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  • 1. Principles of Effective Layout

2. Dummy? 3. Philippine 4. Types of Front Page MakeupBy: Earl English and Clarence Hach (Scholastic Journalism) 5. Perfect Balance Makeup 6. Brace or Focus Makeup 7. Broken Column Makeup 8. Contrast and Balance Makeup 9. Streamlined Makeup 10. Circus Makeup 11. Makeup by way of photo and text combination 12. X Format 13. Curve Format 14. J Format 15. L Format 16. Umbrella Format 17. Makeup of inside pages 18. News page Insidenews pages should be laid out as facing page units rather than as single pages. The principles of contrast and balance applied in the front page must be applied here. 19. Editorial Page These pages should have a distinctive, dignified and formal appearance. The masthead or editorial box which should be relatively small may be anchored in any corner as done in streamlined newspapers. Traditionally the editorials appear in the first two columns. They are of larger types. Heads or titles of editorials just like the headline of news stories should be of the masculine appearance not italic or script type. 20. Feature Page Thesepages must have a literary and feminine appearance. The columns are often wider. Roman and italic types like the coronet, mandate and liberty families may be sued for headlines. 21. Sports Page The pages have a bolder and more lively appearance than other pages. Their makeup should suggest their content, action, speed and color. Large bold heads even streamers are used. If two pages are used and they are opposite each other, they must be planned as a unit. Boxes and tabulations should be used frequently to break gray areas and to add interest. More action pictures are needed.