grey mountain with what looked like flames dotting it. He knew that must be Rokmeg, so he adjusted his pack, grabbed an apple, and set his way towardsit. His journey was almost over at last, but his biggest challenge was still yet to be faced.


  • Journey to the Emerald Sky

    Chapter 8: Ba'gul

    It took Beowil twelve days to reach the town of Rokmeg. Luckily, most of Ba'gul's forces were on their way to Malzara, making the way fairly easy-going and unguarded. Rokmeg was a foul place. The land was black with ash, and the streets were dimly lit by hundreds of torches placed across the street, making it very warm. Also decorating the streets were the heads of Men, Elves and Dwarves stuck on wooden poles, emanating a sight and smellwhich made Beowil vomit. He shakily made his way straight through the center of the town and up at least a thousand steps to Ba'gul's palace.

    The dark castle loomed over the small town, casting an eerie shadow upon it. The doors were made of a dark-grey steel, and made a horrible screeching sound as Beowil pushed them open. A large Goblin, dressed in black iron, ran at Beowil who drew his sword and gave it a swing as the Goblin reached him. The Emerald Sword cut through his armour likebutter and he quickly fell to the ground before he could so much as touch Beowil.

    There was a long wooden staircase leading up to the second floor of the caslte. On that second floor there was a throne made out of rotting arms and legs coated in dried blood. On that throne sat the last obstacle between Beowil and his quest for revenge. Ba'gul himself.

    Ba'gul was clad in steel armour the colour of storm clouds. His eyes were bloodshot and his teeth were a yellow-green and were starting to fall out. He had a couple long strands of grew hair flowing from his head down his back. An evil grin formed on his face as Beowil stepped forward.

    "You . . ." Beowil started, his voice trembling with anger, "You were the one responsible forburning my house and killing my family!"

    "Ah yes," replied Ba'gul with a snarl, "I remember Crystal . . . tasted like chicken!" he added with a laugh.

    Beowil screamed and charged forward towards Ba'gul, who easily blocked his attack with his rusty old sabre. Attack after fruitless attack Beowil swung and Ba'gul blocked. Ba'gul kicked Beowil in the stomach and pushed him backward. Beowil tumbled down the couple of steps beneath Ba'gul's throne. Beowil scambled back up but he was too slow and he feltBa'gul's saber sink into his waist. Beowil cried out in pain as he stumbled back.

    Ba'gul went in for another swing that Beowil blocked. The 2 fighters held their swords together, looking fiercely into eachother's eyes. Beowil swung his sword around, knocking Ba'gul's hand upwards and Beowil quickly swung at Ba'gul's chest leaving a deep gash. Letting out a growl he lunged at Beowil. The two fought for twenty minutes, blocking then attacking, the sound of clashing iron ringing throughout the room.


  • Journey to the Emerald Sky

    Ba'gul found an opening and bit Beowil in the shoulder. Beowil fell onto the ground as Ba'gul raised his sabre for the final blow. As the sabre went rushing towards Beowil's head, Beowil grabbed the Emerald Sword that fell by his side and drew it up to his face to block. As he brought the sword up, it sliced clean through both of Ba'gul's hands. Ba'gul stumbled back and tripped over the steps leading to his throne.

    On his back, he gave Beowil a look of shear terror. Ba'gul knew his end was near. He stoodup and snarled at Beowil, who thrusted the Emerald Sword towards him. The sword easily slid into Ba'gul's chest. Ba'gul cried out and smacked Beowil with the back of his hand, sending Beowil flying across the room. After blindly stumbling and moaning for a couple seconds Ba'gul let out a horrible noise from his throat. A noise so loud and high pitched Beowil covered his ears quickly, barely saving his hearing. The noise echoed throughout Rokmeg and Kallaland, and soared down through valleys and meadows towards Malzara and Sabrastowne. Then he collapsed to collapsed to the floor.

    Beowil had won, but it did not feel as great as he imagined. He was a long way from any hospital, and his wound was bleeding heavily and hurt badly. He slowly made his way down the stairs, falling on the last two, and left the castle. He found some long leaves at the outskirts of Rokmeg which he used to cover his wound, and made for Malzara.


  • Journey to the Emerald Sky

    Chapter 9: Return Journey

    The sound they all heard was the death of Ba'gul. The Goblins ran out of Malzara, screaming and crying, cursing Beowil, who they thought was in Malzara. The People of Malzara breifly rejoiced, before looking at the hundreds of Men, Elves and Dwarves who lay dead at their feet.

    As Beowil was walking through the grey grasses surrounding Rokmeg and Kallaland, he heard the thundering sound of many footsteps. He quickly ducked behind a couple of bushed that lay infront of a pocket of trees on his right. Hundreds of Goblins ran past him into Rokmeg, looking for him. When they passed, he quietly crept out of the bush and made his way to Malzara.

    It took him five days to reach the town. Camping was difficult and scary out in the open, with only the shadows of distant mountains protecting him. When he reached the town, it was a sad sight. The citizens of Malzara were piling the dead into large mounds, then setting them on fire. It would have been far too much work to bury them all. Among the dead there was Arra, Althidon, Rhudhri, who was missing half of his head after a Troll's club took it off, and countless others. Even Atmeus was killed by a stray arrow during the archer's skirmishes.

    The people of Malzara were happy to see him and gave him much praise as he walked towards the king's palace. The palace was nothing more than a pile of rubble after three Trolls reached it. There was a lone horse that escaped the burning stables and was roaming the streets alone. Beowil took it and rode back to the wall towards where all the corpses were being burned. He stood amongst the crowd of people and called their attention.

    "Many great and valued lives were lost in the protecting of this town," Beowil began, "Men, women, children, entire families were lost, but their deaths were all valiant and theydid not die in vain, for Ba'gul is dead!"

    The people began to cheer, as they chanted:

    "All hail king Beowil!"


  • Journey to the Emerald Sky

    Chapter 10: Home

    Beowil was shocked. One of the town's people, an Elf of around sixteen years of age, placed Atmeus' blood-stained crown upon Beowil's head. Beowil bowed and said:

    "If it is a king you want, then a king I shall be. But first, I must make for Sabrastowne, forI have buisness to attend to."

    Beowil then made his way past lake Nukrad back towards Sabrastowne. He was going to head back to his houses' ashes, but a sharp pain in his heart pulled him away. He decided to get a drink back where this all began: The Broken Earl. As Beowil walked in he heard the sweet sound of the old bar's doors close behind him.

    "These have been a tough three months" said Beowil, "I could use a drink."

    "First ones on the house Beowil, my old friend!" replied the bartender, as he handed him acool mug of foamy yellow ale.

    Just as Beowil was about to take a sip, he heard a familiar voice.

    "I'll have what he's having" said the old, raspy voice.

    Beowil turned as Eiko put his paws on his lap and began furiously licking his face.

    "Hey there boy!" said Beowil as he gently shoved Eiko of his lap.

    Ecwyn sat down beside Beowil and the Bartender handed him a mug and took the three silver coins Ecwyn set on the table.

    "Well, King Beowil," Ecwyn began, "If I hadn't already knew I would not have thought you were a king. This is not exactly a stone palace." Ecwyn said with a grin.

    "I'm a humble man, Ecwyn," Beowil replied, "I've no need for large tables, great halls or walls of of solid stone."

    "I guess not" said Ecwyn.

    After their drinks, the two friends set off back to Malzara on their horses, with Eiko


  • Journey to the Emerald Sky

    running happily beside them.

    The End


    Map of Ing'red:Chapter 7: Black WoodsChapter 8: Ba'gul