Journey of Social Networking Channels

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What was your first experience with social media? Facebook? Twitter? Pinterest?

Transcript of Journey of Social Networking Channels

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  • For as long as people have walked the earth, we've been thinking up ways to network Heres how we've connected since the dawn of time.
  • CAVE DRAWINGS When: 40,000 years before the internet - give or take a few months What: Neanderthal networking rudimentary images on cave walls Image of animals, hunting and hands were most popular. Total "likes" Received: unknown
  • THE ROMAN FORUM When: 700 BC the ultimate networking site for over 500 years What: The center for everything from commerce and religion, to politics to prostitution. The original toga party Party on romans !
  • TOWN CRIERS When: 146 BC through the 18th Century What: Text messages with legs. town criers ran from place to place spreading the news of the day and the latest word from the king. Spartan runners were the first, warning the Greeks of the impending roman conquest. Criers's popularity soared as the english colonized the world. They showed up wherever a British flag was planted.
  • NEWSPAPER When: 17th century - in 1605, antwerp belgium's relation rolls off the presses What: Until the internet, the newspaper was only place to get crossword puzzles, comic strips and the daily horoscope. What's black and white and read all over ? For many years - a newspapers! By 1870, there was over 5,000 newspapers in the U.S alone.
  • CRAKER BERREL When: 1916 What: country stores had big barrels filled with ....wait for it.... crackers. People ate crackers and networked. Yes, that's where the term "cracker" originated, as in "you might be a redneck if people call you a cracker".
  • PEN PALS When: 1938 What: one-on-one networking by exchanging letters between far off lands. Everyone from charlie brown to pee-wee herman has had pen pals. Thanks to sites such as,the concept is still strong today.
  • COMPUSERVE When: September 1979 What: The first internet service to allow the exchange of emails Hundreds of thousands of users hung out in digital forums. Moderators called "sysops" ran them. Finally a place for geeks to call thier own. The rest of us would have to wait for facebook....
  • LINKEDIN When: December 2002 What: The go-to place to act professional without a business suit. Job applicants use it more ans more as a resume. Also popular with those hanging help-wanted signs Over 250 million members
  • MYSPACE When: August 2003 What: Once the world's hottest social networking site...these days, not so much. Now has street cred for its influence on the music world Thank justin timberlake. he became the co-owner in 2009
  • FACEBOOK When: February 2004 What: The most popular site on the web, behind google. Hard to believe its only been around since 2004 Over 1 billion active users What's not to like ?!
  • YOUTUBE When: February 2005 What: A popular video sharing site, now owned bt google Approximately 6 billion hours of video viewed each month. 100 hours of video uploaded every minute So many cats and adorable babies, so little time!
  • TWITTER When: March 2006 What: A micro-blogging site complete with #hashtags and @tagging 340 million daily tweets 1.6 billion searches over the same time 500 million registered users
  • PINTEREST When: March 2010 What: No, matter what you collect, craft, create or plan, you'll have more fun sharing it with others Interested? then gather up your favorite things and start pinning. 70+ million estimated users = a good chance you'll find fellow fanatics
  • INSTAGRAM When: October 2010 What: Take a picture, it will last it to instagram, it will last forever! 2012 - over 100 million active users 2013 - a23% increase in traffic the networking destination of choice for photos and short videos.
  • So what's going to be the next big thing in social networking ? Maybe YOU have an idea for a hot , new social app ? Whatever it is, we'll all be there!
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