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We have so many memories of our children. This kit is designed for our parents to write heart felt letters to their children to give to them along with a portrait taken of them as a child as a gift on their wedding or the date their child has their own first child.

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A Gift Of


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Letters to your Child ... a gift of love from the heart

Years ago, when we first decided to implement this as an addition to our portraits here at the

studio, I wanted to write to our boys first in order to be able to explain it to our clients and to

experience it for myself.

It started out as a simple project-write letters to our two boys that I love. It ended up

becoming a cherished heirloom for our sons and an amazing experience for me!

As the words swirled in my head and tugged at my heart, I often found myself crying as I

penned my thoughts and ideas. At first, the letters were a bit generic, but with a little time,

they took on a life of their own.

For our older son, I wrote how unique he was in his outlook on life. He was afraid to share

her convictions with others and it was difficult for him to make friends. We called him

someone who would open up after he get to know you. His heart was huge for others in need

and he very much wanted to please us in every way he could.

For our younger son, I wrote about his independence and how he insisted on doing

everything himself. He got the musical talent and always wanted us to purchase him a

musical instrument. Even went on Amazon and purchased himself a violin. He's the social

one of the family. Always looking to strike up a conversation.

Write from the heart. .. Don't worry about using flowery language or saying everything the right way. Write what you

feel, what moves you ... write from your heart. Speaking the words is good, but writing the

words touches the soul.

Write in your own hand ... Don't type the letter-write it out long hand. This gives your letter a personal touch and will

mean so much more. It speaks volumes to your child although they may not register much

emotion at the time.

How to give it to your child ... We have constructed a way to give this letter to each of your children with our "Journaling"

papers and these instructions. We will attach it to the back of your child's portrait and it can

stay hidden until you decide to present the portrait and letter to them. We believe the perfect

day is their wedding day as you remove it from your wall and lovingly wrap it to put on the gift

table. When you look at the nail hole left in your wall, think of it as a trophy! You have

successfully raised your child and are now sending them off to begin their life as an adult.

There is no better reward than this!

There will never be a more meaningful gift you can give your child. We are giving you the

means, materials and "motive" to write these priceless letters to each of your children. Enjoy

the experience and be blessed.



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