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Facebook Developer Garage - November 2009

Transcript of Joshua March

PowerPoint Presentation

Platform changes

-----------Nov 2009!2But its okay!(Phew) about communicationNotificationsStream stories

Notifications are disappearing!Replaced by counters, emails, and email messages and dont forget the stream

Access to email addresses!Check out

What do these changes mean?No spam from apps you havent used user-user messages must be explicitly sent. But higher engagement when they are sent?Straight to inbox and should be less crap in thereStream changesDesign & policy

Policy changesUsers MUST know theyre going to be sharing something before you pop-up the newsfeed boxShare this button or check-boxOther innovative ways?

stream.publish whenever you want(but you need extended permissions)Newsfeed/Live feed split

You need engagement!Lots of feed stories wont matter quality and engagement will get you more pageviewsSummaryLess spam Need a reason to shareStream stories must be engaging